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Review: READ IT TO US…by Audrie Clifford

Interested in reading the unusual? Yet, seemingly ordinary in characters? Audrie Clifford takes you into the inner circle of a writer’s group pulling the story forward by her characters’ backstory. Title: Read it to us… Author: Audrie Clifford Genre: Fiction … Continue reading

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Review: MIFFED AGAIN by Audrie Clifford

Ever consider how you’d react when faced with having to live with someone completely your opposite?  Miffed Again will have you nodding, agreeing and entirely amused! Title: Miffed Again Author: Audrie Clifford Genre: Women’s Fiction Pages: 256 Published by: CreateSpace … Continue reading

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Author Audrie Clifford at 81 turns her pen to journaling a 9-year-old’s diary ~ a coming of age story

Title: A Lot Like Joan of Arc Author: Audrie Clifford Genre: Literature & fiction, Humor, coming of age Published Date: September 14, 2014 Pages: 200 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. ASIN: B00NKXL4NQ   About the Story: Janie thinks she and … Continue reading

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Uniquely Told By Two Dead Women — FROM THESE ROOTS by Audrie Clifford — Fiction & Memoir

Title: From These Roots Author: Audrie Clifford Genre: Fiction/Memoir Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 4, 2014) Pages: 252 ISBN-10: 1495948005 ISBN-13: 978-1495948008 Book Jacket Blurb: Most of us don’t live in exactly the same style as our parents. … Continue reading

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Come share with me why Audrie Clifford (80 years old) has recently started publishing — the woman has something to say

We’re back with author Audrie Clifford today. I met her when I won a copy of one of her books Maggie Whitson from GoodReads. When I contacted her saying I hadn’t received the book she willingly sent me another one even … Continue reading

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Audrie Clifford’s Debut Book — a Memoir

Words from Audrie Clifford: You might find it interesting that I had written many of these little stories that turned into chapters while living in Reserve, and they just sat quietly in the computer. After moving to Socorro [New Mexico] … Continue reading

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Journal Writing Maggie Whitson Tells Her Story

Title: Maggie Whitson Author: Audrie Clifford Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pages: 204 Published By: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform (June 2, 2013) ISBN-10: 1489505970 USBN-13: 978-1489505972 About The Author: Audrie Clifford has written two other books titled Damn Newcomer and Dimensions. … Continue reading

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