Early Review: LEADER OF TITANS: Pirates of Britannia from Lords of the Sea. Battles on land. Battles on sea. Discover how pirates divvy the plunder and what is ultimately sacred to them.

36162714Title: Leader of Titans: Pirates of Britannia Lords of the Sea, Book 2
Author: Kathryn Le Veque
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: A. D. 1444
Pages: 241
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Published Date: November 29, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B0758H9M1J


Publisher’s Summary:
It’s Medieval knights on the high seas! Swords, sea, and sea-going warriors in this exciting tale!

Welcome to a brand-new Medieval series of a daring brotherhood, where honor among thieves reign supreme, and crushing their enemies is a thrilling pastime. These are the Pirates of Britannia.

1444 A.D. – Constantine le Brecque a man of many facets. As the bastard son of Henry V, he was raised in secret to protect him from the king’s enemies and lived his life knowing that his royal blood was a curse. He was, however, properly educated and trained as a knight, and one of the very best England has ever seen. But when he falls in love with the wrong woman, the course of his life is irrevocably changed….

Now, Constantine is known as the fearsome English pirate called LEADER OF TITANS, but his experience with his ex-lover wasn’t enough to drive him away from women. He loves them, and loves them in droves. Passion, plunder, and pirates his is motto.

Enter Lady Greggoria “Gregg” de Moyon. A pious woman, she was given a sacred object by her husband, an object much sought after by the terrible French pirates who roam the coast between Brittany and England. When her husband is killed by the French pirates on their quest for the treasure, Greggoria must turn to Constantine for help. She knows that only a pirate of equal strength can fight off the French and save her from most certain doom.

Constantine is more than willing to help the beautiful woman with the unusual name. But when he unexpectedly falls for her, the man with more women than a Arab shiek finds that his task has just become unbearably complicated. Can he save Greggoria from the French pirates who want to see her dead? And the mysterious treasure that she is protecting… will it be his destruction?

NOTE: This is Book 2 in the Lords of the Sea pirate series, written by Eliza Knight and Kathryn Le Veque. Eliza Knight’s novel, Savage of the Sea, is Book One in this series. All books are stand-alone but much more fun if read together!)

Five-Star Read


My Thoughts: This is a series written by well-loved authors.  Eliza Knight is known for her Scottish Historical Romances, while Kathryn Le Veque is known for Medieval Historical Romances.  Here the authors have taken to the seas.  The series begins with the focus on pirates of the Scottish ilk in book one, Savage of the Sea.  We learn there is a strong connection between Shaw MacDougall, the Scot leader of The Devils of the Deep, and the hero of Book two, Constantine Le Breque.  Constantine has his training as a knight, but has rarely picked up his sword.  Frankly, he’s been running for his life and feels safest on the seas.  He’s a savvy ship captain, trained by the best shortly after he was knighted.  He seems to have a grudge against the world.  Being born the bastard of the king, he is in line to become king, something he’d never want, but those who prefer another outcome are eager to take him out of the running.

He keeps his men happy, well cared for by plundering and pirating, and lives in a modicum of luxury.  He hasn’t thought much about right or wrong, but one little lady, Lady Greggoria “Gregg” de Moyon, has a large impact on him, blinding his better instincts to question and analyze. She also has him questioning his way of life. We witness the softer side of a pirate.  They have their own honor among themselves.

His fiercest friend?  Shaw MacDougall.  It’s a friendship based on respect, admiration of skill, honed by battle saving each other’s hides.  This is a rare friendship—one that both can count on; the story aptly shows us how deep the friendship is.  In fact, Constantine is also very close to his men, particularly Augustin and Lucifer.  Both are knights with their own tales.  So here we have it.  Knights reduced to plundering and killing, on sea most of the time or back at Perran Castle, Constantine’s hold, surrounded by water. The French pirates (The Water Bearers)  and Spaniard pirates (Demons of the Sea) are enemies to both Shaw and Constantine. Side note: The French pirates are just plain ruthless, disgustingly so.

Gregg has her own set of problems.  As women of that time, she’s manipulated with little choice to the direction of her life.  Gregg’s brother is working with someone close to the king who wants Constantine dead.  She is sent to convince him to help her in a plan, one where Constantine will be the loser.  If she succeeds, her brother will provide a cottage for her and means to live quietly.  She’ll do what she’s told, not liking how she’s used, but her payment will steer her free and clear of her wicked brother.

Gregg isn’t expecting to be attracted to Constantine. He just wants to plunder her curvaceous body.  Heck, he’s a pirate, right? He gets what he wants, but Gregg provides much more for him. As you know, life and its danger is in the journey.  You’ll wonder how Constantine can be so blind.  You’ll wonder if Constantine’s men can keep him safe – for they aren’t under the spell of the lovely Gregg.

There are many aspects of the story I really like.  The battles at sea are exciting. A rather fierce battle takes place in a tavern, well written, keeps me on edge, as the  story coils tighter and tighter.  Le Veque’s style of writing provides the reader with all the ingredients to an entertaining, action-packed read. 

Book three, The Sea Devil, written by author Eliza Knight is now available on pre-order. I’m eager to begin this one since Constantine has recently gifted Shaw an awe inspiring ship, sure to draw the attention of  greedy pirates.

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I can’t get enough of this series. Extremely entertaining where author pushes all the right buttons! ENCHANTED by Cassidy Cayman

36488588Title: Enchanted Knight Everlasting, Book 2
Author: Cassidy Cayman
Genre: Historical Romance Fantasy/Time Travel
Pages: 263
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Published Date: November 25, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Knight Everlasting Series:


Publisher’s Summary:

Sophie McCurdy is thrilled to help renovate the crumbling ruins of Grancourt Castle. Even more thrilled when she finds an ancient book that seems to have been written by the very girl who mysteriously died there the year before. It doesn’t seem possible.

Neither does ending up in 1398. But Sophie is definitely there, in the past, in Grancourt Castle in all its original glory. She’s faced with breaking a curse that should have already been broken by Fay and Tristan. After all, their love is definitely real. However, the curse isn’t playing fair and it seems someone or something might be trying to get rid of her before she has a chance to find true love.

Sir Leo Zane only wants to live a peaceful, quiet life after years of war. He doesn’t want to visit his neighbors, let alone marry one of them. He needs time alone to heal and reflect.

Instead of avoiding them, he accidentally shoots one of the Grancourt girls. Lady Sophie is supposed to be the youngest daughter, but he doesn’t remember her at all. Something isn’t right. He learns of the curse, which is riddled with cracks and threatening all of their existences. Despite knowing he’s not worthy of her love, he vows to help her as much as he can. So much for his peaceful, quiet life.

Five-Star Read and Then Some

My Thoughts: Outrageously unbelievable, yet the author makes it very believable, pulling me right down the rabbit hole with Fay and Sophie!  My opinion?  This one is a winner with a dynamic, unique plot.

Cayman is a master at world building, keeping me flipping those pages, demanding answers!  Twists, turns, back steps, oh my.  Your head will be spinning. Read the series! You’ll be stoked! My following remarks will sound a bit convoluted, but will make perfect sense once you get into the series.

This author knows how to push all my buttons.  Chapters end on cliff hanger while the next scene takes me to another point of view with a scene leading up to the one which leaves me gasping!  Oh, how fun!  Cayman has me so tightly coiled, putting down the book was nay impossible!  The story is full of twists and turns, not only the fear of time running out.  Would they all die? And what kept me reading most avidly was who is manipulating the curse and how are these girls going to get out of this terribly frightening situation?  And always the ever-present curse which seems to not follow its own rules.  Fay had a year before the curse had reset the whole scenario.  The next time she thought she knew what would happen, but found life didn’t quite happen the same way, again. The resetting of time just about made Fay (heroine in book 1) give up, but she wanted to break the curse.  If she could, she possibly could go back home.  But then she wasn’t sure she wanted to because Tristan had become her true love.

Fay had put on the wedding dress found in a Grancourt castle’s ruins and is propelled back 600 years.  She didn’t succeed in breaking the curse, but almost succeeded in being killed.  Luckily, the curse had reset time.  (part of book one) Where those who had died, were once more alive, where those she had known before, replay scenes, but with variations.  Sophie from the future (book 2), also puts on the wedding dress becoming Fay’s new sisters.  Everyone recognizes her as Lady Sophie.

Both girls are now trying to break the curse. They are still in 1398.  In the process, they become very attached to each other as does this reader.  The elder daughter Anne is the true daughter of  Grancourt Castle, sickly, dying in book one, one of the pieces of this story which breaks Fay’s heart.  Can she prevent it the second time when the curse resets?

Sir Leo Zane is a new character in the resetting of the curse.  Will he be affected?  Sophie is definitely attracted to this older man, an injured warrior, but he feels he’s not good enough or young enough for Sophie.  To Sophie, can he be her true love, the one the curse says will break it? I’m ready to wring Sir Leo’s neck!  He’s so unsure of himself, yet time after time he steps up to the plate and gets the job done.

One thought comes to mind, perhaps everyone is misinterpreting the words of the curse? I’ve got to find out!

True to Cayman’s style, she leaves me on another cliff hanger of sorts at the end of the book, but gives us a peek into how the story evolves.  Dear author, leave me not in too much suspense.  Write that third book!  Reader, while you’re waiting for the third of the series, the complete series is a must.  You won’t appreciate book two as much if you don’t read book one.


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Get Your Fix with TOUCH THE SUN by Cynthia Wright in narration form. Experience the pangs of becoming a nation in the larger scope and making personal wrong choices detrimental to the heart.

Touch the Sun cover artTitle: Touch the Sun Rakes and Rebels Saga
Author: Cynthia Wright
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 387
Published by: Boxwood Manor Books, 2 edition
Published Date: January 2, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC



The Beauvisage novels and The Raveneau novels intertwine, with some characters crossing over. Should you wish to listen to them in chronological order, this is the sequence:

1781 – Silver Storm
1783 – Caroline
1789 – Touch the Sun
1793 – Spring Fires (A Beauvisage/Raveneau Novel)
1798 – Smuggler’s Moon (The Raveneaus in Cornwall, Book 1
1814 – Surrender the Stars
1814 – Natalya
1818 – Silver Sea (A Raveneau/Beauvisage Novel)
1903 – Tempest


Rakes & Rebels: The Beauvisage Family: (ecopy purchase from Amazon.com) 
Heart of Fragile Stars: a novella prequel to Caroline (Jean-Philippe & Antonia) free at time of post!
Caroline (Alec & Caro)
Touch the Sun (Lion & Meagan)
Spring Fires (Nicholai & Lisette)
Her Dangerous Viscount (Grey Natalya)

Publisher’s Summary:
A Daring Masquerade…
~ In 1789, on the eve of the first Presidential inauguration, charismatic Lion Hampshire aspires to a seat in the first Congress. In an effort to improve his rakish reputation, he agrees to an arranged marriage with Virginia-bred Priscilla Wade. However, his fiancée’s headstrong lady’s maid, Meagan, is not who she seems to be, and Lion’s carefully crafted future may be undone by his passion for the wrong woman…

Filled with Cynthia Wright’s hallmarks of warm intimacy, sensual romance, humor, adventure, and colorfully-drawn historical characters like Washington, Franklin, & Hamilton, TOUCH THE SUN is a shining achievement by a beloved author!

My Thoughts:  The more you read from the Rakes and Rebels series, the more you want to read! Author Cynthia Wright gets right down to the things which matter in life, then and now, through her exquisite characterization of this period of history in building a nation of independence from those who are learning how to govern themselves.

Men, like Lion Hampshire, grew excited by the possibility of governing for the people and by the people. Wright brings the fervor of the times to the forefront.  I can actually see the people in the streets rallying around George Washington as he humbly shows his presence.

The narrator, Tim Campbell has narrated for some of my favorite authors.  He’s extremely versatile in depicting various personalities, accents, class of people, even able to do an admiral job with French. In this narration, his voice is to die for.  I don’t often hear him narrate with an American accent.  Gad, does he sound sexy!  His pacing is perfect, while wringing out every nuance and aspect of each character with dialogue. When a talented author combines her magic with par excellence of a narrator, it’s entertaining over the top!  Now to the story.

I enjoyed meeting shakers of the birth of this new nation: Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, George Washington, William and Anne Bingham, along with John and Sally Jay—all play a part in this fascinating, historically accurate story.  Never have I felt so close to our forefathers as I read this book. It was thrilling to see them in action, how they thought the first leader of these United States should be addressed, where the place of residence for their supreme leader be, etc..

Lion Hampshire wants to make a difference, but his past exploits incline to be roguish. He must polish his character to be considered part of those who have the right to represent the people.  Can he remedy the situation?

Firstly, he needs a bride from a respectable family, someone who is more than able to host dinners, grace his arm, and mingle easily with politically minded men and women.  Certainly, his heart should not be allowed to make the choice for him.  And so, he chooses a woman, also looking for an exciting time in a big city, perfectly formed, exquisitely mannered, one Virginian belle, Priscilla Wade.  His wife would only be an adornment, pure and simple. (But watch out Lion, you haven’t met Meagan, yet!)

Meagan Sayers, a neighbor and friend of Priscilla, recently lost her parents through an accident, also her home and everything in it to creditors.  Her father had been overwhelmed in debt by their lavish lifestyle. Meagan is to be handed off to an old aunt in Boston, which she totally refuses to do.  Therefore, she concocts with her friend Priscilla, to accompany her to Philadelphia as her lady’s maid. Priscilla is to stay in Philadelphia to spend the time to get to know her betrothed, Lion Hampshire, before their marriage. The narrator has a grand time of it with these two women!

The situation gets hilarious since Meagan is a woman who spends much of her time in breeches, riding horses, or saying whatever comes to mind. How to be a quiet lady’s maid?  She didn’t have the skills, temperament (her zest for life literally shone from her eyes), nor manner to secret away who she is. And she had to, because she knew these political giants personally through her family.  She must keep a low profile.

But wouldn’t you know it? Lion is amused with her.  (I was amused with her – what a character!) He enjoys the discussions they have, he becomes more and more attracted to her.  She is NOT on his agenda.  But, can one stop feelings when they begin to take hold?

This story spoke to me on so many levels.  I thrilled to the times.  I took some time to go to Wright’s Pinterest page of pictures depicting what the people wore at the time, what their streets might look like, etc.  I even saw the false teeth made for George Washington.  Apparently, the man consumed lots of sweets!

I loved the struggle Lion went through.  He had to choose between moving in the political arena with respect, or follow that organ beating in his breast.

Could Meagan, after pretending to be a maid, come out with it and tell Lion who she is?  Would she want him if he didn’t love her, but just her place in society?  Meagan’s internal conflict and decisions, just about tear Lion apart. If you like to feel great emotion in your reads, this one will suit.

Lastly, I admire the long-standing of this book, originally written in 1978.   That’s almost 40 years ago.  It has since been digitalized for a whole new set of readers.  Those old books in print are hard to get.  So, those who haven’t read this, do, you are in for a treat.  The whole Beauvisage Family and Raveneau Family series are divine reading.  You can even get both series in one complete set!  Oh, don’t forget, Wright has a wonderful narrator to bring her stories even closer to the heart.


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Releases Tomorrow: A HIGHLAND MOON ENCHANTMENT, a tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights by Mary Morgan A continuance of the Dragon Knight’s story ~ a great book to read while waiting for book 2 of the Legend of the Fenian Warriors.

36365573Title: A Highland Moon Enchantment A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights
Author: Mary Morgan
Genre: Historical Romance/Scottish Fantasy
Story Setting: 1208 A.D., Urquhart Castle
Pages: 168
Published by: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published Date: November 17, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Publisher’s Summary:
Irish warrior, Desmond O’Quinlan has never surrendered his heart to any woman. He has no wish to have his soul tortured by love. Yet, the moment he locks gazes with Ailsa, his fate is destined for an adventure he never fathomed. He may have battled alongside a Dragon Knight, but his greatest challenge will come from within his own heart.

Ailsa MacDuff, a warrior among her clan, has no desire to have a man chain her to a life of obedience. However, that is before she meets Desmond. The temptation to allow this warrior inside her heart is a risk she dares to take, but one that could lead to a future of emptiness and sorrow.

When betrayal looms from within, the battleground of love is no match for these two warriors. Can the power of a Highland full moon be strong enough to unite or destroy them?

Five-Star Read

My Thoughts: This novella, however longer than most, is a most pleasurable return to the world of the Dragon Knights. Having enjoyed the complete series, I read with eagerness.

Morgan entertains, mixing fantasy with men of honor, who find their other halves in women of strength, compassion and fortitude. One of the many twists is the women are from the future or have lived much of their lives there.  So if you are a time travel fan, this series would interest you.

Morgan’s descriptive world-building, set in a plot propelled with twists and surprises is totally engrossing. When I’ve had the pleasure of listening to her books, the narrator captures the humor, the pacing of the story and its various accents.

In this tale, we reacquaint ourselves with the O’Quinlan brothers from Dragon Knight’s Axe, book 3 of the series. Desmond’s sister, Fiona, is married to Alastair MacKay. The Fae have something to do, okay a lot to do, with pulling strings in the magical mists. Much is at stake for them, as you get to discover.

Anyway, Desmond doesn’t get along with Alastair, adding an element of challenge to the story. Desmond O’Quinlan, an Irish warrior, deals with a further challenge – his attraction of the independent woman, Ailsa MacDuff, also a warrior among her people.

Ailsa is the heir to the Ailsa Craig. She is a woman who can take care of herself, but in certain situations, she’s more than thankful for aid from Desmond.

Desmond is pulled into the deepening struggle the Fae, Fenian Warrior and Dragon Knights have ahead of them. He has been chosen (by the Fae, hence he doesn’t know) to be a leader of warriors to battle what surely will be an epic battle of wills.

Join Morgan as she pulls us into the fairyland of Fae, Fenian Warriors, strong and gifted women along with their men, who must combat great evil. If you haven’t started the series, it’s time to start because the second series is tied to the first.  I, frankly, am overjoyed!

Get the complete series of Order of the Dragon Knights, on sale as a set in December, but can be pre-ordered now. All five books for only $5.99!

Product Details


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Book Review: WITH EVERY KISS by Nancy Lee Badger ~ go camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where more than trailers and vans are found

36546119Title: With Every Kiss An Opportunity Falls Novel
Author: Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Adventure Romance
Pages: 308
Published by: Nancy Lee Badger, 1 edition
Published Date: November 3, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Publisher’s Summary:
Abigail Huntington is a successful artist burned out by life in New York City. She is more comfortable wearing jogging attire, than the silk dress and heels she wears to the opening at the gallery showing her work. She formerly worked at an Atlantic City casino while collecting unsold paintings in her cramped apartment, but an accidental meeting with an agent turned her into a success. Bored by the city, she needs to get away to paint, and starts asking around about New England campgrounds.

Mitchel Henry Campbell is the corporate lawyer who wants to bed her. He’s watched her jog by his office building for weeks. Recalling happier times in New England at his aunt and uncle’s campground near Opportunity Falls, he grumbles when his father orders him to attend an art show. He overhears a woman asking about campgrounds. When he realizes she is the jogger he yearns to kiss, he moves in to help. After he stops at a painting he wants to purchase, he cannot help kissing her. When he disappears minutes later, Abigail is left fuming. Meeting him again in a campground in New Hampshire is a coincidence…or is it?

Four-Star Read

My Thoughts:  I liked the fact this story’s setting moves from a fast-paced city where Abigail nor Mitch are happy to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where  they can be more of whom they are.  Abigail is city savvy, but slightly innocent in allowing herself to be in vulnerable circumstances.

Mitch feels restricted by his controlling father building an empire in the corporate world.  Mitch has always toed the line.  He knows his dad still misses his wife, a good number of years dead.  Mitch did, too.  But luckily, he’d had the love of his aunt and uncle who’d taken him under their wings when his mom died, having him live in the campground. His remembrance of that time gave him a heart, but the life in New York has made him lose sight of who he wants to be.

Abigail loves her work as an artist, but her batteries need recharging.  She needs to get away into nature, to create the naturistic pictures she’s known by, which hold a hint of magic.

Mitch is a character I had trouble getting to like, not until far into the story.  It took him some time to get over himself, and stop being so self-centered utilizing his lower anatomy to think!  He is so focused on getting Abigail into his bed.  He basically set her up, arranging a stay for Abigail at his aunt’s and uncle’s campground, dropping brochures here, a won free-week stay at the campgrounds, and if that weren’t enough, a couple of gift certificates for dining in town.  He also backs out of a business trip to Europe using his uncle’s workload and supposed surgery to spend the summer at their place as their handyman.  (hoping Abigail would show)

Abigail takes the bait, drives her new trailer and truck up to the campgrounds.  Who’d have thought she is such a klutz?  She creates some very funny situations and Mitch seems to be in the wrong place at the time.  Ouch!  I was happy to see him work for what he wants.

Even when Mitch finally realizes he wants much more than bed play in his relationship with Abigail, can a trusting relationship of value ever work when grounded in trickery?  Can Abigail’s deep attraction to Mitch excuse the falsehoods which come to light?

Badger takes the reader into the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Obviously, she knows the area well with descriptive natural scenes I can envision.  The story engages on several fronts: the beauty and danger of the White Mountains, family love and loyalty, the changeability and volatility of the weather, the danger women can face, even outside of the city, and above all the need to follow your heart in matters of the heart.

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Audiobook Review: MEMORIES, DREAMS & DEFLECTIONS: MY ODYSSEY THROUGH EMOTIONAL INDIGESTION by Valerie Gilbert ~ her irreverent perspective of life and her words of wisdom through life experiences will touch your senses in utter understanding

Memories, Dreams & Deflections cover artTitle: Memories, Dreams & Deflections: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion
Author: Valerie Gilbert
Genre: Self-Help, Memoir
Pages: 260
Published by: Black Opal Books
Published Date: January 4, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Narrated by: Valerie Gilbert
9 hours, 6 minutes
Release Date:
January 30, 2014
Published by:
Valerie Gilbert


Publisher’s Summary
A continuation of the serendipitous saga commenced in Raving Violet, Valerie Gilbert’s first non-fiction collection of short stories, Memories, Dreams & Deflections: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion, picks up the sojourn of this sassy, single mystic, mired in her mind and cloistered above the streets of New York City.

This volume explores Valerie’s intrepid and irreverent search for healing inside and out (both medical and mystical), the quest for peace (and quiet) and, as always, true love.

My Thoughts:  It’s been a journey with author and narrator Valerie Gilbert with her four books I voraciously consumed!  She teaches, yet amuses, with her innate quirky style, have a nod of agreement here or chortle of amusement there. But inevitably I learn something new and appreciate the WAY she teaches.

In this book she discusses issues no doubt touching a reader’s life.  Financial woes keep her from getting medical help when needed.  How does she cope? Her sensitivity to anything environmentally unsafe has her standing tall on her soap box.  In fact, in this book she’s on it a lot!  She’s right of course and her passion with her belief shines bright and strong.

Another issue in her life involves men, the wrong men, the desire of the right man, the online dating and her frustration finding the love of her life.  Many a reader could relate to this.

I also love the way Gilbert narrates. Who better can narrate her inner turmoil and lessons learned than she? She’s an actor and narrator, having over 100 narrations under her belt.

Gilbert is generous with her life experiences and what has brought her to where she is today.  I’ve certainly enjoyed taking the journey with her.  She has been extremely influential in my understanding what is truly important in life with her ebullient, effusive narration of life’s well-learned lessons.

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Review: THE SCOT’S BRIDE by Paula Quinn ~ where a rogue of a Scot loses his heart to a sassy and equally feisty lass

34220443Title: The Scot’s Bride Highland Heirs
Author: Paula Quinn
Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish
Pages: 385
Published by: Forever
Published Date: October 31, 2017


Publisher’s Summary:

Highlander Patrick MacGregor likes his life just the way it is. Fighting for his coin, enjoying a woman’s charms, and bearing no responsibility at all? Aye, that’s the life for him. That is, until Patrick sees her–a raven-haired beauty with eyes as dark as midnight. Patrick swore never to fall in love. Not even with a lass as wild as he…especially when she’s from a rival clan.

Charlotte Cunningham knows Patrick is trouble the moment she sets eyes on him. Her only goal is to escape the possibility of marriage. Any marriage. But as the summer days turn into sultry nights, enticing her beyond reason, Charlie is forced to choose between the freedom she craves and the reckless rogue she can’t forget.

In the New York Times bestselling tradition of Lynsay Sands, Hannah Howell, and Karen Hawkins comes a new book in Paula Quinn’s new sinfully sexy Scottish romance series.


Five-Star Read

My Thoughts: As the MacGregor/Grant Family Tree grows, so, too, does my interest in this Scottish family, with its myriad of personalities journeying through life’s ridiculous/dangerous moments.

Patrick MacGregor, considered to be the Devil of the Highlands, is solely about Patrick, uppermost, the number of women he can bed.  But the chase isn’t in him anymore, hasn’t been for a long time, yet he continues.   Women are unable to resist the lure of the Devil of the Highlands.   He comes to realize that women are just trouble, when he’s gotten into one too many fights over a woman he could take or leave.  After all, it appears he has his pick.

Charlotte Cunningham is present in the tavern when Patrick is attacked by a brother, protecting his sister, who had seduced Patrick, not that he wasn’t willing. What is SHE doing in a tavern?  Charlotte, better known as Charlie had this thought.

“…the stranger was without doubt the most wickedly alluring man to ever cross her path.”

Patrick is a free spirit. Neither family or woman would restrict his movements.  But that is before he met Charlotte, or actually saw her bathing in the river.  She took care of him, not trusting a man, particularly one spying upon her bathing, she used the sling she was very good at using, knocking him out.

Patrick has a way with lasses.  He smooth-talks his way out of almost anything.  He tries to beguile Charlotte with his silver-tongue. Charlie gives a bold front to Patrick.  She doesn’t want anything to do with him, and certainly not anyone her father suggests she marry.  Her heart belongs to Kendrick Fergusson, dead for many years. Do life’s circumstances change what one is determined to maintain?

Not all appears as it seems.  Quinn will entertain you with Patrick’s determined and charming way and Charlie’s denial that his charm even affects her.

You’ll find surprises and twists along the way of this destined match which frustrates both you and Patrick or you and Charlie.  Step into the world of Quinn to capture a little of everyday danger, intrigue and the losing of Devil of the Highland’s heart to overwhelming love! If you love Scottish flings, you’ll enjoy this story.

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Review: SECOND TO NONE, a novella whose hero is a billionaire who wears his heart on his sleeve — the beginning of a new series!

34945800Title: Second to None A Second Glances Novella
Author: Nancy Herkness
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pages: 124
Published by: Montlake Romance
Published Date: SeptemBer 12, 2017


Publisher’s Summary:
Billionaire chemist Max Varela is selling his company and leaving New York for good when Emily Wade bursts into his office, desperate for his help in funding her program for disadvantaged kids and shelter dogs. Seven years ago, he fell in love with her when she was married to another man. To fight the unbidden attraction, he cut off all contact—but he’s never forgotten her.

Ever since her husband died, Emily has poured her heart and soul into the after-school care center. Seeing Max reawakens the pain of her loss, but it also brings unexpected hope for the future. As emotions thought long gone resurface, the two begin a passionate affair that seems destined for a fairy-tale ending.

That is, until Max reveals that he’s moving to Chicago in a matter of weeks and wants Emily to uproot her daughter and her life to come with him. If a second chance at love is possible, someone’s got to give.




My Thoughts:  I always love Herkness’s billionaires.  They have all the money they could possibly need, gawking handsome, but find that money is never what completes the heart, the soul, the spirit. They are easy reads and leave you uplifted.

Max thought he was over Emily Wade, his friend’s wife.  He’d stayed away seven years, built a company making him a billionaire.  She suddenly reenters his world.  He finds she’s even more attracted to her.  She’s changed.  He has, too.  But that chemistry begins to sizzle again.  What changed?  Emily’s husband had been killed in action three years previous, enough time to dull the pain.

Emily is on a mission when she shows up in his office.  She needs money to keep a worthy cause afloat. It didn’t sound very hopeful from Max’s side, but little does she know he cannot get her out of his mind, even though he’s in the middle of finishing a project before the end of the year. He seeks out her project and immediately sees the value of this center. He plot double the money down to make it work.

The story will warm your heart.  Herkness writes with such poignancy, very often involving animals and children.  She will not disappoint you in this novella. If you like hot passionate scenes, Emily and Max make up for lost time, but not before the hope of finding their second chance crashes over their heads. Ah, there’s the rub.

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Review: THE NUTCRACKER REIMAGINED ~ a Christmas collection of several genre, but all have love

35716257Title: Nutcracker Reimagined A Collection of Christmas Tales

Claire Delacroix
Barbara Devlin
Kathryn Le Veque
Eliza Knight
Hildie McQueen
Suzan Tisdale
Tina Desalvo
Laura Landon
Layna Pimentel
Emma Prince

Pages: 677
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Published Date: October 31, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B07423MQ6T


Publisher’s Summary:


Imagine, if you will, that it is Christmas Eve.

The candles are guttered, one by one, and a hush falls over the grand parlor. The children have gone to bed, and a tall, gloriously decorated Christmas tree looms in the shadows of the hearth’s dying embers. Beside the tree a nutcracker stands guard, its broken jaw cradled in a kerchief tied about its head. All is quiet in this dark, peaceful scene until the long case clock chimes. Dulcet tones form a gentle symphony, and the parlor comes to life.

Now, the magic happens.

Lose yourself in The Nutcracker Reimagined, a collection of eleven Christmas tales based on the most treasured characters from the famous holiday ballet, The Nutcracker. Sugarplum fairies will dance in your head, as armies of mice and legions of dolls do battle, and a wounded nutcracker and his lady fair become the stuff of which legends are made. From Arabian dancers to living flowers and hosts of angels, enjoy these tales as reimagined characters from the beloved Christmas tradition find their own happily ever after.

And as the clock’s chimes signal the approaching sunrise, you’ll awaken from these magical stories to discover it has all been a beautiful dream of a retold Christmas classic.


Five-Star Read

My Thoughts: This was just lovely reading.  I began at the beginning and have been reading at my leisure.  The Mercenary’s Bride is the telling of a love, a love Mhairi held deep in her heart for a man ostracized from his clan, for daring to teach Mhairi, daughter of the clan how to use a crossbow and dagger, against specific commands from her da. This novella will be the first of a series author Claire Delacroix is starting.

Kathryn Le Veque’s Realm of Angels, unique in its presentation of the Mouse King, is a fantastic tale about a man who survived a fire, terribly scarred.  His heart is wounded and seeks being close to a woman he loves, but carelessly let go six years ago for the lure of wealth and land. He works in the kitchen of her castle, masked to cover the hideousness of his face.  This one is very touching and a testament that past errors can be overlooked when compared to the good wrought in the present.

Once Upon a Christmas Knight by Barbara Devlin moves us to London, 1813.  Scandal is the dominant power molding lives, but the strong can survive. Percival Henry Forester Howe receives the whiplash of untruths and ton gossip.  He wishes he could have offered for Margaret Hogart, but it is no way to start a marriage – she, too, would be shunned by the ton.  Just has his situation clears, he receives a visit from Margaret’s father who’s in a rather financial pickle, being swindle by a so-called investor. Percy is very good with his investments and has high standing among the influential. Margaret’s father offers Margaret in marriage.  Margaret is a rather shy woman, retiring, but plays the piano exquisitely.  Can she be convinced to willingly marry Percy?

Suzan Tisdale writes a brilliant tale titled Rodrick the Bold. Taking place in 1357, he makes the usual wish upon a star on Christmas Tide – “I want naught more than a wife and bairns of me own. A family and home to call me own.”  With strange dreams plaguing him, does what they ask – seek out Muriel McFarland, daughter of a warrior who had past. Tisdale has me weeping for the plight of Muriel.  She is poorly used by and man and wife who say her father had owed them money.  She is to work it off.  Her brother not there to protect her, she finds she’s sold twice. Rodrick is her savior, but Rodrick can’t figure out why he’s spending so much time and money to find her for a man he should bother with.

Mayhap I have lost me mind, he quietly mused. Here I am, running around the Isle looking for a lass I have never met….Why are ye doin’ this to yerself? He had asked that question more than once in the past two days. Riskin’ yer own neck fer a lass ye’ve never met and fer a man who tried to kill ye.

On a side note:  Rodrick has a love-hate relationship with his horse, Caderyn.  It is the humor breaking a very bad and dangerous situation.

Lovely Quote: Two lost souls stood in front of a tiny window in a small room at an inn. One wishing to die, the other wanting desperately for her to live. Once cried a river of tears, the other offered up whatever he could to console her.

Prelude to the Highlander’s Gift, written by Eliza Knight, is quite humorous.  Bella Sutherland, daughter of the Chieftain of the Sutherland Clan, must wed. Her father gives her no choice, other than one of the men at the ball they sponsored, must be her new husband.  She had decided never to marry for she has a secret.  Stumbling upon a conversation of some merit, a warrior has been denied marriage to Princess Elizabeth.  It’s because he is missing an arm, from battle.  She’s also heard he has other injuries.  Bella seizes upon the moment and claims the warrior for herself. What is nice about this one, it’s a prelude to The Highlander’s Gift, releasing in 2018.

The last one I’ll speak on, although there are four more stories, is Brash: Frederick by Hildie McQueen.  Remember, readers, this is 677 pages long! This one takes place in Montana. Kennedy Brooks is short of help, in fact desperate for it. Rick Edwards, in search for his love-struck sister’s groom, happens upon Kennedy’s farm; she’s thinking about selling and he just might be interested.  Kennedy has just come off a divorce, her ex found cheating. Animals play a large part in this contemporary romance. This is a story where hero and heroine go after what they want!

Bottom Line:   Lovely collection of happy ever afters ready to be read and enjoyed as you purchase your tickets to see The Nutcracker Suite ballet this season.

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Early Review: SAVAGE OF THE SEA by Eliza Knight ~ Highlander and English pirates plundering the seas, and doing it together! Whoa! That’s a first!

35918025Get your daggers and cross-bows out lassies!  We’re going pirating!

Title: Savage of the Sea Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea, Book 1
Author: Eliza Knight
Genre: Historical Medieval Romance
Story Setting: Begins in 1440 A.D.
Pages: 212
Published by: Knight Media, LLC
Published Date: October 26, 2017


Publisher’s Summary:

A daring brotherhood, where honor among thieves reigns supreme, and crushing their enemies is a thrilling pastime. These are the Pirates of Britannia.

When Highland pirate prince, Shaw “Savage” MacDougall was invited to a deadly feast, he didn’t know that saving a wee lass would forever change his future.

A lady with a dangerous secret

Lady Jane Lindsey, widowed at a young age, seeks refuge from her departed husband’s vengeful enemies. For five years, she’s held a secret that could cost her everything, including her life. When her safety is compromised, she reaches out to the only man who’s protected her in the past, and offers him a bounty he cannot refuse.

A Highland pirate determined to save her

Shaw’s life is perfect. Whisky, women and mayhem. He wants for nothing—until Lady Jane presents a treasure he’d never considered possessing. Is he willing to risk his lethal reputation in order to save a lass he barely knows, again? Will she trust a pirate to see their arrangement through to the end? And what happens when perilous battles turn to sinful kisses? Who will save them from each other?

NOTE: SAVAGE OF THE SEA is Book One in the Lords of the Sea pirate series, written by Eliza Knight and Kathryn Le Veque. Kathryn Le Veque’s novel, LEADER OF TITANS, is Book Two in this series. Book Three is THE SEA DEVIL by Eliza Knight. All books are stand-alones but much more fun if read together!


Five-Star Read


My Thoughts:  Who doesn’t like pirates and battles on the sea? I know I certainly do.  Author Knight uses her imagination and creative juices to create a likeable bad guy, one of the most ruthless pirates, who can’t seem to help/deny himself loving one wee lass whom he saved from certain death when she was only 16.  Not only does he save her then, but saves her on other occasions. Lady Jane is wary, for all of that.

The rules of courtship for a pirate aren’t as Lady Jane expects, but this wily, handsome and yes, honorable pirate, is the one who has gotten under her skin (damn him anyway!).  Lady Jane is a widow, made so by the death of her young husband, William.  Livingstone, a noble, has Shaw do his dirty work. Shaw MacDougall, Prince of the Devils of the Deep, also known as Savage, wants his coffers full and is used to dirty work. He’s ready to collect his gold, but doesn’t know what he would be doing.  Livingstone tells Shaw to follow William’s wife, who’d been taken to a room in the tower, and get rid of her.  Doing as told, he finds her fighting off a man intent on raping and no doubt killing. 

Now, there is one thing Shaw cannot tolerate.  It is abuse of women. He saves the lass, taking her to an abbey where her aunt lives and for six years all is quiet.  She knows not if Livingston thinks her dead. Word comes to the abbey, Livingstone’s making a tour in the country and will be coming to the abbey soon.

That’s when things heat up. Lady Jane had been keeping in touch with Shaw a couple of times a year, but less more recently.  Shaw has his castle on Scarba, an island he owns. She sends him a message through an old fisherman that she is in danger.  Shaw comes immediately taking her on board his ship.

Shaw wants Lady Jane, however, he never forces a woman.  When he saved her six years past, she was but a girl. Now she is a luscious curvaceous beautiful woman. He wants to save her, for in his heart he’s always held a candle to her, his head hasn’t caught up.  Lady Jane won’t travel with Shaw unless he marries her, yet she’s in desperate need to escape the abbey.  The scene of negotiation is artfully crafted and one of the more humorous scenes. The kiss, sealing the agreement, has Lady Jane’s attention.  She’d never been kissed so by her husband.  But what it does to Shaw!

Nothing is easy on the sea. If nature doesn’t have you fighting for your life, another pirate ship with its own agenda can easily do you in.  Between just keeping alive and the tumultuous feelings Shaw and Lady Jane have for each other, make this story humorous, yet evoking apprehension for the danger Lady Jane is in.  Does she move from the frying pan to the fire? 

Shaw MacDougall, Prince of the Devils of the Deep, for all is ruthlessness is quite a wonder. His men adore him.  Adoration comes with fairness and respect, so we get much the measure of the man through his interaction with his men.

I enjoyed the brotherhood Shaw had with Constantine Le Breque, whose stronghold is in Cornwall. He is the leader of the English pirates, another a gang of pirates, only English, equally as strong and savvy as Shaw and his Highlanders. Who would have thought Scotland and England could have actually worked together during those times?  I guess pirates are pretty smart! 

Prepare yourself for this excitement-filled series.  Kathryn Le Veque releases Leader of Titans end of November.

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