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True Crime — DEATH OF AN ASSASSIN by a former attorney of criminal and medical law. A most compelling read! Here’s a true crime, indeed, stranger than fiction!

Title: Death of an Assassin Author: Ann Marie Ackermann Genre: Non-fiction/True Crime Pages: 224 Published by: The Kent State University Press Publication Date: September 1, 2017 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC ASIN: B0719BZ9LH   Publisher’s Summary: From the depths … Continue reading

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Do you believe there are ghosts? Get an inside look by reading true ghost stories, READ WITH THE LIGHTS ON from author Kathleen Rothenberger — a paranormal investigator, or if you prefer, a ghost huntress (not so correct)

How many of you enjoy ghost stories?  I know I do (waving my hand)!  Why else would we read all these thrillers about ghosts who are revengeful, vindictive, pranksters, miserable, etc.? But is there any truth behind the trappings of a good … Continue reading

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Interview with a ghost hunter. Yes, that’s right, a ghost hunter, but the politically correct words may be paranormal investigator. May I present Kathleen Rothenberger?

My next blog after this one, dear readers,  will be a review of Read With the Light On: True Ghost Stories by Kathleen Rothenberger.  The writer and the stories intrigue me both, so I asked Kathleen Rothenberger to pop on … Continue reading

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Do you believe in ghosts? Author Kristy Robinett does and has even talked with them! Review: Forevermore, Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe, a non-fictional read

Title: Forevermore Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe Author: Kristy Robinett Genre: Non-Fiction, new-age channeling, occult religion and spirituality Published by: Llewellyn Publications Published Released: October 1, 2014 Pages: 240 ASIN: B00NJ2U62S   Kristy Robinett has always had helpers … Continue reading

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Audrie Clifford’s Debut Book — a Memoir

Words from Audrie Clifford: You might find it interesting that I had written many of these little stories that turned into chapters while living in Reserve, and they just sat quietly in the computer. After moving to Socorro [New Mexico] … Continue reading

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