Bio: I am a lover of books, both reading and writing. 2018 marks the beginning of my own journey from writer to published author. This blog will showcase various authors' thoughts on the elements of novel crafting, and my attempts to find my voice in writing. While journaling this journey, I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams. Book reviews continue as I have the last four years, only making time for my new pursuits.

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  1. Hi Eileen, thank you for stopping by ritaLOVEStoWRITE.com and especially for following the blog. Welcome aboard. Cheers, Rita


  2. I look forward to reading more of your reviews…hopefully in the not too distant future, my book will be one of them!


  3. I organize virtual book tours for a small Historical Fiction press called Fireship. If you enjoy reading historical fiction and would like to review for our tours on occasion, email me. I’m not finding any contact info via your blog, so contact me if you are interested. Thanks!


  4. Hi Eileen,

    Great to meet you! If you’re interested in helping me with a cover reveal for this Friday (17 Jan), let me know!

    xox Danielle


  5. Amanda Dick says:

    Lovely to meet you, Eileen – I’ve just been having a stroll through your blog with my afternoon coffee. Lovely way to spend this summer’s day, adding to my TBR pile (eep! If it were a physical, rather than virtual, pile, it would topple over and severely injure someone!). Feel free to also check out my blog – http://www.muse-needs-coffee.blogspot.com – would love to see you over there from time to time πŸ™‚


    • Hello Amanda from New Zealand. When you said you were having your afternoon coffee I just had to know where you were. You have a lovely, lovely blog site and I enjoyed all your projects. The necklace was absolutely stunning. Your writing is witty and I enjoyed myself. I’ll make a point to read what’s going on. I signed up by email for your blog postings. I’ve put one of your books on my wish list on Amazon. Thank you for sharing your summer afternoon with me. I’m in California and the weather has been acting like summer for almost two weeks. It certainly has my nectarine tree fooled–and the bees. The flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing. I hope we don’t get down to frosty nights again. I won’t have any fruit this summer if that happens.

      I’ve had so much fun with my blog. I started it November 1, 2013 and learned all about it as I posted. Learning by fire is always a good thing. I’ve been amazed at the wonderful community of writers worldwide. That’s the joy of doing this. It reminds me when I was young and they only had snail mail, I had one pen pal. She lived in China–or someplace in those parts. I was only 8 at the time. Now, here we are, I’m 64 and I’m able to have hundreds and hundreds of pen pals and have the thrill of experiencing the world through them. Thank you Amada for reaching out. If you would like anything from me, do let me know. P.S. My Kindle has over 3,000 reads in it. I could go live on an island, but it would need electricity and just read. What a blessed time we live in. Greetings from California!


      • Amanda Dick says:

        Thank you! Yes, I dabble in many crafts and love to use my hands and my brain. I have signed up for your updates by email as well – look forward to seeing those, have very much enjoyed browsing through your blog πŸ™‚

        It’s mid-summer here, and although the days are long and warm (love that!), I do wish we could get a wee bit more rain, if only for the garden. Never happy, me!

        I know what you mean re technology. We have family in Australia, England, Scotland the US, and the internet just makes it so much easier to keep in touch with everyone. Of course, it does help to promote my debut novel too, and I’m slowly learning how all that works. A bit like you – trial by fire!

        Always so much to learn, and so much fun to be had. I’m sure I will be touching base with you again and thanks for the intro to your world πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Eileen, I’m excited to follow you here on WordPress. I’m on Wattpad with you! I can’t wait to read the first chapter of your novel about Egypt. I’ve spent some time in Egypt so I really look forward to it! By the way, if you check out my catbirdinamerica link you can also see the menu at the top of my page with blogs to all the various places I’ve lived and traveled, including Korea and Oman.

    I really look forward to sharing work with a fellow world traveler. πŸ™‚


  7. kvanark says:

    Hi, Eileen – I’m enjoying your blog and since you mentioned you have lived in much of the Middle East and were a teacher, I think you would really enjoy the book WORDS IN THE DUST, by Trent Reedy.


  8. sayitsawyer says:

    Hello, Eileen! (By the way, LOVE your name! My daughter is a fourth generation Eileen!) Stumbled onto your site via Regan Walker. She recently reviewed one of my books, Love of a Lioness, and rated it 4.5 stars. I would love to hear your feedback as well! I’m also your west-coast neighbor. Hello from Las Vegas!


    • Sawyer, I’ve very glad to meet you. I am now a follower of your blog. Of course, I’d love to read your book. Especially if it has been endorsed by such a splendid writer as Regan. My book schedule is fairly packed. I always take on more than I can chew. Added to my blog is a featured author each month. I just started that feature in March. Barbara Monajem is featured this month and next month is Danelle Harmon. With that I added another layer of work. I like to post blogs, 2 per week on my featured author. I’ll read as many of their books as possible with reviews, have chat sessions with them as interviews and generally have the readers and myself get to know them. This has sliced into the already scheduled books I should be reading, not to mention those that come along that I absolutely can’t ignore — just publishing. That all being said, I probably wouldn’t be able to get to your book until July or August. If you don’t mind waiting, I should be happy to do it. If you’d like to further PM me, here’s my email address: eileendandashi@outlook.com. My greetings from Menifee, California to Las Vegas. Say hello to your daughter Eileen for me!


      • sayitsawyer says:

        You definitely have a packed schedule! My goodness!! How do you manage it all? I gave myself a goal of trying to write a blog post once a week. Well…I think my last post was two or three weeks ago. :-/ I’ll send you the mobi version of my book. Read it whenever you’d like. I’m in no hurry. πŸ™‚ Ironically, I just drove through Menifee on Tuesday and Wednesday. What a small, lovely world!


  9. Thank you for following my blog. I, too, am a book lover and writer. I am a retired teacher, but do teachers really retire? I grew up in San Francisco and have a fondness for anything California. I look forward to following your blog. Always looking for great books to read and to discuss.
    My second children’s book , 4 Fairies in the Land of Nothing, will be out in the next few months. I am an advocate for reading literacy. There is magic between the covers of a book and too many children are missing out! With my books I hope to connect to children who are at risk by providing books for them and sharing the joy of reading and writing. Plan to have some good updates on children reading and writing.


    • Thank you Carla from coming by and looking at my blog. I’m happy to meet another book lover. I’ve recently started another blog especially for children. It’s called Young Reader’s Book Corner. I want to include audiobooks as well as books and probably cater more to the middle school age group but will include younger and older. I haven’t really gotten it off the ground yet. But you can take a peek at my first posting. http://booksforyoungreaders.wordpress.com

      Carla, I lean toward books to stimulate a child’s desire to learn history, particular that of the United States. So if you can direct me to young readers’ authors who do a good job with historical fiction, I’d be appreciative.


      • Like your blog and your target audience. I taught 6th grade English for three years. I used Gary Paulsen’s novels in my class. My personal favorite was Canyons. You can’t go wrong encouraging children to read this author’s novels.
        I will let you know if I find any more good book for this age group in historical fiction.


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