Rorik, a Man/Wolf, torn apart by who he is. Ragna, a Seer, who rejects her womanhood. How can these two bring harmony to their destinies?

5-Star Rating Review


Title: Rorik The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, Book 2
Author: Mary Morgan
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Pages: 223
Setting: 1206, Scotland
Published by: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Publication Date: June 30, 2021

The Wolves of Clan Sutherland Series:


The Dark Seducer is known throughout Scotland as a man who charms many women into his bed. Pleasure is his motto as he obtains information for his king. Yet Rorik MacNeil harbors one secret buried beneath his heart of steel. An unfulfilled conquest plagues both man and his inner wolf, and Rorik would rather suffer death’s sharp blade than confront his greatest fear.

As the Seer for the Orkneyjar Isles, Ragna Maddadsson confronts an unknown destiny when she travels across the North Sea to Scotland. In her quest to deliver a message from a powerful vision, she fears the warrior will not listen. If Rorik ignores her warning, Ragna must find a way to forestall his impending death. If unsuccessful, she risks having her heart cleaved in two.

To unravel their true fates, Rorik and Ragna must trust in the power of the wolf.

My Review:

There are two forces bestowed on us through the magic of this author’s pen—her world building and fabulous, flawed, yet inspiring protagonists.

With each book in a series, I fall in love all over again with the world she builds. She gripped me as I read The Order of the Dragon Knights Series, followed on its heels, Legend of the Fenian Warriors. I hate to see her series end. In my mind they linger, and I hope Mary Morgan will again be inspired to continue these series.

Her third series, The Wolves of Clan Sutherland takes on Norse and Picts mythology, and equally captivating.

Rorik, book two of this new series, captures my imagination. Morgan’s sensuous love scenes are appropriately written, using terminology of old. The reader feels the love Rorik and Ragna have in their hearts.

With detailed descriptive scenes, her choice of words embeds scenes and their surrounds in my mind. I can even smell and feel the land beneath my feet. I am a shadow within the scene, privy to one thought or another.

Her main characters are many faceted. Rorik deals with deep emotional conflicts, bordering on psychological imbalance, brought on by a despicable father, and a complex personality, developed by how he reacts to his past and consequently, how he must play his part cast by his commander, the King of Scotland. He is forced to make love, but never to be in love. Rorik is a wild card in this story because his inner angst is changing the relationship between man and beast. Will he, the man, stay in control of the wolf who dwells within?

Ragna protects her heart from Rorik’s deed of accepting a wager to take her to bed, something her loving and giving heart was ready to do. Once knowing of the wager, even though he didn’t go through with it, she vowed never to let that man into her heart. Rorik hears her barbed tongue when she speaks to him. He tries to avoid seeing her, but destiny will have its way to complete the story she must tell.

Ragna not only was a Seer, but she has other magic and talents which the author slowly unfolds with the telling. I believe Ragna will be active through the series because of her relationship to the Wolves themselves. She may have magic on her side, but she must learn that life is more than magic. She must learn that life is magic when shared with the person who completes her.

If you enjoy reading stories with strong women protagonists, and bold alpha men with honor and passion directing their paths, then you must stalk the category Medieval Historical Romance/Paranomal Romance/Fantasy, locating Mary Morgan’s magical world building.

Book three. Bring it on!

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2 Responses to Rorik, a Man/Wolf, torn apart by who he is. Ragna, a Seer, who rejects her womanhood. How can these two bring harmony to their destinies?

  1. marymorgan2 says:

    Thank you, Eileen! I’m overjoyed to read how much you enjoy Rorik and Ragna’s journey to find love! Lovely review!


  2. marymorgan2 says:

    Ooops! Meant to say, “How much you enjoyed…”


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