HIGHLAND SWORD by May McGoldrick ~ a passionate, breath-taking adventure in the Highland of the 1820’s ~ just released


Title: Highland Sword A Royal Highlander Novel, book 3
Author: May McGoldrick (co-authored by husband and wife)
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: Scotland, Highlands 1820
Pages: 320
Published by: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Publication Date: March 31, 2020
Sold by: Macmillan

Publisher’s Summary:

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion—this is Highland romance at its breathtaking best.

From USA Today bestselling author May McGoldrick comes Highland Sword, the third book in the Royal Highlander series.

Fleeing to the Highlands after her father’s murder, fiery Morrigan Drummond has a score to settle with Sir Rupert Burney, the English spymaster responsible for his death. Trained to fight alongside the other rebels determined to break Britain’s hold on Scotland, she swears to avenge her father’s death—until a chance encounter with a barrister as proud and principled as she is presents her with a hard choice…and a bittersweet temptation.

Aidan Grant has never encountered another woman like dangerous beauty Morrigan—and he has the bruises to prove it. Yet she could be the key to defending two innocent men, as well as striking a death blow to the reprehensible Burney. Convincing Morrigan to help him will take time, but Aidan is willing to wait if it means victory over corrupt government forces and freedom for his people…and Morrigan’s hand in marriage. Can two warriors committed to a cause stand down long enough to open their hearts to a love fierce enough to last…forever?


My Review:

This team duo has written a series where I see history just bursting off the page. While Jim McGoldrick holds a Ph.D. degree in Scottish and English literature, his mechanical engineer wife takes the events of history to another level through her sensuous characters. It is obvious they both love history and making it live and breathe. I spent some time Googling characters to discover who are the real characters in history and who are the fictitious ones and how closely the authors followed events.

The reader quickly gets wrapped up in continuing the story already laid out in book one and two. We meet the Queen of England and Ireland again in this book which allows the reader to understand her love for her son and how aware she is her life won’t be a long one. Powerful forces close to her wish her harm. In consequence, her son, Cinaed who was adopted by the Mackintosh clan is in danger by those seeking to destroy any bloodline related to the Queen.

We meet Cinaed in Highland Crown. His ship is destroyed and his men lost in a ship wreck. Barely alive, he is saved by a dedicated surgeon and doctor, Isabella. Scotland wants him to be king someday, but he isn’t interested in being king. This story is of Cinaed finding out who he is.

It is also a story about Isabella’s sister, Morrigan Drummond, who has a story deeply buried in her heart that slowly rises to the surface through events unfolding. You will hurt for Morrigan. I did. She is determined to never be helpless again. She learns to take up the sword. She is a force to be reckoned with when Aidan Grant gets in her way.

Aidan Grant finds his calling in the Highlands. He is a man seeking justice for those who are unfairly persecuted. He is a perfect match for Morrigan, both in wit and weaponry.

The bad guys play their parts very well, perfect catalysts to propel the story forward. You’ll love to hate Morrigan’s uncle. You’ll love to hate Sir Rupert Burney, both fictitious characters.

One final thought: This series has been totally captivating. I suggest you read the series to get the full impact of events and characters. I can also see the series being expanded. There are three women, Isabella, Fiona, and Morrigan, closely linked, whom the authors could use to bring the reader more historical events with beguiling stories.

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