Review: THE TASTE OF LOVE, book 3 from the Book of Love series penned by Meara Platt ~ a great book to curl up with!


Title: The Taste of Love Book of Love, Book 3
Author: Meara Platt
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Pages: 202
Published by: Dragonablade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Publication Date: August 30, 2019
Sold by: Services LLC
ASIN: B07VQ93S98

The Book of Love Series
Book 1 – The Look of Love
Book 2 – The Touch of Love
Book 3 – The Taste of Love
Book 4 – The Song of Love
Book 5 – The Scent of Love (Approx. March 2020)
Book 6 – The Kiss of Love (Approx. June 2020)


Publisher’s Summary:

Will the mysterious Book of Love lead Penelope to her true love?

Lady Penelope Sherbourne is not – absolutely not – going to fall in love with Thaddius MacLauren, Laird of Caithness, even if he is a big, handsome Scottish brute and ridiculously protective of her. But now that the Book of Love has fallen into her hands, Thad is the only one she trusts to test out the sensations she must explore in order to find the perfect husband. She wants a mild-mannered English earl, one who lives near her family, and who will not make her heart leap or her bones melt as Thad does every time he looks at her.

Thaddius MacLauren intends to claim a kiss from Lady Penelope Sherbourne and nothing more. No, not a thing more, even though he’s loved the sharp-tongued, vexing lass forever. She’s also been kinder to him than anyone else alive, and for a boy who never felt loved by his family, Penelope’s kindness has come to mean everything to him. How can he ever tell her how he feels? She’s the daughter of a powerful earl and all he can offer her is a tumble-down holding at the northern tip of Scotland. It will take a miracle to win her heart.

Is it possible the Book of Love holds the magic to bring it about?

My Thoughts: A historical romance read for someone who enjoys laughing with characters who end up in very precarious situations and hot love scenes!

Who wouldn’t like to be a test frog for a pretty little gel?

Lady Penelope needed a test frog, you know, a guy who can teach her what kissing is all about. She knew she was safe with Thaddius—brawny, handsome Thad. With the Book of Love passed to her by her two best friends who found their true loves, hers was to test what love was all about. A girl needed to be ready with the necessary tools available to measure the man she intended to marry, didn’t she? Who better than her longtime friend, Thad? Thaddius was only a test frog. This thought was hard to keep utmost in her mind because her test frog was simply delicious!

Poor man!!

Poor man indeed, because he’d always been in love with her, but he hadn’t the title necessary to even contemplate a possible union. He couldn’t let her choose another test frog because she’d never be safe with them. His protection streak was a mile long when it came to Lady Penelope.

Being a test frog was torture. He had a hard time controlling certain parts of his anatomy!It was also confirmation of just how much she affected him. Unbeknownst to him, Penelope was having a difficult time separating frog from man!

Lady Penelope went about ‘testing’ very methodically. Thad soon found out she gave as much as she was given.

The situation was funny and led to some rather (fanning myself) hot scenes.

I haven’t read the others in this series, but if Penelope’s story is any indication of the rest, I’m sure to enjoy them.


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