Meara Platt releases her 14th book in WICKED EARLS’ CLUB — Earl of Kinross

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Title: Earl of Kinross Wicked Earls’ Club Book 14
Author: Meara Platt
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Pages: 117
Publication Date: October 8, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Publisher’s Summary:

Marcus Brayden, Earl of Kinross, thought fighting Napoleon on the battlefield was dangerous. But it is nothing to the upheaval caused by Lara Le Brecque, his best friend’s sister, when she climbs over his townhouse wall shortly before Christmas and attempts to sneak into his London home. Lara ought to be on the marriage mart, enjoying her London season and the holiday festivities, but when she confides the Le Brecque family problems to him, he knows he must do all he can to help…even if it means marrying Lara.

Lara Le Brecque is facing another difficult Christmas with her family in disgrace and under threat of losing all their holdings. Lara has no one else to turn to but Marcus Brayden, who has just returned home from the Napoleonic War and been awarded the Scottish earldom of Kinross for his heroism in battle. With her father under house arrest and suspected of treason, and her brother condemned as a pirate and a murderer, she must expose the villain behind this plot to destroy her family and needs Marcus to help her bring this culprit to justice. Marcus has told her to hide in his rooms at the Wicked Earls’ Club if ever she is in danger, but as she finds herself falling in love with Marcus, she realizes the greatest danger of all is to her heart.

My Thoughts:

A quick, yet engaging story with humorous moments of a woman left to fend for herself. Her brother’s good friend comes to the rescue when her life is close to hitting rock bottom. But is that what she wants?

Lara Le Brecque is a character easy to love (just a tad bit wicked!) She didn’t let her gender detour her from trying to solve her problems. She’s a character who uses humor to get through rough times. But watch out for her temper! You will love her boldly innovative means of ‘getting the job done!”

Lord Kinross, her childhood playmate has grown to be quite the hero. With Lara’s morning call by climbing over a wall to his townhouse and the hilarious scene of finding Marcus in dishabille, we discover even though this is a light moment between the two, she has big problems. The first scene had me captivated from its first paragraphs.

Her brother, Hugh, once the Visount Brixham is running as a fugitive, while her father, Earl of Stratton, is under house arrest. All these challenges throw up so many questions needing to be answered.

Marcus clinches my interest in the story when he says he’ll marry Lara if he can’t clear her father and brother’s names. Subsequently Lara throw a plate of eggs across the room.

The story sparks laughter as Lara and Marcus spar on most points–great dialogue. It gets heated with Lara’s response to the man her playmate has become (very sensuous).

I hope you pick up the book. Meara Platt’s style is her own. I highly recommend her work.

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