Is Jack Shadow Stirling’s Days of Plunder Over? Review: SEDUCED BY THE PIRATE by Maggi Andersen

Seduced by the Pirate: Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Title: Seduced by the Pirate Pirates of Britannia Connected World
Author: Maggi Andersen
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 143
Published by: DragonMedia Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Publication Date: June 25, 2019

Publisher’s Summary:

When a hardened pirate meets a proper English rose…

A bitter man, pirate Jack Shadow Stirling cares for little but his ship and his crew. But disaster strikes the Golden Orion; driven leagues off course in a storm, his men begin dropping like flies from typhus. Forced to anchor in a bay on the West Africa coast to see to his men and mend damage to the hull, Jack and three of his crew go in search of fresh water and meat to shore up their dwindling supplies. What he finds surprises him – an English lady, whom he likens to a rare orchid, is treating the sick from a nearby village, while her botanist brother, Alexander Bromley, searches for specimens.

Startled by pirates invading her small camp, Lydia Bromley snatches up her pistol and aims it at the tall, dark-haired, handsome devil who leads them. Unfazed, he grins at her and warns her that should she shoot him with a muff pistol, she would fail to kill him. But he would be annoyed.

Thus begins Lydia’s journey, discovering the love and romance she’d thought denied her… with a pirate!


My Review:

I love to read something where the good guy isn’t all that he should be, slightly tainted and doesn’t measure up, while the bad guy impressively steps up to the plate and wows me. Such is the case when comparing Alexander Bromley, brother and protector of his sister, Lydia, and Jack Sterling, captain of a pirate ship.

It’s also fun to watch a hardened pirate basically melt at a woman’s feet. Lydia has been much the shadow for her brother, a botanist in a place he should never be and who’s been there for two years! She doesn’t have any wiles, outwardly make of stern stuff. Jack’s interest is sparked, but dare not do his usual grab and take.  This time his heart is held captive. He wants her. Such a gentleman! Who would have thought!

Circumstances show the reader the passionate and understanding woman Lydia is and destiny gives her a way out, albeit a very wet one! Destiny also provides Jack with some very valuable information. And hope.

Author Andersen kept me on the edge of my chair, thoroughly watching the antics between Jack and Lydia. Dialogue sets the tone between these two, with subtle undertones of I-wish-it-were-different.

If you are reader of the Pirates of Britannia Connected World, you’ll find Andersen’s contribution to this Dragonmedia Publishing series equally as exciting as the others.


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1 Response to Is Jack Shadow Stirling’s Days of Plunder Over? Review: SEDUCED BY THE PIRATE by Maggi Andersen

  1. Maggi Andersen says:

    I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my pirate story, Eileen. Thanks for the lovely review!


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