Releasing Soon! FORTUNE’S DRAGON by Meara Platt ~ Be charmed by destiny’s call for true love!


Title: Fortune’s Dragon Fortune’s of Fate Series, Book 5
Author: Meara Platt
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Story Setting: Scarborough, England, 1805; 1815
Pages: 151
Publication Date: May 28, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Publisher’s Summary:

You will meet a dragon who will eat your heart. This is the fortune young Faith Boscombe believes she is told by a fortune teller at the Scarborough fair. But Caleb Brayden, the boy who finds her and returns her safely to her governess after Faith runs off through the fair in tears, gives her a dragon amulet as protection. He’s made up a fable about the power of the amulet, but when he happens to return to the Scarborough fair ten years later, this time as a battle-hardened general in the king’s dragoons, he realizes their fortunes are bound to each other… and so are their hearts.

My Review: A story of charm and enchantment set in the small town of Scarborough.

Prologue: Caleb Brayden, a 14-year-old boy finds a little girl on the fairgrounds while there with his brother and cousins who are slightly older than he. He leaves the boys and goes out of his way to soothe a weeping girl of eight who had been separated from her nanny. She ran away from the fortune teller’s tent because of her future laid out in her palm.

Young Caleb purchased a talisman for the girl, saying she should wear it all the time and she would be protected from dragons, for that is what the fortune teller predicted—she would be eaten by a dragon. Locating the nanny and taking a side trip to the fortune teller to tell her she shouldn’t scare young girls, he joins his brother and friends. The episode is quickly forgotten.

Story: Fifteen years have past. For Faith she had never forgotten the kind boy, Sir Caleb, who soothed a crying child making her feel safe by purchasing a necklace pendant of a dragon.  She never took the amulet off.

Fate intervenes; General Caleb Braden is back in Scarborough. Not as a young boy, but a man highly respected. Upon arriving he sees the fair is back in town triggering the memory of a pretty little girl. His mission involved a meeting with Faith’s father, Lord Bascombe.  Caleb finds his niece still in Scarborough — an angelic person in place of a little girl. Indeed, a woman on the verge of marriage to a titled lord.

Caleb is drawn to Faith’s pureness of heart and beauty, a woman who hadn’t figure into his future, but snags his heart.

He grapples with his feelings and eventually decides to try to win the lady’s hand, right from under her present suitor. Time is not on his side for he will soon be reassigned elsewhere. Last, but not least, he must convince Faith that she is destined for him while not exposing that he is the boy all those years ago whom she knew and seemed to put on a pedestal. He wants her to choose the man—not the boy.

Caleb and Faith are pure hearts who find happiness nudged along by a fortune teller’s reading. It is an easy-read, very little violence, with a charming happily-ever after which I enjoyed very much.

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