Review: THE PURSUITS OF LORD KIT CAVANAUGH by Stephanie Laurens ~ a Victorian frolic with a demure, yet fierce when angered heroine and a Lord who woos her using kid gloves! Plot is propelled forward by engaging dialogue complex characters in a setting of mystery and suspense.


Title: The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh The Cavanaughs, Book 2
Author: Stephanie Laurens
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
Published by: MIRA; Original edition
Publication Date: April 30, 2019


Publisher’s Summary:

Bold and clever, THE CAVANAUGHS are unlike any other family in early Victorian England. #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens continues to explore the enthralling world of these dynamic siblings in the eagerly anticipated second volume in her captivating series.

A Gentleman of Means

One of the most eligible bachelors in London, Lord Christopher “Kit” Cavanaugh has discovered his true path and it doesn’t include the expected society marriage. Kit is all business and has chosen the bustling port of Bristol to launch his passion—Cavanaugh Yachts.

A Woman of Character

Miss Sylvia Buckleberry’s passion is her school for impoverished children. When a new business venture forces the school out of its building, she must act quickly. But confronting Kit Cavanaugh is a daunting task made even more difficult by their first and only previous meeting, when, believing she’d never see him again, she’d treated him dismissively. Still, Sylvia is determined to be persuasive.

An Unstoppable Duo

But it quickly becomes clear there are others who want the school—and Cavanaugh Yachts—closed. Working side by side, Kit and Sylvia fight to secure her school and to expose the blackguard trying to sabotage his business. Yet an even more dastardly villain lurks, one who threatens the future both discover they now hold dear.

My Review:

Kit, the hero, is the not the typical character which plays out between the pages of a novel. He hides who he is, masquerading as a rake for many years. It was his way of protecting himself from the machinations of his mother. After his mother dies, he is free to become the man he wants to be.

He is quite an admiral character, when he sets out to be his own man, starting a business of yacht building. He is able to procure an old warehouse which hadn’t been used for years. With astuteness, he and his old friend from school days pull a team together of experienced and seasoned workers who had lost their jobs as businesses moved out of the town. Kit’s dream, unfortunately, dashes another’s—Miss Sylvia Buckleberry’s.

Miss Sylvia Buckleberry realizes she is ‘on the shelf’. She is not one to let that stop her in being an active person in society. She decides to move out of London to a small town which can use her help. She starts a school for boys, particularly, those boys whose fathers have lost their jobs with little means to live. She’s given an old warehouse without rent for a place to teach, close to the boys’ homes. She has made great headway in the town—her school teaches 17 boys, employing two teachers and an old woman as their assistant. When the warehouse is taken from her, she no longer has the church’s support to teach the boys if she can’t procure another place to teach.

Sylvia met Lord Cavanaugh the previous month when her close friend married. They were paired together as part of the wedding party. Knowing his lordship’s reputation, she made sure to freeze every sentence uttered to him, even when her senses were mesmerized by his handsome physique. Lord Cavanaugh, in turn, thought she was a cold fish and even though he liked what he saw, she didn’t interest him.

Ousted out of the warehouse, she is frustrated and angry, and decides to confront the demon who did this to her—the rake who cares only for himself. Her anger, passionate appeal and beauty quite undo Kit. Getting off on the wrong foot has made it hard for Sylvia to see a different man than she imaged. He surprises her with his proposal to sponsor her school.

Kit surprises himself. He finds he enjoys helping people and when he can do a good turn for the folk of the town, he does.

I’ve got to love the way he handles Sylvia with kid gloves. She’s a clergy’s daughter, and must be wooed gently, not his usual method of enticing a woman, but then, Sylvia is not just a woman to him. He quickly becomes protective of her. Something or someone is afoot to destroy property. Who are they after? What are they trying to damage?

Author Laurens writes an entertaining story of mystery and suspense supported by spirited characters willing to fight for what they want or believe to be true.

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3 Responses to Review: THE PURSUITS OF LORD KIT CAVANAUGH by Stephanie Laurens ~ a Victorian frolic with a demure, yet fierce when angered heroine and a Lord who woos her using kid gloves! Plot is propelled forward by engaging dialogue complex characters in a setting of mystery and suspense.

  1. Petie McCarty says:

    Is it just me or does the hero on the cover look like Robert Downey, Jr.? Loved the post, Eileen!


  2. Since I watch very few films (I have done better since coming to Spain), I had to search his image on Google. I believe you are right. The head shape is quite the same. I see Robert is 54, so he mustn’t be our hero. Hope you are doing well, Petie. I’m getting really excited about my own writing. Working on chapter one. 🙂


  3. Petie McCarty says:

    Yay you, Eileen! Keep going!
    Have a magical summer!


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