Review: LAWFULLY OURS by Jo Grafford ~ Do you like your reads with emotional themes and interesting plots? Join Jo Grafford as she shares her tale.

I first started reading Jo Grafford with her Lost Colony Series.  I adored that series.  Her writing style and characters are authentic, pulling me into their world of emotion, suspense and tragedy.  I highly recommend her books.

lawfully ours

Title: Lawfully Ours   A U.S. Marshal Lawkeeper Romance
Author: Jo Grafford
Genre: Historical Romance, Western
Setting: 1882, Texas
Page: 134
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B07PZ54X63


Publisher’s Summary:

U.S. Marshal Jack Holiday is on a special mission to track and apprehend the notorious Billy Bob Flint from his two-year Robin Hood-style crime spree. More legend than man to the local miners and ranchers, he steals cattle from the rich and herds them straight to the shabby barnyards of the poor.

Catherine Rose Southerland is working hard to overcome her tragic past and earn a living as a seamstress. But when Jack rides into her Texas hometown brandishing an arrest warrant for Flint, she realizes the new life she’s built for herself may come crumbling around her ears at any moment.

Torn between old loyalties and her unexpected attraction to Jack, Catherine Rose struggles to keep her ties to Flint a secret. Will their growing feelings for each other be strong enough to overcome the truth when it is finally revealed, or will it tear them apart forever?

Review:  There are some men who go beyond what we nowadays think or expect out of our employees. They temper their work with fairness and justice.

This is a story about a marshal who encounters unreasonable prejudice.  It’s also about good people, downtrodden, because those with more men, more guns, more so-called law were the victors.

The Marshal is a loner, would love to just settle down, but never attracted to women he meets while moving from town to town, keeping the law.  In Liberty Springs, the marshal’s heart is snagged by a seamstress who isn’t all that she appears to be, her tongue laced with half-truths. She, along with the town, is protecting a man Jack Holiday was sent to put behind bars. Why?  He is determined to find out.  One thing about the marshal, he can’t abide lies.

The seamstress is kind, witty, and beautiful.  What is not to like about Catherine Rose? She is also attracted to the marshal. But she knows he’s her enemy because he is after Billy.  Billy is her life.  They share a treacherous past and almost lost their lives as their parents did when the Texans attacked their home. She would protect Billy with her life. But will she have to?

Billy Flint is also a man I could admire.  Much like the Marshal, he bends the rules, aids the poor. He is a man of character with a past of tragedy.  Even though the Texas Indian Wars are over, hurt and hard feelings continue to riddle the hearts of men.  Billy does what he can to revenge the killing of his parents, who not just lost their lives, but their property and land–rightfully belonging to Billy and his sister. He has the town’s gratitude and loyalty.  

Secondary character, but no less striking is Molly Monroe, a woman who has also suffered.  Her crime?  She’s black.  Catherine and Molly work the seamstress shop together and are good friends.  Molly is very eloquent and is sweet on Billy.  But what’s the point?  She knows she can never have him.

The arm of the law is long and not always right.  This western is a prime example.  Author Grafford writes a story where characters suffer for what they are, not what they do.  The story is more a novella, however, the author paints a rugged west of hardship and generosity I enjoyed very much.

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