New Release: WHEN A HIGHLANDER WEDS A HELLION by Julie Johnstone


Title: When a Highlander Weds a Hellion Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts, Book 8
Julie Johnstone
Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish
Pages: 180
Publication Date: March 22, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Series – all stand-alone
When a Laird Loves a Lady, Book 1
Wicked Highland Wishes, Book 2
Christmas in the Scot’s Arms, Book 3
When a Highlander Loses His Heart, Book 4
How a Scot Surrenders to a Lady, Book 5
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When a Highlander Weds a Hellion, Book 8

Publisher’s Summary:

How far will he go to belong?

Fierce, famed Highland warrior Broch MacLeod has always been a bastard—until one day he isn’t. And now that he’s discovered his real family, he intends to do whatever it takes to carve a place for himself in it, including wedding the lass known as the Hellion of the Highlands.

What will she do for vengeance?

When strong-willed, independent Katreine Kinntoch is forced to wed her sworn enemy’s son, she vows never to surrender her body or heart to the wickedly handsome, too-cocky Scot. Instead, she intends to make him dislike her so much that he’ll gladly send her back to her home.

How long will it take them to see they are each other’s only hope?

Danger and treachery unexpectedly bring Broch and Katreine closer, but can they trust each other enough to choose love over the ties that bind and the revenge that burns all around them?


My Review: I liked the character development of who Katreine is becoming, and how she is shaped by her family’s tragedy.  Her family harbors hatred, presumptions and prejudice against another clan, for good reason.  They killed her sister.  When she finds herself married into the said clan, she relies on her past beliefs only to find they may be wrong and struggles to change what has been her reality for so long.  

Broch MacLeod is an amazing hero.  He is where he is today, right-hand to the King because he needed to prove his worth, more to himself than others. In a land where clan is family, he knows not who fathered him. He must be a bastard.  He recognizes the same determination and powerful need of Brodie, son of the Blackswell laird, to prove himself, disguised in belligerency. Brodie is an interesting character. I hope Johnstone writes his story. 

Broch’s present mission is to bring together two clans, filled with animosity for each other, by marriage. Broch follows orders, but not blindly, even when destiny changes his life. He is a fair and just man.

His run-in (literal) with the hellion Katreine, the woman who must marry into the Blackswell clan, not only garners his admiration but interest.  He hears her pleas and vows to respect them before he enforces the king’s command. In his search for her protection, he finds his own destiny and discovers the truth of Katreine’s sister’s death.

The story from its inception had my attention, dialogue carried the plot forward with character actions making this story a page-turner.

If you enjoy braw Highlander men, women who can defend themselves and the bond and strength of family, shrouded in a hard-won love, author Julie Johnstone’s story is spot-on.


Katreine awoke to the sound of crackling and the sensation of heat. The scent of burning wood filled her nose as she slowly opened her eyes. Broch was squatting in front of her, his broad, muscled back to her. He had one elbow on his powerful left thigh, and with his other hand, he was heating what appeared to be a dagger in the fire.

She moved to sit up, but her leg screamed in protest, and she immediately recalled her wound with a hiss. Broch turned toward her, worry clear on his face in the dancing light of the flames.

“Ye’re awake,” he said, not sounding happy about it.

That made her frown. “Did ye hope I’d nae wake up?”

“Aye,” he said, startling her as he stood and took a step toward her only to kneel once more, holding his dagger in his hand. His gaze fell to her leg, and she looked there, as well, her vision going spotty. She inhaled a long breath, and the wave of blackness cleared. Gritting her teeth, she glanced at her leg again and gasped. There was a jagged, bloody bite covering the front of her thigh.

“Lass,” Broch said, his tone so surprisingly gentle and soothing that she found herself looking to him.

“Ye have lovely eyes,” she blurted as their gazes locked.

Goodness! What had made her say that? She fanned herself, feeling suddenly feverish. “I need to cleanse the wound,” she murmured, looking at her leg once more. The silvery spots came back to her vision and she started to tilt to the side, but Broch caught her by the arm and kept her upright. Slowly, the spots receded, and she focused on him once more.

“I’ve got to seal the wound,” he said.

“I dunnae like the sound of that,” she replied. She started to look at her leg again, but Broch released his hold on her arm and caught her under the chin, which he then cupped.

“I think it best ye look at me.”

“Ye may be right,” she said, trickles of sweat now rolling down her back. “I dunnae feel well.” She attempted to swallow, but her throat felt too dry for the simple task.

“I dunnae imagine ye do,” he said. “But ye were amazing.” She could have sworn his voice had dropped low, like a distant rumble of thunder. One of his fingers was trailing back and forth along her jawline. It was utterly improper, and she should most definitely stop him, but it was so comforting, and her thoughts felt odd.

“My mind feels fuzzy,” she announced.

“Good. I gave ye a wee bit of mandrake root to aid with the pain.”

“Ahhhh,” she said, drawing the word out. It felt as if it had drifted from her of its own volition. She vaguely felt her leg throbbing, but Broch’s eyes were so very blue and his arms so very well-formed… She lost the thought, laughed, and when he smiled at her, she realized how sinful his mouth looked. It was as if he had used it many a time to kiss a lass senseless.

A strong wish to be senseless and unguarded gripped her. Ever since her mother and sister had died, she’d been told to be wary around men, and in this moment, the effort felt too much. She wanted to release herself from the chains that bound her.
“Ye need to let me seal yer wound now,” he said.

She shook her head. She did not want pain. She wanted pleasure. From this particular man, too. Never had she wanted a man to kiss her, but this man, this Scot, she wanted him to do just that. “Kiss me.”

“Ye want me to kiss ye?” he asked, and his shock—or was it distaste?—was apparent in his tone.

“Ignore my words,” she muttered and waved a hand at him that seemed to move in slow-motion before her face. “If ye dunnae think me bonny—”

“Good God, it’s nae that,” he said on a deep inhale. “I think ye verra bonny, but ye are to be wed.”

“Oh, do cease talking, ye clot-heid!” She reached out, slid her hand around his neck, and tugged him so close that his heat nearly overwhelmed her. His scents swirled around her, and her belly tightened. He smelled like smoke, woods, and warrior. “I’ll let ye seal my wound only if ye kiss me.”

Had she really just said that?

By the widening of his eyes, she knew she had, and she grinned.

“Christ’s teeth, ye earned yer name, I can see. From how many men have ye demanded a kiss?”

“Just one,” she said, scowling at him. “Just ye. But with a foolish question like that, I may rescind my offer.”

“God save us both,” he muttered. He set down the dagger he’d been clutching and cupped her face in his strong hands.

Impatient and sensing she was beginning to question what she was doing, she gave a little tug on his neck, and then his mouth slanted over hers.


JulieAuthor Julie Johnstone is the USA Today bestselling author of historical romances including the Once Upon a Rogue series, the Whisper of Scandal series, the Lords of Deception series, the Danby novella series, the Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series, and the Renegade Scots series.

Her books are focused in the Regency and Medieval period. Julie’s books have hit the USA Today bestseller list multiple times.

She makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama with her lawyer husband, two boys, one quirky Australian Shepherd and one snooty cat. When Julie is not deep in research, she’s lost in another time period writing. She loves to do yoga, cook, travel, and go to music concerts!
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Twitter – @juliejohnstone
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