Review: A SULTRY PERFORMANCE by Jessica Lauryn ~ entangle yourself in mystery and suspense within The Rabourn Theater Series



Title: The Sultry Performance The Rabourn Theater Series Book 3
Author: Jessica Lauryn
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Pages: 303
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Published Date: December 4, 2018


The Rabourn Theater Series:
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The Sultry Performance


Publisher’s Summary:

Chris Gordon, stage manager at Rabourn Theater, suspects his late wife’s hit and run was never an accident. He believes the man she was having an affair with, Oakley Sutherland, was responsible and he vows to get Evelyn justice, igniting a plot to ensnare Oakley, working through Oakley’s fiancée, Victoria. 

A well-known exotic dancer by night, Victoria Morrow has been fighting to make a better life for herself, and she won’t be taken advantage of. But when the most handsome man at Rabourn Theater takes an interest in her, she finds herself spiraling down a path she never expected to. Can Victoria resist Chris’s charms? Or will both of them fall prey to the danger that lurks in the wings?


My Review:

I’ve enjoyed this unique series by Jessica Lauryn.  Lauryn’s setting involves personalities who are involved in running Rabourn Theater with a past history of dirty dealings and double crossings.  The story deals with revenge and control, and taking, by any means, what you feel is yours.  In the ugly mire of life springs the unexpected—love.

I gravitated to Victoria Morrow, a dancer who dances with her heart, no matter what type of dance.  She is also drop-dead gorgeous. Her soul is pure, and even though her circumstances are not very good, she looks out for the other dancers.

Her dream is to someday own the club she dances in.  She saves as much money as she can.  The owner of the club happens to be her betrothed, although she isn’t interested in the man.  He’s mean, controlling and manipulative.  He only gets meaner when Chris Gordon who works at Rabourn Theater starts seeking her out.

Yes, they are attracted to each other, but if Chris Gordon pursues her, he is asking for a death wish. From Victoria’s perspective he should stay away—but his kiss awakes something in Victoria which has never been tapped. From Chris’s perspective, he wants answers about his wife’s death and thinks Victoria holds the key.

Chris is a great guy, but he has an agenda for this relationship.  He eventually is torn between what his heart feels and what his believes.  Will it blow up in his face?  Will he get himself killed? Suspense coils tighter, while surprising twists and mystery will keep you engaged.


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