Audiobook ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR by Cynthia Wright ~ beginning of a new series, Brides of Skye

Abducted at the Altar

Title: Abducted at the Altar: A St. Briac Family Novel, Brides of Skye, Book 1
Author: Cynthia Wright
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Pages: 290
Published by: Boxwood Manor Books
Published Date: September 21, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Narrated by: Tim Campbell
Length: 8 hours, 32 minutes
Release Date: October 17, 2018
Published by: Cynthia Challed

Publisher’s Summary

From a New York Times best-selling author comes an irresistible romance of 16th-century Scotland!

When a spirited Scottish lass crosses paths with a charismatic Outlander, sparks fly that threaten to set fire to their separate worlds….

Vibrant Fiona MacLeod has never left the Isle of Skye, except in the pages of cherished books. However, everything changes when her mother makes a deathbed request that Fi travel to Falkland Palace and experience the royal court. It may be her last chance to see the world before she is married off to an overbearing Highland warrior.

Across the ocean in Europe, architect Christophe de St. Briac enjoys a perfectly ordered life. He’s a rising star among the artistic builders of the Renaissance and has his pick of women to warm his bed – until King François I pressures him to accept a project at Scotland’s Falkland Palace.

Although Fiona and Christophe are from different worlds, they soon find their passionate souls have everything in common. But while they seem to be on a collision course with destiny, dark forces are conspiring to keep them apart….

Connecting books:

You and No Other (Thomas and Aimée)
Of One Heart (Andrew and Micheline)
Abducted at the Altar (Christophe and Fiona)

The St. Briac family in the 18th century:

The Secret of Love (Gabriel and Isabella)
His Make-Believe Bride (Justin and Mouette)

©2018 Cynthia Challed (P)2018 Cynthia Challed


My Thoughts:  I’ve read or listened to author Cynthia Wright’s books for a long time.  I always start a read knowing I’ll be entertained with fully-developed gentle, honorable characters who end up taking part of my heart when the tale is complete. Her diabolical antagonists are wily and devious — a pleasure to see them fail with their schemes.

This tale is not the exception.  Narrator Tim Campbell makes the listen a page-turner with his fantastic flexibility between French accented English and the Scottish brogue.  He positively takes the characters Wright creates to a higher level!

Fiona MacLeod is a dutiful child, particularly to her family. She loves her mother and father very much.  When her mother dies, she has only her father, who is devastated by her mother’s death. He is a man who can’t seem to let go of his daughter and plays right into the hands of the antagonist. He seems to be a weak man, but with a good heart.

Fiona has her dreams, perhaps more than the average highland lass, thanks to her mother teaching her how to read and write and the hours of reading together.  When she meets St. Briac she is intrigued with him, spending time questioning him about the places he’s lived.

The antagonist whom we find has reasons to do what he does, is misguided with some mistruths. He is quite the unsavory sort, but Fiona’s father doesn’t see his bad character for he hides it with smiles and a lordly demeanor. Her father betrothes her to him without her consent. Should she do as her father wishes?  Afterall, many highland marriages are made for alliances and not love.  But Fiona wishes for more.  She wants to be loved and to love her husband.

Christophe St. Briac is every bit the rogue – women in his bed, but leave them before morning.  His passion is to create beautiful buildings.  As an architect, he had grand plans for Le Louvre and had been given a promise to work on that dream when he’d done a little favor for the King. I enjoyed getting to know the man behind the work-driven one. He is attracted to wee Fiona, and she to him.  But Christophe doesn’t consider himself a marrying man.  Will his love to her be strong enough to keep him from returning to France?

Wright’s tales leave a smile on my face and a light heart. She entertains with conflicted  characters, humor, and passionate, determined heroes and heroines who struggle to reach their happy ever after–all the while cheered on by the reader/listener!


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