Author Mary Morgan’s second series in the land of the Fae is every bit as good as her first with the Order of the Dragon Knights! Read my review of Book 2 of the Legends of the Fenian Warriors — OATH OF A WARRIOR


Title: Oath of a Warrior Legends of the Fenian Warriors, Book 2
Author: Mary Morgan
Genre: Fantasy, Time Travel, Historical Romance
Pages: 288
Published by: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published Date: June 20, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


“You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!”

Fenian Warrior, Rory MacGregor’s love conquests are legendary, but he has never spoken of the one mortal female who captured his heart. After his dark secret is finally revealed, he is ordered to return and seal the wounds left open by her death. Yet, he finds the timeline altered and swears an oath to rewrite fate, even if it brings about his own death.

Erina MacIntyre is known for her healing herbs and love charms. Determined to aid others, she refuses to listen to the whispers that call her a witch. When a Highlander steps forth into her path, he ignites a thread of strange familiarity and sparks a flame of desire she is unable to control.

Can the destiny of two lovers find love once more among the ashes of death and betrayal? Or will history repeat itself, leaving a scorching path of destruction for both mortals and Fae alike?


My takeaway: You truly don’t know when and where help will seek you out.

A Fenian Warrior has a special role in the realm of the Fae. They are to steer a better course for human mortals, yet not alter the timeline of their life strings. The Fenian Warriors has to tread carefully among humans, yet provide guidance without change the timeline.

Through thousands of years Rory is able to do so, until he meets Erina in 1605 in Scotland. He did what no Fenian Warrior should do. He fell in love. A Fenian Warrior must never fall in love, let alone, with a human. He hid what was in his heart and continued moving through time doing his duty. His love and denial of it festers, and herein lies his tale, Oath of a Warrior as penned by the talented Mary Morgan.

Rory has broken rules again, this time after meeting Erina. He aided the Dragon Knights of Urquhart, along with two other Fenian Warriors. This series is spawned from the previous one, where these three Warriors took it upon themselves to aid the Dragon Knights who travelled a path of redemption.

If you haven’t read the series Order of the Dragon Knights you are in for such a treat when you do. I fell in love with Mary Morgan during the reading of that series. And was delighted to find she reconnects us with the Dragon Knights in Legend of the Fenian Warriors.

Rory MacGregor is in a real pickle and just has been discovered.  He has wronged another. Something Fenian Warrior cannot do and continue to retain their nobility and honor. So he must return through time to correct the wrong which was committed or forever be condemned by the demons he lives with and death from the Brotherhood.

His conflict is slowly killing him. He denies his love to Erina and is responsible for her death. But the land of the Fae with their capabilities of traveling through time, Rory is given another chance, to be as a Fenian Warrior should be, and to save the woman he gave his heart to. But can he save Erina from her death, burnt as a witch, while keeping his heart unattached the second time?

Morgan’s world building floats the reader in a magical world, fantasy, yet not. Her characters are so fleshed-out, I could touch them. Her scenes are descriptive—some being very emotional which put me to tears. Even in this second reading, I enjoyed the story to the maximum. I adore how the story is laid out. Morgan is a master at bringing all the elements together and keeping the reader with her at every step. A marvelous author to add to your reading enjoyment!

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful review for OATH OF A WARRIOR, Eileen!

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