Review: QUEEN OF THE NIGHT GUILD by Andy Peloquin ~ an emotional roller-coaster thriller

38085169Title:  Queen of the Night Guild Queen of Thieves Series
Author: Andy Peloquin
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 392
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Publication Date: January 30, 2018


Queen of Thieves Series
Child of the Night Guild
Thief of the Night Guild
Queen of the Night Guild


Publisher’s Summary:

“I am Ilanna, Journeyman of House Hawk… and vengeance will be mine.”

Ilanna has lost everything: her friends, her home, her family, her dreams of freedom.

All that remains is a burning desire to find the bastards who burned down her city and tried to kill her.
But a traitor hides among the ranks of the Night Guild, poisoning her friends and allies with lies.
Cast out and condemned to death, Ilanna has no choice but to turn to old enemies to save not only her life, but her Guild and city in the process.

Read the breathtaking, heart-stopping conclusion to the Queen of Thieves series!

My Thoughts: The author drops us right where Thief of the Night Guild ended.  Horror that Ilanna had lost all of what she had worked so hard to attain.  True, she had her freedom, but to lose those whom she loved to share it with is an emotion we all wish never to experience ourselves.

The Night Guild is built on the sins of mankind, where the innocent to survive must face the danger or die. The author takes the reader into the anguish of those whose freedom has been ripped from them, then to be part of the Night Guild whether they wish it or not. The life is for those who have the strength to survive, however they can.

Ilanna is a young woman who faces much in this three-book series.  Her experiences of tragedy, successes and determination had me admire who she becomes. She is intelligent and skilled in her trade and equally determined to find those who have taken her son from her, taking her to the brink of certain death.

This gripping  and gritty tale will stay long with me, rethinking the scenes where friends are there to help, where Illanna  is left alone with impossible odds and comes out the victor, where evil is found in the most benign faces.  I highly recommend this read if you love a thriller written with a writing style which keeps you on the edge of your chair.

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