A cursed ring gets the last laugh in this cute novella, OF LOVE AND LEGEND by Kathryn Le Veque; Audiobook Review

Of Love and Legend AudiobookTitle: Of Love and Legend Knight of de Dere, novella
Author: Kathryn Le Veque
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 89
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 9, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Narrated by: Brad Wills
Length: 2 hours, 48 minutes
Release Date: February 3, 2017
Published by: Kathryn Le Veque Novels


Publisher’s Summary:
Welcome to the origins of the Lore of the Lucius Ring, tying together the USA Today best seller With Dreams, which was the tale of a lost love from the husband’s perspective, and now Of Love and Legend, telling of that same lost love from the wife’s perspective.

In the prologue, we meet Theodosia, wife of the Roman centurion Lucius. Knowing her husband was killed in Britannia, the only thing Theodosia has left of him is their daughter and the ring he gave her, an ancient ring said to bear its own curse.

The Lucius Ring, passed down through the females of Theodosia’s family, makes its way to medieval England where a highway robber steals it and gifts it to his true love. But secrets, and more curses, threaten to tear the couple a part. Will they be able to be together or will the curse of the Lucius Ring end their love forever?

©2016 Kathryn Le Veque (P)2017 Kathryn Le Veque


My Thoughts: This is a well-balanced, feel-good short story where love and honesty win the day. Being so short, we don’t experience the dynamic and passionate writing Le Veque displays in her longer stories, although the story is well-thought out with a limited horizon of conflict.  I would call this ‘benign’ Le Veque, showing us her humorous and more gentle side. The story is direct in its simplicity, a misunderstanding between hero and heroine easily resolved—no real angst.

I enjoyed the mystery behind The Lucius Ring, the way Tyron de Dere obtained the ring.  ‘Twas rather simple. Either have Lady Cassia remove the ring by her own free will, or cut the finger off, thus obtaining his objective. This particular scene is rather cute and very telling, both about the type of person Lady Cassia is and the arrogant, but polite gentleman Tyron is.

Tyron, although being a thief, is a good man dealt difficult times.  His keep and people he’s responsible to take care of are starving.  His only choice is to rob, equally dividing up the spoils. He is known as the Green-Head Ghost, a thorn in the side of the warden of the vale, Sir Mars de Velt, these three years past.

Theodosia, from the House of de Velt, just turning 18, has feelings for a certain Tyron de Dere, a neighbor and childhood friend.

Tyron has waited for Theo to grow up.  At her birthday celebration he wants to give her a special gift–one ring he pulled off an old woman’s finger a few nights ago, while robbing her. He’d also like to propose.

Unfortunately or fortunately…Theo’s aunt, yes, Lady Cassia, joins the celebration and comes with a rather disturbing tale of robbery.  The very ring she was to give to her niece had been taken.  The Lucius Ring has been in the family for centuries and with it a tale, some would wish were not true. The ring, said to be cursed, is to be given to the eldest girl in the family. If the young woman isn’t married before gaining 25 years, she is destined to be an unhappy spinster, the ring’s red ruby turning black.

Tyron is living a life he rather not.  Theo has a secret of her own – she’s been running her keep and representing her father, the warden of the vale. He suffered a stroke, paralyzing both his body and vocal cords.  Theo, along with her father’s trusted knight have been dealing with the duties of the warden.  If she were found out…she would suffer a severe punishment.

Narrator Brad Wills shines when playing Lady Cassia.  She’s such an old, anxious woman, with a good heart. He had me chortling when Tyron was wrestling with her weight trying to heave the bulky woman up through the roof hatch of the carriage, to rob her with better odds of not suffering personal injury to himself!  With the lady’s girth, he just may suffer damage to his back!

So, if you need a fun story to listen to while making dinner or cleaning house, this one will do the trick.  Entertaining, gentle on the heart with a story of love which overlooks flaws and wrongdoing.

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