Review: SHIMMER a clan of dragons prequel and novella by Nancy Lee Badger ~ take your imagination and your dragon for a spin!

35530590Title: Shimmer: The Beginning A Clan of Dragons Prequel Novella
Author: Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 102
Published by: Nancy Lee Badger, 2 edition
Published Date: July 13, 2017
ASIN: B071GWF959

Clan of Dragons Series:


Publisher’s Summary:
Nancy Lee Badger brings you a love story called SHIMMER, a prequel to her Clan of Dragon series. A long time ago, off the coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye, something incredible began. Among lush green forests, flower-filled meadows, and black jagged mountains, stagnant pools of algae and muck rush to the sea. Robina, daughter of the fairy king, threw wish dust to create a cool, clear, sweet-smelling fairy pool. When a huge black winged creature fell from the sky, she feared her very life was in danger. She never thought she would lose her heart.

Duff, a dragon, was dying, and his hopes to find a mate and produce offspring looked bleak. Drinking from a pool at the base of a waterfall, he sensed another otherworldly creature lurking nearby. A dragon, claiming she was no dragon, knocked him off his feet. When she threw the dust, Duff learned about her ability to shift. As they fought human hunters, and a dark fairy, Robina stole his heart. He surprised her by shifting multiple times without her magical help.

Nancy Lee Badger wrote this novella to explain how dragons on the Scottish island of Skye became shape-shifters. She has filled this paranormal fantasy with romance, danger, fairies, and characters you will love, and one or two you might hate. Enjoy this explanation of her very powerful series, Clan of Dragons with Spark, Smoke, and Smolder.

Four-Star Read

My Thoughts:  I’ve been following author Nancy Lee Badger’s cute series about three dragons, Spark, Smoke and Smolder who look for their mates within the human community, because there aren’t any female dragons left.  In this novella, we are privy to the mystery of magic within the Fae realm and how these dragons became shape-shifters.

Robina is a curious fairy with pink wings, eager to do something in her life. Her father, king of the fairies, wants her to live in luxury, nothing much to keep her mind busy.  She is too inquisitive to that.  Her life work is to take murky water, clean it creating a fairy pool.  While on such an errand, she runs into humans, and Duff, a dragon who rather end life than continue without a mate.  Being a wee thing, she hides in fear and watches a male and female human make love. Duff also watches the same scene.

They decide to experiment being humans.  With Robina’s fairy dust, she helps Duff change.  She changes easily enough.  Duff seems to do very well as a human, because he observed every detail well.  Being Duff, he does a fine job with ad lib, too.

Some spicy, heated scenes affect both very much.  But each know one is a dragon and one a fairy.  Duff is not able to find his forever mate.  Robina returns home miserable.

However, they have their happy-ever-after leaving you with a smile.  A delightful, quick read.


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