Spotlight continues on Jerri Hines. She also writes as Colleen Connally–historical mystery/thriller and romantic contemporary suspense genre. Partial interview follows…

Before we get into the meat of things, I want to let you know Jerri would love to give away one of her books to someone who wants to read her work. Seductive Lies, book three of her Secret Lives Series is free as an ecopy for the next few days.  Her giveaway is Broken Legacy.  So get the first free now and win the second of the series!  How?  Just comment below expressing your desire to win.

Secret Lives Series: can be purchased as a set here.
Seductive Secrets
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Let’s get back to the interview.

Jerri HinesAre you methodical in your writing, certain hours of the day, certain rituals you may perform before you sit down? Or are you one of those writers who binge write when the mood is upon you?

The best time for me to write is either early morning or late at night. I have to write when I can submerge myself into the story. I can’t have any distracts, except for my music. I like to have my dog at my feet and water to sip while I think.

I’m on a time schedule, I will be honest, I do get much more done in a shorter amount of time.


Are you comfortable weaving any of your personal experiences into a story? Is there one story you’ve written which is emotionally closer to your heart than others?

I believe a part of me is in each book. I think it’s natural to convey personal experiences in one way or another when you write. There is one book I wrote with a specific purpose, Southern Legacy. I’m Southern and grew up feeling defensive about the Civil War. I always said that the war was about State’s Rights. It was easier than admitting that it was about slavery. But there came a time for me, when my children were small, to admit there was another side to the war.

Southern Legacy is my attempt to show the different sides of the war: Southern, Northern, and slaves. The heroine has grown up with the Southern view (acceptance) of slavery. By the end, she comes to understand how wrong the practice was. The book shows the Underground Railroad and heroes of Underground Railroad that I had never studied about in school, such as William Still. Also, I focused on some of the Southerners that fought for the Union.

Southern Legacy is my most personal book, but each of my books holds a part of me. Winds of Betrayal is my Patriotic side.

I don’t always write the traditional romances, but I love writing romances because I believe in the power of love.

– – – – – – – — – – – – – –

Below is another side of this author if you enjoy suspense, you’ll sure to enjoy these.

Boston Crimes of Passion:  can be purchased as a set here.
Fragmented: A Serial Killer Thriller free at time of posting
Framed: A Psychological Thriller




What is important to you when creating characters?  Is your story more plot driven or character driven?

It is important for me to make believable characters. In some of my historicals, like Set Fire to the Rain, a few of the secondary characters are based on real people. General Daniel Morgan and General Nathanael Greene are two real characters I wanted to highlight.

Plot, though, drives most of my stories. With Winds of Betrayal series, there was so much ground to cover to get to the ultimate climax, but I wanted to show the struggle for the colonists to win the war against the most powerful army in the world.

The last question for you, Jerri.  What are you currently work on?

I’m currently working on a contemporary suspense, Scream For the Camera, under my penname, Colleen Connally.

Thank you for joining us today.  Best of writing, always.



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