Releases tomorrow: Mary Morgan’s book 1 in her new series, Legend of the Fenian Warriors — QUEST OF A WARRIOR

“Conn drew the breath from her lungs and then gave it back to her mingled with his own.”  ~ Quest of a Warrior


Quest of a Warrior (Legends of the Fenian Warriors Book 1) by [Morgan, Mary]Title: Quest of a Warrior Legend of the Fenian Warriors
Author: Mary Morgan
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Pages: 446
Published by: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published Date: June 30, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Legends of the Fenian Warriors series (ecopy purchase link):

Quest of a Warrior
Oath of a Warrior


My Thoughts:  Are you ever there?  When a book is so good, you can’t put it down – all the things you should be doing are justified to not do?  I was so there, afraid to finish the book, never wanting to step out of this fantasy, because it was awesome and afraid not to finish the book so I could know what happens in this world of magic, love, and understanding.  I wanted to proloooong the whole experience!!  Through many a tear, on and off, through cheers of support for the good in humans and Fae, through meeting ‘old’ friends and getting to know new ones, through defeating evil, it is simply a wonderful experience!

Did I say I love this author? I love the mystical past mixed with the present allowing us to believe magic is still among us!

In a few pages, with her description, Morgan takes me to a place of such serenity, I’m tearful.  Then she’ll squeeze my heart with tragedy, with impossible odds, with love so divine, so pure, so giving, I’m again tearful.  She writes stories which ricochet deep into my being, leaving me spent and eventually sated.

This story is about the first of the Fenian Warrior to be punished, Conn MacRoich, an ancient having lived many lifetimes of battle and saving those needing saving. The start of this series has opened the door to loads and loads of stories ready to be told. Yeah, now can I continue living in this wonderful land of Warriors, Knights and even the last remaining Dragon, still protected by the remaining Dragon Knights. Morgan has me doing a happy dance. I now know there will be more Dragon Knights in a contemporary setting, more powerful than those who came before, men who are part Fae.

Ivy Kathleen travels to Ireland to take possession of an inheritance from an uncle she didn’t know existed.  It’s an exciting time of her life, a new beginning of sorts.  She finds the little town of Glennamore already knows her through pictures and stories her mother had shared with her uncle, Thomas O’Callaghan.  Why share with a man never spoken of in her home?  A mystery to solve.  Her uncle was killed while crossing the street by a hit and run driver.  Was it an accident?

All Ivy Kathleen’s life she’s had visions of sort, visions of the past.  She’s learned to block them out.  Her mother had told her it was a gift.  Her father didn’t like Ivy, didn’t like the idea she had these visions.  Why?  A mystery to solve.

I liked the idea this is a new series, but pulls in characters from the last series, Order of the Dragon Knights, seeing them struggle with the consequences of their deeds.  Conn is a special Fenian warrior.  He is the son of the King and Queen of the Fae.  To be a warrior, he had given up his status as prince, but finds he’s some major decisions in his life.  He accepts his punishment, trying to un-weave that which he wrought in error, centuries ago.

Conn’s punishment sends him on a quest — to right the wrong, to bring the ancestor of the wronged into the light.  Ivy Kathleen, newly traveled from San Diego, to Ireland meets him in the bar in Glennamore, across from the bookstore she also inherited.  He is drawn to her, she to him.  He struggles with emotions, those he didn’t have as a Warrior. Can he bring her into the light and remain distant?

Authors note discusses how this story is based on one of its legends of the Tuatha de Danann of Celtic mythology.

Lastly, I enjoyed how the story ended.  It wasn’t just a happy ever after and then abruptly ends.  Morgan weaves further plots into the ending, providing a sneak-peak without those teasers, which frankly, frustrate me.  This ending leaves me wanting for what is to come, because apparently all is not well.  The job is not finished.  The new Dragon Knights and the Fae will continue the challenge to keep each other’s worlds intact.

Eager to join her world?  You can get the first complete five-book set by clicking on the image here: 

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7 Responses to Releases tomorrow: Mary Morgan’s book 1 in her new series, Legend of the Fenian Warriors — QUEST OF A WARRIOR

  1. kelihasablog says:

    Reblogged this on Keli has a Blog and commented:
    Looks like a fabulous book that touches on many emotions… Check it out!


  2. Thank you for the reblog. It is a wonderful book. Have you read Mary Morgan’s first series? They are linked, so it would be so worthwhile to start at the beginning. They’re like potato chips. One is definitely not enough!

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  3. sjmn60 says:

    I rarely read contemporary romance, but Mary’s new series will be an exception. I was afraid, when she finished her original Dragon Knights series, that would be the end. I’m so glad it’s not. Mary’s books are simply wonderful!


  4. I felt the same way! Then she came along and started a new series with the Fenian Warriors and the continuation of new Dragon Knights. The beauty of this all is we still get to go back in time! I’m sure she’ll take us back. Time travel is one of her best features!


  5. sjmn60 says:

    I have to admit, Eileen, that all the time I was reading the Dragon Knights, I was hoping Mary would write about the Fenian Warriors. They intrigued me so, and when Conn got into such terrible trouble trying to do the right thing, I crossed my fingers and hoped she wouldn’t leave us hanging on that one. I love it that she is now telling his story. Sighhhhhh. I’ve already bought it and plan to read it as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now. – Mairi Norris


  6. Just a note to you. Mary Morgan will be coming to the blog, discussing her new series and answering a few questions I pose her. So watch for the posting.


  7. sjmn60 says:

    I will, thank you, Eileen.


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