Author and Narrator Valerie Gilbert tells us about her ‘other life’ and so much more! Learn about her experience in a trance state, her mystical beliefs, her thoughts on reincarnation, karma and her life-changing experience at a séance.

I’ve known Valerie Gilbert now for about three years.  We met on Facebook and have kept regularly in touch.  I met her as a narrator and have come to respect and love her as person.  She narrates all kinds of books and with her flexible voice and dynamic personality her narrations sparkle! 

However, in this blog, I’d like to share who Valerie is, the person behind the voice, before you hear her exquisite narrating. The deeper part of who Valerie is and her personal journey in life comes through her healing and teaching skills. You will see the teaching skills shine in this interview.

I’ll have her on very soon to discuss books she’s narrated, give you some examples of her work.  Today, she’ll share her most recent production releases. 

Valerie, I’m so pleased to have you here.  I’m excited to share the person you are!

Thank you so much, Eileen! Thank you for the person that you are!  It is so very nice, so very important in life to feel appreciated, and to express appreciation and gratitude to others.


Let’s begin. Tell me a little about where you are in life.

I’m a mystic who never wanted to be an author, or narrator. I wanted to be an actress, and still am, but not in the way I envisioned.  Life had other plans for me.  I’m perfectly poised to do the work I’m now doing as a healer, intuitive and teacher because I’ve always been genuinely passionate about metaphysics. A first love, in a way.

Teaching comes easily to me as it utilizes my intelligence, playful personality and ability to communicate, in part, a result of my theatrical training and experience.  The same applies to my writing.  The plan is unfolding perfectly.


I’m so drawn to those who touch the realm of the unseen.  I know you have a connection.  Tell us about that.

I was raised a Theosophist, which is a mystical tradition started by a Russian noblewoman (and rebel) in the 1800s.  Theosophy is a Western philosophy based on Eastern religion.  Blavatsky got married at 16 to an old, titled guy, then ran off to travel the world without him, which she was able to do as a “Madame” vs. a “Mademoiselle”.  She went to Tibet, India, and god knows where else, studying with mystics.

Talk about a feminist and independent young woman! A clear medium and channel of spiritual information from high masters of wisdom, she produced massive tomes The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled through what we would now call “channeling”.  These books are so dense with information that they are encyclopedic rather than easy reading.


Something I’ve thought about a lot – reincarnation.  Is it really something which exists?

Voltaire said, “It’s no more remarkable to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” I have no doubt that it is real, and that it operates in a non-linear fashion.  We have past, parallel and future lives all happening simultaneously since time is an illusion.  Life is a big mind game.  It’s designed so that you can rig it in your favor. That’s what enlightenment is.  Figuring out the rules of the game and using them to work your magic.  As a Theosophist, I was raised to believe in reincarnation and karma and that all of life is conscious (including inanimate objects) and connected.  I still cleave to those ideas.


Can you explain to us lay people, what your definitions of reincarnation and karma are?

There is much more to physical life than meets the eye.  When you perceive a person, you certainly don’t see the cones and rods in their eyes, or the white and red blood cells flowing through their veins.  From a scientific standpoint, people accept that.  What many don’t understand is that there is a vibrational, energetic component to the human being that we also don’t see, though we certainly do feel it.  It’s why you like or love someone. Chemistry.  There’s a vibrational match between you and that person.  We are drawn to people with similar wavelengths.

This energetic core, your soul, spirit, whatever you want to call it, is like play dough or silly putty.  It can fit into many different formats, and be used to create different structures.  If your soul decides to incarnate as an African male in 500 B.C. this will produce unique experience vs. being an Asian female, 600 A.D.   Think of it as being an actor, it’s like trying on different roles, and new costumes.  Life truly is a dream, an illusion, a virtual reality game of sorts.  If you contemplate it from that perspective, it can help you to step back and say, “This is just a test.  What am I supposed to be learning here?  What do I want to take away from this experience?  What do I want to create while I am in this role?”  It takes you away from the more mundane aspects of physical life to the bigger picture.  At the end of the day, at the end of your life, what will you be most proud of personally?  A big bank account, perfectly toned body and nice house is nothing to write home about when you’re facing the Masters of Light at your “graduation” or “homecoming” after physical life.  There are heart lessons to be learned.  Are you a good student?  You have to pay attention and look within.  The way will be made clear, no matter how hard the path.

Contemplate that you do have choice, that you are here by choice, on planet Earth, and that nothing is by accident.  Everything you experience is chosen on a deeper level by your Network Administrator, your Soul.  If you make strong choices, you learn, you evolve.  If you don’t, you simply come back until you start to make headway.  Sort of like being held back at school, except without the judgment.  In the face of eternity, you can’t get it wrong.  Everyone eventually returns to home base, the richer for the experience.  I recommend the comedy “Defending Your Life” starring Meryl Streep.  It represents some eternal truths regarding death, life and reincarnation with great humor and heart. 

Karma is a system of checks and balances.  It has nothing to do with punishment.  It is about equilibrium.  If you live a life full of negativity, where you act from anger and violence, there is an equal and opposite reaction from life toward your choices.  Like a boomerang, the energies you put out will carom back to you.  Life does not judge.  It simply says, if this is what you create, then you shall experience it also.  What better way to learn than to experience what you have foisted upon others with your short-sighted decisions?  The surest way to learn compassion is by being humbled by experiencing the after effects of your less inspired choices.

Reincarnation affords endless possibilities to come back over and over and experience different permutations of life with karma as your personal trainer.  The wise soul eventually takes the higher road and learns her or his deeper lessons.  The soul, “the unmoved mover” is ever watchful.  The deepest part of you never judges.  But it does learn and grow from your experiences here on earth, and elsewhere in the universe.  We here in the physical are the “ground forces” of the soul, in the trenches, doing the heavy lifting.  Human life provides ample learning opportunities, as well as room for joy and happiness.

It is not easy being here, as most of us know firsthand.  But the payoff is great if you work with nature, not against her, if you honor life, instead of fight what it offers you, and if you learn to love yourself, and then all others, understanding that we are all one.  Many mysteries are hidden so that we can experience life from the individual perspective.  If we remembered our past lives, our connection with all of life, we wouldn’t learn from the individual angle, the human experience.  This is what GOD wants: to expand, to learn, to grow, to evolve. Through us, her/his children. It is the way of nature, the way of life.  Eternal expansion, growth, and glory.   God is curious!  God is a creator!  God is brilliant and funny and ever-changing via Creation.  We are God on the forefront of Creation.  We are God EXPERIENCING an ever-expanding here and now. We come back from physical life with valuable lessons learned.  The only way to learn something is to DO IT.


Wow!  Powerful ideas indeed, and ones to contemplate.

While I believe in reincarnation and karma, I no longer call myself a Theosophist.  The three or four Theosophists that I know (the movement is not thriving) are staid and static, and that’s why they’re not thriving.  They live in the world of the mind.  And I live in my body, mind, emotions, soul, psyche and personality.  Life is in Technicolor.  I refuse to live in black and white. 

As a kid, a sincere student of Theosophy, I posed a personal question to the then head of the organization.  He replied “We don’t deal with the personal here.”  Well, the thing is, I’m a PERSON, and if a philosophy or organization can’t help the individual with the complexities of personal life, then to me, they’re useless. 

God is in the details of our lives.  Our egos, thoughts, emotions, and foibles.  If you don’t look at them, and endeavor to understand them and make change where needed, you can’t grow. 

If a philosophy doesn’t help with those specifics, or acknowledge the whole person, warts and all, then they are useless to me.  Which is why I write what I write, and teach in the fashion that I do:  it is INTENSELY personal. 

It is only through examining the individual that we can understand more fully the universal.  But frankly, understanding yourself is enough, right?  It takes most people a lifetime, many lifetimes, to do The Great Work of growing a soul into pure wisdom. 

Strangely, while Theosophy discussed all number of mystical things, including spirits, and spirit communication (Mme. Blavatsky herself was a channel) Theosophy warned of ANY such contact with psychics or mediums as being dangerous. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy.

I’m about DOING it, not just studying it. We all have these powers. Not to be a medium, per se, but to develop our psychic, intuitive abilities, and to connect with higher realms of information and wisdom.  The way “up” is “within”.


How did you grow to where you are today?  Were there trigger moments?

While I always believed in non-physical life, life after life, reincarnation, etc. I’d never directly experienced it.  Since my parents both died before I was 22, I was left feeling very, very alone in this world, as I loved them dearly.  Believing they were “somewhere else” didn’t help me very much.  In fact, not at all.  I felt utterly abandoned.  Their being alive, but incommunicado, was useless to me.  I was imprisoned by my own grief, and the belief that I was alone.

I have done intense personal work on myself over the years, at various retreats, reading prolifically, and taking myriad mystical and personal growth workshops which were all very helpful as I moved into greater happiness and understanding of myself and my capabilities.


Tell us about the first séance you ever went to.

One day, about ten years ago, an actress friend who was also into the occult, invited me to a séance around Halloween.  What could be more fun?  It was a large group of people (73) and a life changing experience for me.  I was desperately hoping to get messages from my parents.  When I arrived, the room was freezing.  I kept my coat, hat and gloves on throughout the two-hour event.  It turns out I chose to sit in an empty seat right next to the lead medium.  My friend arrived and said “There’s a lot of energy in the room.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I became profoundly tired on the spot. I felt like I weighed a ton and was 2000 leagues under the sea.  I was so tired I couldn’t hold my head up.  I told my parents silently, “hope you’re well, I’m pooped, no need to talk…” 

I remained conscious the entire time, ears alert as people were receiving individual messages.  My name was never called.  Phew! Then the medium turned it over to his associates, his mediumship students.  A woman to my right said, “You over there!  What’s your name?” Now, mind you, this room was pitch black save for one tiny tea light in the middle of the immense room. 

I had the strongest sensation that she was talking to me, though neither of us could see each other.  Turned out, she was.  I woke right up, even though I was still woozy, almost as if I were drugged.  “You have been morphing all night!  A past life wishes to speak with you.  You were a soldier in the 1800s.  He tells you to “Stay the course!”  Oh vey, was all I could think.  I was a depressed, single corporate secretary yearning for family and creative fulfillment.  Stay what course?  That one?  “And, for lack of a better word, a ‘future’ self comes to speak to you, a future version of you says that you are not from this planet.”

Great. Just great.

What do I do with that one?  So much for contact from my parents.  The only person who talked to me from Spirit was me!   I’m a Soldier from Outer Space.  This left me rather dazed, confused, and, frankly, somewhat irritated. 

After the séance, a man came up to me.  Interestingly, he was the spitting image of one of the co-founders of the Theosophical movement, William Quan Judge.  WQJ and this fellow both had piercing blue eyes and facial hair.  The man was a medium, and, using proper séance protocol asked first, “May I give you a message?”  You can’t just lay stuff on people unless they’re receptive.  “Of course, thank you.”  “There’s a man in your aura.  He’s got a beard and is quite rebellious.  He looks like an East Village hippie”.  I had recently gotten out of a bad relationship with just such a person. “Is he dead?” I asked hopefully.  “I can’t tell, but he’s very angry, a difficult person.”  I knew exactly who it was.  I replied, “He lived in the West Village, not East, but yes, I know who you mean.  Is there a message?”  “No, I just feel him in your energy field.”

I didn’t know what to make of this, but I did know it was the older man who had been a West Village hippie decades ago, in his hey day.  He was indeed angry, and rebellious.  I learned later when I was studying mediumship with master medium James Van Praagh that when someone is in your aura, it means that they are thinking of you.  The man in question was famous and very controlling. Another psychic months later told me there was an old man “living inside me”.  I was baffled, thinking it was a grandfather, but why would this be?

It took a friend who knew about my recent relationship with the cranky controlling senior to remind me of the angry old man I had just been involved with.  Seems he’d stuck his claws in me, energetically speaking.  I did a cord cutting ceremony that very night, creeped out that he was still siphoning off my energy.  People like these are called psychic vampires.  They are parasites.

The medium who looked like William Q. Judge said, “You should come again.  Phyllis and I are running the séance in 2 weeks.”  Phyllis was the one who told me I’m from off-planet.  I was hooked.  Are you kidding me?  The two people out of a huge room who had direct, specific messages for me were running the next séance?  I was there all right, two weeks later. I got a fascinating message from my mother pertaining to my future husband. From then, I continued to go to séances, or “message circles” as they are also called.  I was then moved to study psychic development and mediumship myself.


Wow, I’ve got goose bumps just thinking of this experience!

And it turns out I wasn’t just tired that night at the Halloween séance.  I was in a TRANCE.  A deep, hypnotic one.  An altered state.  This would not have occurred to me.  It took someone else to point that out, to educate me as to what I was experiencing, and it now makes perfect sense, although I didn’t know what it meant when Phyllis said “you’ve been morphing all night.” When I meditate, or when I’m in certain groups, I will experience various altered states, although not that deep exhaustion that I felt the first time, thank god.  Perhaps I’m a trance medium.   I don’t know.  I’m still working out the details of my abilities. 


How does a person study about this stuff—psychic development and mediumship?

The first step is to take responsibility for being sovereign, for being your own teacher, as well as a student.  Meditation is the surest form inward.  Hard for most westerners, yet the better you get, the more you expand into the fullness of your being.  Spend time alone.  Learn to love and live with yourself, don’t hide behind relationships, jobs, and activities.  It’s too easy to be distracted.  On the other hand, we need balance.  Most of us are not in monasteries, as perhaps we were in other lifetimes, cloistered away.  As you become more sovereign, understanding yourself, your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, loosening the stranglehold of the mind so that it can expand into the fullness of your multi-dimensional self, your psychic abilities will grow.  We are all psychic.  We have been trained away from knowing our full power by energies that have manipulated the populations on this planet for thousands of years.  Now is the time of awakening, the time for individual sovereignty.  Journal.  Ask questions.  Study yourself.  Grow yourself. The way will be made clear for sincere students of Self. We all have guides and teachers on the other side helping us now.  But we have to ask for the help.  They cannot interfere.  


Whew!  Is there anything else you would like to share?  You are blowing my mind!

I’ve “come out” recently as a healer.  I was called out at an event a year ago at the United Nations, led by channel and mystic Rae Chandran, who is from India but lives in Japan with his family.  He drew a visual symbol for my life (which impacted me deeply) and said, “You are a medium. You are psychic.  You are a channel.  You have healing energy in your hands and you are coming into a full opening now.  Nostradamus is with you.” 

You can’t make this stuff up.  There were 100 people in that room and no one got a message anything like that.  I started looking at myself differently, not as the one who was studying and constantly seeking out others’ expertise and power, but as the one who wields the wisdom and power herself.  It was, and is, a fascinating shift in perception.

If you look at my website,, I identify myself as a healer first.  Where it used to be Author/Teacher/Narrator, it’s now Healer/Teacher/Author. 

I own who I am, who I am becoming.  It’s the biggest lesson for all of us.  To know who and what we are in the biggest way, and to let go of what we no longer need, that includes relationships, jobs, sicknesses, small mindsets and other limitations which no longer serve us. I encourage people to claim their power, and develop mastery over them selves.  That’s what personal power is.  Not power over anyone else.  Just yourself.  That’s what life’s all about. Mastery.

I teach people how to achieve empowerment, freedom, health and happiness in their own lives through dialogue and discussion, intuitive insights, energy healing, and guided meditation in groups and in private sessions. 

My books outline all the nooks and crannies of the personal pain and foibles I’ve encountered in my personal life.  By publicly examining my own thoughts and experiences, I show others how to do the same for themselves.  My fourth book, Brilliance Brewing, will be released in August 2017 by Black Opal Books.


Will you come back on Booktalk with Eileen and discuss Brilliance Brewing?

 Absolutely.  It would be my pleasure to discuss this book with you and your readers.

I’ve read several of your books, or should say listened to you narrate them.  You present lots of ideas, entertainingly expressed, but deep in perceptive.  I truly enjoyed every one of them.

I think we’ll talk about your narrating work in another blog.  I don’t want to dilute the power of your words. Valerie, this has been absolutely fascinating.  Readers, if you have questions, I’m sure, Valerie will be happy to discuss it.


I’ll just mention briefly for your readers as there’s a free offer attached. 

Grounded: The Grounded Trilogy, Book 1 | G. P. ChingI’ve recently completed narrating “Grounded” by G.P. Ching, a supernatural tale featuring a young lady in future times,

“Fill The Sky” by Katherine Sherbrooke, about 3 women in their 40s who go to Ecuador to receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing via native shamans,Fill the Sky | Katherine A. Sherbrooke

“The Key to Savannah”, “The Road to Savannah” (both out) and “Justice in Savannah” (releasing within 1-2 weeks) by Hope Callaghan, a hilarious cozy mystery series that’s a cross between “Married to the Mob” and “Fried Green Tomatoes”. 


Key to Savannah: Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series, Book 1 | Hope CallaghanRoad to Savannah: Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series, Book 2 | Hope Callaghan


I’ve recorded over 110 titles viewable at Audible.  If anyone would like a free audio book (or two) in exchange for a review on Audible, contact me at my website,

If anyone would like to work privately with me via Zoom (an online service similar to Skype) contact me similarly, at, where you can read about my healing work.  Sessions incorporate discussion, intuition, guided meditation, and energy healing work.  The work is dynamic and will spur you to unlock kinks and free up your own magic within.  Magic and mystery to everyone reading! 


Valerie, thank you so much for coming and giving some real insight to the world beyond what we see.  You have giving me, and I’m sure our readers, much to think about.

And now, dear readers, I will leave you with a five minute clip of  Raving Violet.  The full audio can be purchased here.

Raving Violet Audiobook




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9 Responses to Author and Narrator Valerie Gilbert tells us about her ‘other life’ and so much more! Learn about her experience in a trance state, her mystical beliefs, her thoughts on reincarnation, karma and her life-changing experience at a séance.

  1. seelkfireice says:

    I had the honor of meeting Valerie in person a few years ago, she is a force… positive, bubbly and just fun to be around. The short healing session was quite revealing, still emember it vividly.

    Yes it is a lot to take in and there will some things that will fly over our heads but the main thing is for people to open up to the notion that there is something else beside the material things in life. Unfortunately in today’s society the majority will laugh at the spiritual world, and I really hope there an awakening / or enlightenment as Valerie says because otherwise we are doomed as a species.

    Your books are fun and at the same time you make me think and I am looking forward to listening to the 4th one. Love listening to your other narrations too, of the latest ones, ‘Fill the Sky’ is the one that stayed with me, your voices made it very enjoyable.
    Looking forward to more.

    Great intervew Eileen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for dropping by and your thoughtful comments.


  3. Kathleen says:

    This is fascinating. I am also an author, psychic and medium, and I “get” this. Very nice to hear from someone else in this field. Your information is very close to my experiences, as I have lived many previous lives, as a healer and warrior. I believe this life, I am a healer, in addition to editor, proofreader and writer. Thanks for coming on Eileen’s page and talking about your life and experiences.


  4. Hi there, Kathleen. I figured you two have something in common!


  5. Thank you so much, Eniko! It is a pleasure knowing you, and it was an extra pleasure meeting you in person! More and more people are waking up these days. It is an exciting time to be alive! This information was kept hidden and secret in the past because it was dangerous to discuss. Now, we can let it rip!


  6. Hello, Kathleen! Lovely to meet another “traveler”. It’s wonderful that we can “come out” in this lifetime, since we got into more than a little trouble in other times and places for simply being who we were, men and women of Spirit. It’s important to remember how strong we are, how unique it is to be a keeper of occult knowledge. It is quite often a lonely, lonely path. Do you have a website? 🙂


  7. Thank you, Eileen for asking these questions! These are important topics. Most people don’t think about them at all unless forced to, someone they know dies, or they themselves are facing death. The more you learn, the more comforted you are. I’m reading a channeled book called “The Book of William (James, that is)” about the beliefs from the other side of William James, the great philosopher, mystic, psychiatrist (? He taught at Harvard, I’m not sure exactly what all his credentials were) He talked about how IMPERATIVE it is to prepare oneself for death and the other side. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to transition. Learning continues there. It’s just easier because you don’t have a body to contend with. People who don’t know what to expect are often confused when they cross over, and many remain earthbound (ghosts) clinging to the life they once knew.


  8. Nicole Singer says:

    Love this author! Keep up the great work!

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  9. She’s a wonderful author, nice person, and her narrations are excellent!


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