Do you believe there are ghosts? Get an inside look by reading true ghost stories, READ WITH THE LIGHTS ON from author Kathleen Rothenberger — a paranormal investigator, or if you prefer, a ghost huntress (not so correct)

How many of you enjoy ghost stories?  I know I do (waving my hand)!  Why else would we read all these thrillers about ghosts who are revengeful, vindictive, pranksters, miserable, etc.? But is there any truth behind the trappings of a good novel?

In fact, many of us just love the paranormal and those things that spook us, go knock in the night. Author Kathleen Rothenberger KNOWS there are ghosts out there and in her first book, recently published, to tells us all.

Here is a book I found informative, in that yes, there really are ghosts, for want of a better word, surrounding us.  Some people feel them, some do not.

Kathleen Rothenberger, a first-time author, has worked among authors for many years as editor and proofreader of fictional work.   There’s another side of this lady, however. Her book, Read With The Lights On, is her direct experiences, or those of people she knows well, with spirits.  Can she make a believer out of you?

The book is factual, almost like a journal.  It is not fictional, therefore doesn’t read like one.  Author Rothenberger shares short stories, laid out in a simple direct manner with actual dialogue taking place.

Anyone who really is interested in ‘the other side’, would enjoy reading this and getting the facts.  I did.  I understand the author is planning on writing another book in the series.  What will she reveal next?

If you wish to read more about what the author says about the spirits, link up here to an interview she recently gave right here at Booktalk with Eileen.  She has fascinating answers!

31552268Title:  Read With The Lights On
Author: Kathleen Rothenberger
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Ghost Stories/Anthology, non-fiction
Pages: 41
Published by: Kathleen Rothenberger
Published Date: August 16, 2016
Print ISBN: 978-1537187914    $6.99


Publisher’s Summary: Prepare to be frightened… A paranormal investigator (ghost hunter) sees and experiences many things that other people do not. Kathleen Rothenberger and her husband did investigations and Halloween hauntings tours in small southern towns. Many people still don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, but, when you look around and see empty space, the author sees so much more: people going about their daily lives, not realizing that they are no longer among the living. The stories in this book are some of the things that have happened either to the author, or to her friends. She hopes that you enjoy them, and learn a little about how life is “on the other side.”

Quote from Ms. Rothenberger

Believe it or not, we share this earth with many spirits who have not crossed over at their death. There are thousands of spirits going about their daily lives in their own reality, in a plain most people don’t have access to. But I do.

Excerpt: Read With the Lights On


As a paranormal investigator, I find myself “accidentally” doing investigations quite often. One such investigation happened when we were invited to a friend’s house for dinner, around Thanksgiving, several years ago.

He is a car wiring expert, and since my husband used to be a mechanic a long time ago, and is an expert at all things electrical, our friend asked for his help diagnosing a car that he could not get running. At this point, I need to add that this family is atheist, and does not believe in ghosts, spirits or anything otherworldly.

So, we were having a good time, talking, laughing and before long, it got to be late.

As we were leaving, our friend said, “Oh! Joe, you didn’t get a chance to look at this car! Give me a few more minutes will you?”

It was about 11:30pm at this time, so we went into his garage/shop on our way to our car. This beautiful 1938 Cadillac hearse stood there, in perfect condition, except it would not stay running.

Craig opened the driver’s door, and said, “Check this out, this is weird. This part of the car is warm, same as the outside air. But look at this! Stick your head in here, ” and he opened the rear door, where the coffins are transported, and it was freezing cold. It was easily 30-40 degrees colder than the outside ambient air.

Of course, as “ghost hunters”, we knew why, as spirits will suck the heat out of the air to use the energy to manifest, so I explained how that works, and he, as a non-believer, wasn’t convinced.

So I said, “Let’s get your camera and take some pictures, and I’ll take some with mine. I am telling you, we will get spirit activity on camera.”

He didn’t believe it, and went into his house to get his camera, while I got mine out of the car. We got very clear evidence of spirit activity, and I counted one hundred twenty-six spirits in the back of the hearse, they were literally jumping on board the car as it was towed to my friend’s house, because they knew we would be there to help them.

Now, these friends are atheist, and don’t believe in this stuff. You should have heard him when he saw the photos he took, himself.

Over and over, he said, “If I wasn’t taking these pictures myself, I’d swear this is all fake. But I’m doing it, and I am seeing stuff that has no reason to be there! Holy shit!”

He was completely blown away. His wife was very skeptical, and no matter what showed up in the photos, she didn’t believe.

She would say, “I see it, but I don’t believe it.”

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  1. I loved this book. A goose-bump-creating read. Keep those lights on when you read it!


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