Releases Tomorrow: ISOLATED HEARTS by Avril Borthiry ~ immerse yourself in the magic of Scotland where the impossible is possible

Isolated Hearts (Legends of Love Book 2) by…Title: Isolated Hearts, Legends of Love, Book 2
Author: Avril Borthiry
Genre: Historical Romance, Scotland
Story Setting: France, 1312 AD; 1329 AD; Scotland
Pages: 213
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.; 1 edition
Published Date: March 28, 2017
Sold by: amazon Digital Services LLC

Legends of Love Series (link to ecopy Amazon)
The Wishing Well
Isolated Hearts

Publisher’s Summary:
An enigmatic Scottish laird and a young French noblewoman. An unforgettable night of passion. And a subsequent quest to reunite an illegitimate girl with her Highland sire.

Giselle de Courtenay’s chosen escort is an honorable but surly knight. Luc de Warenne is less than impressed with his assignment. He’s a proud warrior, not a nursemaid. Still, all he has to do is deliver the girl safely to her Scottish father and then return to France to claim his substantial reward. It seems straightforward enough.

But fate decides to take Giselle and Luc on a detour. In a tragic turn of events, they find themselves thrown together in a fight for their lives. Their refuge, a mysterious island with its ancient circle of stones, raises more questions than answers.
After their spectacular rescue, Giselle and Luc are forced to decide where their futures lie.

Will the bitterness of deception keep them apart? Or will love and a sprinkle of Highland magic lead to a happy ending?

My Thoughts:  I had read the first of the series, which by the way, is not directly linked to the second book.  You needn’t read the books in order, but I must say, do read them! They are superbly written, fast-paced and quite the page-turner.

I find myself underlining many of her sentences because they are so eloquently written.  Author Borthiry cuts to the quick with her spellbinding sentences.  Her use of adjectives and descriptive word usage add to a stunning read.  These sentences are to be savored. For example:

Hell had truly found them and was busy unleashing its demons.

Silence is what ye hear when all other noises cease.

Blame sat like a yoke on Luc’s shoulders, while guilt burned a hole in his conscience.

The beauty of the landscape defied description and demanded homage.

Luc filled his lungs again as if trying to capture and hold the pure essence of it, hoping some might bleed into his soul.

When history is ignored, it tends tae repeat itself.

Luc de Warenne is a knight of impeccable credentials.  He is one to be relied on.  Hence, that is why Henri, Giselle’s uncle tasked him to deliver Giselle safely to her father in Scotland.  This being the dying wish Giselle’s mother.

The trip is anything but easy.  Danger, with imminent sinking beneath the waves, falls upon the ship.  Luc lives up to his dependability, ingenuity and honor to save both Giselle and his horse Minstrel from a fiery death. The circle of stones, mor sith.  has a hand in their saving.  Nothing like magic to bring a story closer to the heart!

Of course, innocent and vivacious Giselle looks upon the knight with complete adoration.  Luc doesn’t want to entangle himself with the girl – he’s been promised his dream, land and an estate, if he completes the task as assigned.  So much has happened from the time of leaving France.  Both Giselle and Luc are no longer the same.  Life has marked them.  Love has ensnared them.

Borthiry crafts a well-knit story which delves into the inner-most feelings of man, his aspirations and his need for love. I also enjoy the selfless love of two women, who sacrifice their happiness for another.  I highly recommend this author.  I’m so happy to have discovered her.  Come discover the secrets of  Glenross and isolated hearts entwined.

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