Review: COULD’VE SAID YES by Tracy March ~ a small-town sweet romance

28502789Title: Could’ve Said Yes The Thistle Bend Series, Book 3
Author: Tracy March
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Story Setting: Thistle Bend, Colorado
Pages: 214
Published by: Loveswept
Published Date: December 13, 2016
Sold by: Random House LLC

The Thistle Bend Series: (ecopy purchase link)
Should’ve Said No
Just Say Maybe
Could’ve Said Yes

Publisher’s Summary:

The truth paves a path for a second chance at love in a captivating Thistle Bend novel from the award-winning author of Should’ve Said No (“A small-town gem of a read, sparkling with humor and warmth.”—Zoe Dawson).
Having recently returned to Thistle Bend, Colorado, Ellie London is working hard to make a living as an artist, and to get over her broken engagement. She’s focused only on guarding her heart and healing her mind . . . until a cocky, undeniably sexy out-of-towner rides in on his motorcycle. Turns out, Ellie might have just found the perfect opportunity to prove to herself that she’s over her cheating fiancé.

After his own engagement falls through, EPA Inspector Collin Cooper is eager for a change of scenery in Thistle Bend. His principle rule of the road is not to get too involved with a new woman—and yet he can’t resist beautiful, outdoorsy Ellie. But when a local river becomes polluted under Collin’s supervision, resentment floods the entire town, running even deeper with Ellie’s family. With his job on the line, Collin needs to find a way to set things right—and hold on to the woman who has captured his heart.


My Thoughts:   I like my heroines smart, sassy and just a bit vulnerable.  My heroes I like strong, but with a chink, handsome, and just a little leery of the opposite sex. Couldn’t Said Yes gives me both.

In this small-town setting, it’s the perfect place not to be lost in a crowd and to make a difference. Thistle Bend has been the home to Ellie London, until she went off the deep end for a guy who didn’t deserve her.  Recently, returned to her home town, she is adopted by two little old ladies who are a force in their own right.

Ellie starts a gallery in town; works as a photographer for the local paper; and works with one of her two brothers, developing shots of river rafters as they fly the rapids.  Her dreams are to be recognized by her talent as a local artist.  She loves to be home.again, although her dreams don’t include meeting a guy she respects, admires, and who’s physically sizzling hot – she can’t resist taking another chance.

Collin enjoys nature, and biking. He happy to be working in Thistle Bend with the EPA response team.  Its Big Star Mine is leaking contaminated water and he’s part of the team to find its cause.  Ellie catches his eye. Breaking his rule, he longs for more than a night stand with her.

He also happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or looking at it from another side, the right place at the right time.  Collin makes a choice – quick as it is, he feels it’s the right one.  His actions and the aftermath are not what he anticipates.  Will his chance of happiness with the woman who feels right in his arms be destroyed?

Ellie has problems with people who lie.  She’s been down this path before.  When Collin is caught in a lie, lying to her, Ellie quickly reacts.  She shuts down and wants nothing to do with him.

In this story the author explores how people who love each other lose trust when a lie comes between and how lies can eat away at a good person’s soul.

If you are reader who enjoys small-town romances and sweet endings, you’ll love Thistle Bend, a town of magical opportunities for love.


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