Released today GARDEN OF LIGHT by Meara Platt ~ step among the bluebell flowers to seep yourself in fairy lore!

34094261Title: Garden of Light Dark Garden Series, Book 2
Author: Meara Platt
Genre: Historical Romance Fantasy
Story Setting: Borrowdale, England, St. Lodore’s Vicarage, 1817
Pages: 283
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Published Date: February 1, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Dark Garden Series (ecopy purchase):

Garden of Shadows (my review – )

Garden of Light

Garden of Dragons — coming soon


Publisher’s Summary:

As battle looms between the Fae kingdoms and the powerful underworld demons known as Dragon Lords in England’s quiet Lake District, the Fae king, Cadeyrn, returns to the vicarage of St. Lodore’s where magical bluebell gardens serve as portals to the faerie world and the ominous red mountain known as Friar’s Crag becomes the battleground for Fae, Dragon Lords and mortals. Cadeyrn is desperate to find the right mortal girl who will save the Fae, for she is destined to love him and die a fiery death for that love, as foretold in the ancient Draloch prophecy. All seems lost, for the only girl who can see him is Melody Hargreaves, a very unwarrior-like young woman who has never fought dragons. How can she possibly be The One?

Melody is being courted by a wealthy lord who seems to adore her and is about to propose marriage, but she feels the powerful magic of her surroundings and is drawn to the world of the Fae and its handsome king. As Bloodaxe, one of the evil Dragon Lords, advances with his demon army, Melody must decide between a safe, comfortable life with the wealthy lord or dying a fiery death at the hands of the Dragon Lords. Melody’s heart belongs to Cadeyrn, and choosing wealth and comfort no longer seems the obvious choice. Cadeyrn has also fallen in love with Melody. How can he change the course of destiny and save her as well as his Fae subjects?


My Thoughts: The story left me extremely gratified after experiencing the Fae king’s tumultuous inner battles understanding what feelings are, since Fae had long ago lost that part of them.  Some humans are connected to the Fae, sensitive to their presence.  King Cadyrn needs to find his mortal queen, a queen who knows how to fight dragons and save his people. The Prophecy must be fulfilled.

This time the king decides not to jump to conclusions as he did with Julia (her story is book 1), nor force himself upon a human, thinking she were a possible candidate to be his queen.  Yes, Melody Hargreaves sees him as she stumbles upon him sleeping among the bluebell flowers in her yard. Yes, when he touches her she feels no pain, as mortals would. But would kissing her have her meet her death? But Cadeyrn is cautious, he doesn’t want to scare her off, nor kill an innocent.  He very carefully decides to seduce her as his council recommends he do.  He is also a very nice Fae king, not like in some stories I’ve read.  He has my heart, right away!

He explains very matter of fact to Melody, his predicament for his Fae realm, hoping to convince her she may be the One.  Melody things him insane, but manages to put him off, gently, of course, because she is that sort of person.  However, soon enough she believes he is Fae.  Her fears are set in motion.

Young, innocent Melody Hargreaves, too, doesn’t understand her feelings toward Cadeyrn.  If you are following the series, you may recall in book one he thought the vicar’s daughter, Julia Marsden, was his queen to be.  She, too, saw him, but only after she started believing.  Being fae, he little understands the feelings of humans, and very methodically works for a solution, without engaging his feelings. After a dismal failure with his wrongly-chosen queen, he once again hopes to find his queen.  His very realm is in danger.

The author, with her delightful descriptive scenes, takes us to the Fae kings home,  where we get to visit those he protects. We learn he’s been fighting a battle with Dragon Lords for 5000 years.  We see the damage done to his kingdom by these evil demons. We drop into the underworld and smell the stench of the wicked and see the oozing green slime. Yes, this is a most satisfying read, for those who love Fae, the unbelievable made real, where a young maiden has the power within her to fight and above all for those who believe what magic the power of love can work.

I received this ARC copy from the publisher for an unbiased review.  These are my opinions and in no way are influenced by anyone except the talent of the author. I highly recommend the series.


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6 Responses to Released today GARDEN OF LIGHT by Meara Platt ~ step among the bluebell flowers to seep yourself in fairy lore!

  1. This cover alone attracted me to the book. WOW!!


  2. Reblogged this on silvatrend8553's Book Blog and commented:
    This cover alone grabbed my attention!


  3. The story is a fun one and certainly, her covers are unusual. Her next one in the bunch is about more dragons. This one had them, too. Thank you for reblogging and passing the great news around about this series.

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  4. Have you read any of Shana Abé drakon series. I fell in love from the first one. She has a new book coming out but no drakon. She let me know there is another drakon book scheduled for later this year.


  5. I purchased book one of one of her series titled The Sweetest Dark. Sounds really good. Is Smoke Thief book 1 of the Drakon series. It looks like the earliest one she wrote. I’ve never read her. Thank you for the recommendation.

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