Just released! A New Series, book 1 of Legends of Love: THE WISHING WELL by Avril Borthiry

wishing-wellTitle: The Wishing Well  Legends of Love, Book 1
Author: Avril Borthiry
Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance
Pages: 233
Published by: Dragonbalde Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Published Date: January 24, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Publisher’s Summary:

Can the ancient power of a pagan well truly change destinies?

Two people, intrinsically linked, are at the center of this spell-binding tale of love and magic. Their lives, and the lives of those around them, have been profoundly affected by a single event. A brief moment in time that, if altered, will right so many wrongs.

Is it possible to turn back time? To change the paths of those whose hearts have been broken? Whose lives have been lost?
Perhaps. The power of the well is great, but there is another, far greater power at work in the world.

Of all the forces under Heaven, love is the most powerful.

It changes everything.

My Thoughts:  I haven’t read this author before.  This particularly book, is the first of a series which I’ll be happy to continue reading.  The author, Avril Borthiry creates a fantasy so real, I had no problem believing it to be so. Her characters are sweet with as many stars in their eyes as I have and the totality of the story just left me fuzzy and warm!

Without giving anything away about the tale’s path, I might add parents, upbringing, and love play a large part in who we are, how we approach difficulties, however, it doesn’t affect the buried spark and fire of the real person.

Borthiry captures my attention with Lora’s courageousness, her willingness to love and be loved, her patience and acceptance of what she is unable to change.

Lora is a daughter of an earl, a man who fell in love with a young village girl, and married her. This young village girl cared for his injuries when fallen from his horse near her village. Lora’s relationship with her father was stiff, which left Lora feeling unloved.

Lora’s imagination took wing when a stonemason, Gareth, came to her keep to repair the opening of an ancient well, said to be a wishing well.

Gareth, being a Welshman, is full mystick legend storytelling. He captivates Lora’s mind and quickly ensnares her heart and being.  He, in turn, is enthralled by her, but dares not move the relationship forward because of the vast difference in their stations.  Lora  is a bit of a wild thing. She feels the pull of the ancient well, of wishing what she could not have, and determinedly seeks what she feels with Gareth. Will she lose him forever?

One day, Gareth and Lora are caught by her father, the earl, and her betrothed in a totally inappropriate moment. She is sent to a convent for many years. Her comfort comes from Master Williams, her father’s steward, who lost his job with the family. He takes a job close to the convent and continues to see Lora once a month. More comfort comes by a surprising visit in a magic moment, giving her hope, giving her the means to wait 12 long years to have the chance to change her destiny and her past.

The simplicity of the story and the singular thread running through the tale provides a powerful and sweet read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Sweet dreams, my readers.

Of all the forces under Heaven, love is the most powerful.

It changes everything.

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