My choice of Book of the Year ~ it absolutely traps you, beats you down with tragedy and still the human spirit endures. Review: IN THE DREAMING HOUR by Kathryn Le Veque

33267410Title: In the Dreaming Hour
Author: Kathryn Le Veque
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Multi-cultural
Story Setting: Mississippi, 1933; Mississippi, present
Pages: 275
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.; 1 edition
Published Date: December 4, 2016


Publisher’s Summary: FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR KATHRYN LE VEQUE – a beautiful contemporary story of good and evil, of a doomed love affair, and of the lengths a family will go to in order to find one of its own. IN THE DREAMING HOUR is all things bittersweet, tragic, and triumphant.

“A master story-teller bringing us a novel of illicit love in the deep south. Unable to put it down!” ~ Reviewer Kris Newberger


1933 Pea Ridge, Mississippi – A black man is murdered for the unspeakable crime of loving a white woman. Six months after his death, a mixed-race baby is born but the child vanishes. The proudest family in town is involved in these two incidents, but they are mysteries no one will speak of. To mention such things can only bring trouble, or worse….

Present Day – A lawyer and a sheriff uncover the mystery that the family hoped would stay buried forever. As they race against time to solve it, they come face to face with an interracial love story as beautiful and as enduring as time itself.


My Thoughts: When a talented writer writes an impactful story and reader (with his/her own experiences) are brought together, they can blend into such a potent, powerful message, long remembered in the memory of the reader.  I found this so in The Dreaming Hour. A masterpiece in every sense.

From the title and cover this story doesn’t compel me to read, but my fellow readers, once you open the pages and begin this story, you will be carried on a journey which will surely leave its mark on you, as it did me. It touches  on  differing societal, cultural, generational issues. The cover and title will be just as impactful once you understand the story.  A picture and title — worth a thousand words.

There are some tragedies in the history of events that aren’t talked about nearly enough.  Ms. Le Veque wrote this book from her heart for her heart, her dear mother. She probes a difficult time in American history that few are even aware of today.  Did you know in 1933 that it was against the law in Mississippi to interracial marry?  Those that loved and wanted to marry had to go to another state.

Of course, all this is woven into history and from some viewpoint I can see why the stigma was there.  But what if…?  A young girl and boy fall in love, a love so powerful that time does not erode (this will simply break your heart, readers!  I cried so many times during this read) the purity of it.  Two hearts who must live with the flow of the cultural, family dictates, only to break their own.  Because of this love, ugly things occur, tragic, heart-cutting moments which Ms. Le Veque had me filling so deeply.

This read is vintage Ms. Le Veque. Her style of telling this story, moving between 1933 and the present) only makes the impact of the wrongness of it all so powerful.  She doesn’t leave us forlorn, just wounded, as more positive events occur that lighten the readers load.

If I were to rate this book for its emotional pull on my heart, its insightful understanding of the difficulties of the south,  its spirit of human, forgiving endurance, I choose this book as Book of the Year.  This one will endure long past its read more me and I hope, dear readers, you will join me.  I salute you, Ms. Le Veque.


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3 Responses to My choice of Book of the Year ~ it absolutely traps you, beats you down with tragedy and still the human spirit endures. Review: IN THE DREAMING HOUR by Kathryn Le Veque

  1. Eileen, thank you so much for this wonderful honor!! I”m truly touched!!


  2. Congratulations, Kathryn! I look forward to reading it, myself (and great review, Eileen!!)!


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