Beauty in its purest form of innocence and love found in a new world of Victoria Zak’s making: BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, Daughters of Highland Darkness, Book 1, her newest release

beautiful-darknessTitle: Beautiful Darkness Daughters of Highland Darkness, Book 1
Author: Victoria Zak
Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish, Vampires
Pages: 141
Published by: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc., 1 edition
Publication Date: November 29, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

About the Story: Step into the sexy world of the Fae Vampire sisters from the Scottish Highlands….

The Highlands are full of magic and fae trickery. Adaira, Leana, and Masie Keith know this all too well. Destined to change their fate, but unprepared for the truth, their journey begins as the sisters grow accustomed to their dark sides—forever beautiful—forever blood drinkers—forever Baobhan sith.

Accused of murdering their laird’s son, Masie and her sisters flee their home.

Masie is immediately conflicted, especially after she’s captured by Clan Gunn and falls in love with the laird’s brother. Her true identity must remain a secret. For if she tells her Highlander who and what she really is, she could be burned as a witch. And Masie would never endanger her beloved sisters.

The last thing Commander Kerr Gunn saw in his future was falling in love with a lass from Clan Keith, his greatest enemy. The moment he laid eyes on her, he was under her spell. With the woman he loves wanted for murder, will he surrender Masie to her clan to stand trial or protect her with his sword and fierce heart?

My Thoughts:  The cover of the book simply captivated me.  Yes, Victoria Zak, take me there—where innocence is stark against the evil these sisters are destined to endure– to the dark side of the Scottish Highlands and let me experience the darker side of mythology.  Not having read one of author Zak’s books, I didn’t know what to expect. I scrambled to find my bearings, to understand this new world of sharp contrasts and was sucked in.   

The love of three sisters, Adaira, Leana and Masie, binds this story together.  Their purity of heart and innocence shone through with their need to save their mother from their father. One evening wishing for a change in their fate, following their heart, and the magic of the night, they were tricked. The girls were taken back to the evil fae queen, learning who they were and what they must endure.  For 10 long years, they bided their time –the moment to escape the winter fae queen. But did they escape from the pot only to fall into the fire?

Kerr Gunn, the man Masie is drawn to, has a rough edge about him.  He has fought the Keith clan so long, he actually enjoys the killing, a pleasure to give the fatal twist of the dagger. There is a lot of Kerr Gunn we don’t know, as well as his brother who is his laird.  Is there a story here we’ll learn later?  Does he match Maisie more in blood than we are aware? This intrigues me.

Masie is caught in the vigor and pure maleness of Kerr.  Chemically, they sizzle.  Kerr, pulls away from this attraction – he must protect his clan. He wonders if she is spy.  What secrets is she going to share with her own clan?  Masie knows she should not spend time with the Gunn brothers.  She and her sisters must keep their secrets.  Their very lives would be in peril if found out.

Not all secrets are revealed, some the reader knows, some are hidden from others.  I enjoy this type of writing, giving me the opportunity to be a participant, where others know what I do not and I know what others don’t.  I see Ms. Zak has found the soft underbelly of evil. Masie is so pure in her love of Kerr, her unwillingness and pain to withhold information from him is not something she wants.  But will her love for him have her make rash decisions?

I was slightly discontent with the ending of the story.  While I was worried about Ina returning with the counter spell to her previous magic, Kerr and  Masie were snuggling in bed trying to get some sleep. I wouldn’t be thinking about sleep if I had some poison in my body.   Perhaps, I misread intentions here?

This being said, I must say it is my intention to continue the series.

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1 Response to Beauty in its purest form of innocence and love found in a new world of Victoria Zak’s making: BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, Daughters of Highland Darkness, Book 1, her newest release

  1. Victoria Zak says:

    Thank you for the stellar review. Just to clear up the ending, it wasn’t Ina’s spell Masie was suffering from. It was the Fea Queen calling Masie home;) I know there was a lot to think about at the end. Again, thank you so much for the review. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Masie and Kerr’s story.


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