Review of SMOKE by Nancy Lee Badger — a Scottish paranormal with some very special dragons!

How far will Wynn go to save their species? An accidental meeting with a wolf-shifter leads him on a merry chase beneath the lure of the coming full moon. Will he follow her, or shift into a human to find a mate among the villagers? Dragons don’t wear plaid.

smokeTitle: Smoke Clan of Dragons Book 2
Author: Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Scottish Paranormal Romance
Story Setting:  Isle of Skye, Scotland
Pages: 215
Published by: Nancy Lee Badger, 3 edition
Published Date: October 7, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ISBN-10: 1537128507
ISBN-13: 978-1537128504


Clan of Dragons Series: (ecopy purchase link)
Smolder coming soon

Multi-published and award-winning author, Nancy Lee Badger, announces her 17th book. The author has used her love of all things Scottish, as well as years as a volunteer at a Scottish festival, to bring her readers another series. Ever since her first books were published in June 2010, she has successfully self-published a variety of novels and novellas. This book is a paranormal fantasy romance and is set centuries ago on the Scottish island of Skye.

About the Story: Wynn, a green dragon, tumbles off a hill, landing in snow. Sensing someone above his head, he jumps free, and accidentally slams a wolf against a tree. When the wolf shifts into a naked human female, explanations are in order. When she wakes, and Wynn says he means her no harm, she allows his human brother to carry her into a cave, where Vika cares for her. Wary about the golden-haired shifter’s mission, Wynn fears for her safety, and his heart.

While tracking the human who murdered her lover, Kera awakens to find a dragon staring at her. With no energy to shift back into her wolf form, she allows Vika, a pretty human, to care for her. The dragons take up her search for a killer, but the pirates close in and she leads Vika to safety.

In the village of Morbhan, Toal abducts her and Wynn fights him. Her wolf pack wants her back, but the dragon has stolen her heart. Will she stay, return to her pack, or die while trying to kill her lover’s murderer? Either way, their lives will forever change.

My Thoughts: An enjoyable read,  full of delightful, comical scenes involving a clan of dragons, who are adorable in their own right, but dealing with some very novel situations!  Apparently, three brothers (all dragons) will find their true love in each of the three books in the series.  It’s a light-hearted read with a serious challenge confronting their species — extinction.  No more female dragons are available to procreate with, the last being killed while shifted form to a red deer.  She was Dougal’s mate and until now he grieves her departure. This clan decides to do the unthinkable – to search for a female who will accept them from outside the dragon species.  Their experiment seems to bear fruit, when Wynn’s youngest brother struck out into the human village to find his mate. Vika, a lovely red-haired beauty is pregnant with his bairn and lives in a cave with her chosen.  What kind of child will she have?

Wynn, finds himself attracted to a shape-shifter, who has been a wolf for some time, but grew up as a human before she reaches puberty. Kera, having been injured when Wynn fell from a perch, (probably shoved by Dougal who is always up to tricks) and knocked her into a tree trunk.  She is scared when she awakes to find a dragon bending over her. She is coerced into going to the cave with promises of Wynn she will not come to harm. Evan carries her back to the cave where Vika is housed for the duration of her pregnancy.  She and Vika hit it off immediately. She finds Evan utterly and completely in love with his mate, which helps put her at her ease.  She decides to stay in her human form, although, she heals more slowly that way.  She doesn’t want them to know she is a wolf.  Of course, Wynn knows this because he saw her shift, but doesn’t mention it.

Toal, the toad, is an uncouth man who killed Kera’s wolf mate.  It seems he also has past ties with Vika.   Kera’s goal?  To heal and leave the dragons’s cave to search for this man, exterminate him and return to her wolfpack. But fate has another path for her.

If you are partial to dragons, and shape-shifters, as I am, and romance in the Scottish highlands, you will enjoy this fanciful story of strong females, and hopeful dragons who brave the unknown with love and strength in their hearts.

Excerpt: SMOKE

The odor of the dragon’s breath overpowered the scent of pine and fresh-fallen snow. Kera ran a hand down her leg, and didn’t feel any blood, but the limb throbbed. When heavy footsteps grew closer, a momentary wish to dip her body into the nearest fairy pool disappeared. How foolish. The urge to escape beneath its cool, clear water, or feel the massaging action of a cascading waterfall, was not strong enough to forget her current predicament, or the wintry weather.

The dragon moved toward her as it circled the tree. Its long white fangs glistened, and its hot breath melted the snow at her feet. Kera searched the area for a weapon. Unfortunately, the snow around the tree was heavy, and had covered everything.

Gazing upward, she thought to grab a limb and climb to safety, but she stopped when an odd voice said, “I apologize.” Who spoke to her in the presence of a dragon? Curiosity would be her downfall someday, but she peered from behind the tree and saw the green dragon, and only the dragon.

“Did you…say something?”

I be speaking to a dragon? Did I hit me head as well?

“Aye, lass,” the dragon said. “I apologized. I did not mean to throw you so hard, but your wolf form surprised me. There be friends of mine nearby whom I wish to protect. I can…ahh…see you be not only a wolf.”

With her secret out, a weight lifted from her shoulders. “I, also, apologize. I hope I did not hurt you by walking on your head. I heard something fall from the mountain, then I smelled you and…I was too curious for me own good.”

“You have a lovely smile, but I see pain in your eyes. Be you injured?”

She nodded, then immediately wondered if admitting her vulnerability made her a target. While contemplating her next move, the dragon leaned closer and sniffed her hip.

“No blood. You should come with me.”

Before she could answer with a resounding nay, a roar shook the tree, and dumped snow from the branches above them, onto their heads. The cold blanket of white powder stole her breath, and the ground rumbled beneath her feet. She clasped the tree’s trunk to stay on her feet. Pain sliced along her leg, and brought tears to her eyes.

Kera gained her balance, and peeked again. Another dragon had joined the first, and he looked angry. Smoke curled from his nostrils, and his red scales glistened like fresh-spilled blood. His black wings flapped, sending waves of cold wind directly at her, and the tree.

“Calm yourself, brother. The lass be injured, and not a threat to anyone.” The green dragon moved closer, and shielded Kera with his white wings.

“I smell wolf and human. You know how I feel about humans!”

The threat was too great to ignore. Kera turned to run, but pain shot through her left leg. She cried out, collapsed like a sack of potatoes, and disappeared beneath the snow.


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Nancy Lee Badger loves chocolate-chip shortbread, wool plaids wrapped around the trim waist of a Scottish Highlander, the clang of broadswords, and the sound of bagpipes in the air. After growing up in Huntington, New York, and raising two handsome sons in New Hampshire, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, Triangle Association of Freelancers, and the Celtic Heart Romance Writers. Nancy and her family volunteer each fall at the New Hampshire Highland Games surrounded by…kilts!        


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