Review of TOUGH LUCK: A stepbrother romance by Christa Simpson


tough-luckTitle: Tough Luck
Author: Christa Simpson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 203
Published by: Black Widow Publishing
Published Date: January 12, 2016
ASIN: B01A15B58Y

About the Story: Dustin Miller is off limits . . .
I know it’s not right to pine for this man, but he’s the one wielding all the power, controlling my body with a single menacing look. He tells me he can be my dark little secret and I’m honestly having a hard time saying no.

I can’t resist him . . .
I’m supposed to be the good-girl librarian, but when I meet a wealthy bad boy with impossibly dark eyes, a beautiful chaos ensues. I tell him it’s a mistake. I demand a do-over. But he has something else in mind. I know I should say no—absolutely not. I should turn around, walk away and never look back. But what do you think happens when he’s a “get what I want, when I want” kind of guy and what he wants is me?

WARNING: This story has vulgar language and explicit adult situations and is for readers 18+ ONLY.

My Thoughts: This read is not in my usual genre, nor have I read anything by this author.  Nor did I heed the warning label about explicit adult situations. So with that…

It was an enjoyable plot, engaging my curiosity—hence why I kept on reading, even though I was outside my own personal comfort zone, particularly since the book was written in first person from Izzabelle and then Dustin’s point of view.  I couldn’t distance myself from how she or he reacts because of it.  That’s a good thing, because there are readers out there, who enjoy explicit sex scenes.  I’m just not one of them.  I’m more interested in a storyline, moving quickly with obstacles and challenges the characters must face along the way to a happily ever after. 

Izzabelle experiences what many daughters do.  Their mother’s remarry. She’s a great relationship with her mother, but can she handle watching her mother with her new guy?  I love the fact the author lets us into Izzabelle’s head.  Her reasoning is slightly skewed with some hilarious language.  Matters only get worse when she steps out of character to live life in the fast lane.

Izzabelle is a Librarian.  Her books are her friends and she no doubt has had many book boyfriends.  But to actually experience what she is, it’s overwhelming—yet she can’t stop.  She tries, but Dustin is just too…

My eyes blast open to catch his molten hot gaze enjoying every moment of discomfort he gives me. For the first time in my life. I feel filthy hit—and not in a bad way. I feel things I’ve only read about in the dirty romance novels I enjoy so much, and I don’t want this experience to end, but his ain’t no fairytale where the couple lives happily ever after in holy sanctuary.

I would burn in hell.
He would burn in hell.

How often is one attracted to their newly-made stepbrother, to the point it cannot be avoided?   Some situations, while scandalous, were entirely funny and had me chuckling.  The story also had its serious side with an antagonist you’ll love to hate.  Issues Dustin has had to face in the past give him conflicting feelings about Izzabelle.  Is she a gold digger like too many other women he’s dated?  From Izzabelle’s side, is Dustin going to just love her and then drop her?

This book is not for the weak-kneed!  It’s sizzling hot, and funny!

About the Author: Christa Simpson is a small town Canadian girl who enjoys beaches, dancing and dirt track car races. She lives in Tilbury, Ontario, with her caveman husband and two beautiful daughters. On an ideal day you’ll find this writer relaxing on the beach, reading by the poolside or being playful with her girls, but you’re more likely to find her chauffeuring her active family around and typing furiously on her electronic notepad. Christa is known for the most captivating alpha men and her breezy, entertaining writing style. She’s an all or nothing kind of girl who is determined to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to. Her romance novels are loaded with passion, suspense and sarcasm, much like her life. Pick up the first books in her Twisted and Destiny Series for free—no strings attached! If you’d like to hear special news, receive sneak previews and exclusive offers from Christa Simpson, sign up here: Or visit her website for more information!

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