Review: DESIGNED FOR YOU by Jo Grafford

Jillian Lang has trouble trusting men—once she’s lied to, it’s hard to regain trust.  She’s fallen into that trap before.  Once a fool, not twice.  Holland Sparks is one big lie.  How can she EVER trust the man? How can she afford NOT to?

28677877Title: Designed for You, For You Series, book 1
Jo Grafford
Contemporary Suspense Romance
Story Setting:
present day, St. Louis
Published by:
JG Press
Published Date:
April 19, 2016

About the Story: Despite a string of personal tragedies and setbacks, Jillian Lang’s interior design company is an enormous success. If she doesn’t count the cyber stalker who hounds her daily… Knowing she can’t keep up with her fast-growing list of bids and contracts without help, she reluctantly breaks her number one personal rule of “don’t depend on anyone” and hires an office manager. Not only does Holland Sparks do an incredible job of running Lang Interiors, he provides a much-needed buffer between her and the cyber stalker, while steadily chipping away at a thousand barriers she’s put up to protect her heart. When the stalker suddenly moves his game from the cyber world to the real world, Jillian discovers no one in her immediate circle is exactly who or what he claims to be. Not her landlord. Not even her family. Will Holland be the one man she can turn to, or will his own secrets be reason enough to scrap her designs on the man of her dreams?

My Thought:  Jo Grafford is a marvel!  Whether writing historical romance or contemporary suspense her scenes are dynamic, intensely suspenseful and emotional. The protagonists are well drawn and demand your attention!

I’ve read the Lost Colony Series by this author.  It is a series exceptionally well written.  That’s when I fell in love with this author.  Her story settings are unique with vibrant characters.

In Designed For You, Jullian Lang is a top-notch designer.  Talented, gorgeous and way too much work to accomplish in her start-up business.  In walks her savior, Holland Sparks.

You’re, ah…applying to be my office manager?” Her voice rose to a higher pitch than she intended.  She cleared her throat.  He hadn’t simply lost his way to the modeling agency down the street?

“Yes.” He offered a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. It made her think of frivolous things like bathing in sunshine and dancing in the rain—sensations her dazed mind was beginning to vaguely identify as his unique brand of magnetism. Administrative duties aside, Holy Batman! With a hunk of burning man-candy like him running her office, women would form a line to sign up for remodeling projects whether they needed them or not.

“So it’s an interview you want.” She wanted to laugh. The idea of hiring him was ludicrous. No, it was insane. She’d be better off mentoring and training a fresh college graduate as opposed to bringing a man on board who looked like some celebrity’s personal trainer. Or an underwear model, for that matter.

Well, you can see why Jullian didn’t turn him down. Holland had all the ability she needed for an office manager.  He said all the right things at the job interview, his references checked out, and dog-gone it. She was attracted to what she saw.

Holland did want the job with Jullian, but not for the reasons one would suspect – he needed to get to the bottom of a money laundering scheme, and the FBI engaged his services to see how she was involved.  He had her business running smoothly, but there are problems in Jullian’s life and Holland feels his to protect her.  Whew! He certainly is up to the job.

Designed for You is the first book of a series promising to be another gripping read.  From the first sentence, the writer engages my attention.

I know who you are. –XX

These words pop up as text on Jullian’s phone.  Videos are sent to her of her in private moments. She begins feeling vulnerable, when even her privacy is invaded.  She is being stalked and hasn’t a clue who it is. The author sure knows how to build fear in the reader.  The tension is palpable with the story’s twists and turns and grows into full-fledged terror. Great stuff!

Do you like your romance with a gutsy heroine?  Alpha men who want to do the right thing?  Heart-pumping drama? Jo Grafford will entertain you with this and so much more.

I highly recommend the author.  If you haven’t read her, you should.  This series promises to be exciting!

JoGraffordAbout the Author: An award-winning author from St. Louis, Missouri, Jo has served as a corporate trainer, junior college finance instructor, and high school business teacher. Along the way, she discovered the only thing she enjoys as much as teaching is writing. Especially writing romance! In her stories, the stakes are always high and there’s nothing her heroes won’t risk for the brilliant, sassy women they love.

A typical day finds her with her laptop balanced on her knees, a caffeinated beverage within reach, and a cat snoozing nearby who dreams of taking over the world.

Jo writes across the genres and is presently writing three series:

For You Series – heart pounding contemporary romantic suspense

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