Early Review: THE WAYWARD ONE by Danelle Harmon

The Wayward OneTitle: The Wayward One The de Montforte Brothers, book 5
Author: Danelle Harmon
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: 1779, New Hampshire, England
Pages: 359
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Published Date:  March 17, 2016

The de Montforte Brothers Series (ecopy purchase link):
The Wild One  presently $0.00
The Beloved One
The Defiant One
The Wicked One
The Wayward One


About the Story: The bluest of blood; the boldest of hearts; the de Montfortes will take your breath away.”

Irish Captain Ruaidri O’ Devir has no love for the English. Taken from his family and pressed into the Royal Navy at a young age, he is now a commander for the fledgling American Continental Navy, hand-picked by John Adams himself to steal a potent new explosive from the British. Ruaidri expects to be successful in his mission. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the sister of the man he’s crossed an ocean to abduct…

Beautiful Lady Nerissa de Montforte is the youngest sibling in a powerful and aristocratic English family. Fiercely guarded by her overprotective brothers, she pines for love after a longtime betrothal was cruelly cut short. When she accompanies her brother to a demonstration of his new explosive, she never dreams that her wildest longings to find love and freedom are about to be fulfilled … by a man who is wrong for her in every single way except the one that matters most…

The spectacular conclusion to the internationally bestselling DE MONTFORTE series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon!

My Thoughts: It was with great pleasure I returned to this delightful series.  The author doesn’t play favorites in this tale of the turmoil between the British and Americans who were seeking freedom and justice for its citizens. Emotions high on both sides make men do the unthinkable.

On deck of the Tigershark, splattered in blood with gore at my feet, mangled bodies with severed limbs…my captain down, I was helpless, defeated, despairing. With my hears still ringing, I lifted my eyes from the page, drying my face of tears and sea spray and swallowed hard.  What prey tell, could be worse and how were we to survive? Yes, dear reader, these are my feelings.  This I saw, heard and felt.  It’s wonderful when a writer can transport the reader in this way.

Ms. Harmon’s style of writing and scene progression is totally riveting. She’ll show us what happens, but doesn’t tell us the outcome.  So no point is a convenient stopping point—I had to know what was to come. Besides writing great battle scenes, in detail, Ms. Harmon tantalizes our senses with a scene where Lady Narissa discovers the feel of a man’s body with her fingers and hands, in her innocent fashion.

On both sides of the Atlantic, Brits and American were made of strong fabric.  Those who had been downtrodden, as our hero, Captain Ruaidri O’ Devir, learned to fight for what they want, or in this case, for who he wanted. Ruaidri is a man much changed since last we read of his exploits earlier in the series.  But does his past come to haunt him when he realizes his love for Lady Nerissa?

Reader, certainly there is merit in such a man: opinionated, driven, with a powerful physique, yet beneath this veneer an Irish heart of love and passion.

There comes a time in a person’s life, if encaged, even though a gilded one, the spirit of the individual must spring free.  Lady Nerissa feels her worth is in her lineage and dowry her person possesses. But she’s always had a wayward spirit smothered with the trappings of breeding and convention.  Once she realizes her situation and reputation are ruined by being abducted, it gives her the freedom to choose her path.  But by doing so, will she lose her family, those who matter most in her life?

Even though I knew what Lady Nerissa would do to save the day, (and she did a splendid job of it), it nevertheless, did not reduce the thrill of her heroine action. If I were she, I would do the same.  Love of another pushes her forward, to do the unthinkable.  I cheered her on. Bravo, Lady Nerissa!

I cannot say enough about this author and this series.  Her books are rich in history, full of action and suspense and with the added layer of  romance, they are perfection.  Don’t delay reading  her.  This book is the final in the series. If you’d like to see my reviews of each book in the series, please browse my blog.

“One of my all-time favorite authors!” — Julia Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written many books, previously published in print and distributed in many languages throughout the world. Though born and raised in Massachusetts, she and her husband, a native of southwest London, were married and lived in England for several years. These days, Ms. Harmon and her husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including three dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and numerous pet chickens. Danelle welcomes email from her readers and can be reached at danelle@danelleharmon.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DanelleHarmon


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