Audiobook Review: a glorious Georgian historical romance in all its brilliance ~ AUTUMN DUCHESS by Lucinda Brant

If you have truly loved, can you love again? Or is your heart held prisoner by memories past?

Autumn DuchessTitle: Autumn Duchess, The Roxton Family Saga, book 3
Lucinda Brant
Genre: Historical Romance, Georgian
Story Setting:
Hampshire, England, 1777
Published by:
Sprigleaf; 2nd edition
Published Date:
August 8, 2011

Narrated by:  Alex Wyndham
11 hours, 53 minutes
Release Date:
August 25, 2015
Published by:
Sprigleaf Pty Ltd


Roxton Family Saga Series (ecopy purchase links):
Noble Satyr: A Georgian Historical Romance
Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

Autumn Duchess: A Georgian Historical Romance
Dair Devil: A Georgian Historical Romance

Publisher’s Summary: A beautiful duchess mourns for her beloved. A sun-bronzed merchant returns to claim a birthright. Disparate souls in need of love and renewal. Paths cross and the journey begins…

Hampshire, England, 1777: Antonia, Dowager Duchess of Roxton, has been mourning the loss of her soul mate for three long years. Her despair is all-consuming until into her life steps a devilishly handsome younger man. Unconventional and self-assured, wealthy merchant Jonathon Strang will stop at nothing to convince Antonia she can love again, and deeply.

©2011, 2014 (2nd edition) Lucinda Brant (P)2015 Lucinda Brant

My Thoughts:  Antonia, Dowager Duchess of Roxton, still young after 27 years of marriage, must start life anew without her husband.  Her heart is so pained, she is unable to leave mourning even three years after his passing. She often visits the mausoleum where her husband is entombed.

Her son, nearing the end of his tether, has decided to threaten her—taking away privileges dear to her heart.  I admit, Antonia was rather spoiled. A duchess and coddled most of her life, she now faces changes – some fearful and some unsettling.  She shows her meddle, tempered with wisdom when facing these fears and heartache.

Where son is unable to pull Antonia out of her melancholy, a merchant, Jonathan Strang, does. Jonathan starts his association with Antonia brashly, shocking Antonia a bit from her stupor.  He has an agenda for meeting the woman, but straightaway becomes intrigued, wishing to know the woman hiding under the garb of duchess. She in turn, is confused, angered, amused and eventually touched by the person he is.

I didn’t like Julian, Antonia’s son, as I did in book two.  He acted entirely unfair and harshly when dealing with his mother.  But readers, there is a reason, and Julian, duke of Roxton reprieves himself– somewhat.

Jonathan Strang took my heart this time.  He is a man of deep waters, wonderful with children, honorable to a fault and does not tolerate hurting a woman.  Yes, he won my heart completely!

Rich in description and authenticity, the opulence and excessive luxury of the story is part of the allure of this listen, coating your throat like a fine port—smooth with a slow burn.

Additionally, you will be kept amused by the rather arrogant and outlandish remarks from various characters to the most proper and dry butler who sees all and sees nothing. You will revel in the whirlwind lives of those gossipmongers who spin truths with lies. It makes my head spin.

You will be privy to scenes of such poignant and pure selfless love…and you will discover nothing is more important than family and love.

Narrator Alex Wyndham is so much a part of this series I would want no other to take his place.  He captures the French accent spoken in English charmingly, and depicts the many nuances of emotions found in this era of excesses.  I enjoyed his children’s voices and particularly the ennui of the aristocratic gentlemen’s voice.  A fine production, indeed.

Note:  I found I enjoyed the speed of the complete saga at speed 0.75x.  It allows the words and divine voice of Mr. Wyndham time to appreciate.

Lucinda BrantAbout the Author:   LUCINDA BRANT is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning Georgian historical romances and mysteries. Her novels have been described as from ‘the Golden Age of romance with a modern voice’ and ‘heart wrenching drama with a happily ever after’.

Lucinda has degrees in History and Political Science from the Australian National University and a post-graduate diploma in Education from Bond University, where she was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Education. Before becoming a full-time writer, Lucinda taught History and Geography at an exclusive boarding school for young ladies. She drinks too much coffee and is addicted to Pinterest. Come join her there in her 18th Century world:


alex wyndhamAbout the Narrator, Alex Wyndham: Alex Wyndham is an English actor best known for his roles in HBO’s ‘Rome’ (2007) and the BBC’s ‘Little Dorrit’ (2008) and ‘The Line of Beauty’ (2006).

He has a degree in History from Oxford University and went on to study at RADA, graduating in 2005.

His first job as a professional actor was playing Silvius in Kenneth Branagh’s ‘As You Like It’ (2006) while in his final year at drama school.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: The Artists Partnership



Roxton Family Saga
1740s Noble Satyr (Renard and Antonia)
1760s Midnight Marriage (Julian and Deb)
1770s Autumn Duchess (Antonia and Jonathon)
1770s Dair Devil (Dair and Rory)
1770s Proud Mary (Mary and Christopher) In progress
1780s Satyr’s Son (Harry and Lisa) In progress
Eternally Yours: Roxton Letters Volume One (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 1–3)
Forever Remain: Roxton Letters Volume Two (A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 4–6) In progress

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4 Responses to Audiobook Review: a glorious Georgian historical romance in all its brilliance ~ AUTUMN DUCHESS by Lucinda Brant

  1. carolcork says:

    Lovely review, Eileen. I’m so looking forward to listening to this. A friend has told me that Jonathan Strang is to die for!


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  3. Luanne says:

    I want that job as a book reader. Too bad I don’t have any acting credits post high school.


  4. I’m sure it’s a demanding job and when done right, they pop the story right off the page!


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