Audiobook Review MEET ME IN SCOTLAND by Patience Griffin

TMeet Me in Scotlanditle: Meet Me in Scotland Kilts and Quilts, book 2
Author: Patience Griffin
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Scottish
Published by: Signet
Published Date: January 6, 2015

Narrated by: Kirsten Potter
Length: 10 hours, 37 minutes
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Published by: Tantor Audio


Kilts and Quilts Series (ecopy link Amazon):
To Scotland with Love
Meet Me in Scotland
Some Like it Scottish
The Accidental Scot
The Trouble with Scotland

Publisher’s Summary: When a video of her calling happily ever after “a foolish fantasy” goes viral, marriage therapist Emma Castle is out of a job – and off to Scotland. The tiny town of Gandiegow is the perfect place to ride out the media storm and to catch up with her childhood friend, Claire. But also in Gandiegow is the one man she hoped never to see again. She’s successfully avoided Gabriel MacGregor since Claire and Dominic’s wedding, only to find that he’s now the village doctor – and just as tall, dark, and devilish as ever.

Claire and Dominic’s blissful marriage, however, is not what it used to be. Soon Emma and Gabriel find themselves taking sides even as the sparks begin to fly between them. Can Emma help her friends – or regain her career – as she struggles with her own happily ever after?

©2015 Patience Jackson (P)2015 Tantor

My Thoughts: From the first two paragraphs the tone was set for this story. This was a humorous, light-hearted read with some deep moments of pain, learning experiences and facing truth.

Emma lived a strange existence—a bit schizophrenic. Her mother’s remarks on relationships came back to her when put into a vulnerable situation.  She drew herself into a shell, much like a turtle, striking out, acting the haughty, arrogant person who kept people at bay.

Emma came from an unsupportive family, who only wanted their daughter to conform, not to do anything which would make them look bad.  All Emma’s life she had toed the line.  Her hope was if she followed what they wanted in her life, she’d somehow gain their love.  She became a marriage therapist, a profession both father and mother wanted for her.  But Emma didn’t like this profession. She had preferred working with children.  Her thought was doesn’t everyone know that marriage never works out?  She certainly had her mother and father as perfect examples of that. Very seldom did she see them together, and she, supposedly a product of love didn’t feel loved at all.

She left to Scotland, thinking never to continue with her profession after a huge professional faux pas.  She wanted to see her childhood friend, Claire, and get some thinking time, on the next step in her life.  All was in chaos when she arrived.  Claire was having a meltdown.  She demanded a baby from her husband, Dominic.  Dominic wouldn’t agree to have a baby because they had just started a business and barely keeping afloat. Claire couldn’t fathom what had happened to their marriage for she had never see any two people more in love.  In fact, this couple gave her hope that perhaps love was possible in a marriage.

Changes abounded for Claire. Gabriel MacGregor was no longer the skirt chaser he used to be, but the village doctor. And Emma knew for certain, she’d never give him the opportunity to lift hers. However, her feelings begin changing, for Gabriel had changed, too. Every time he was near her, she had trouble seeing him as the devil she had known him to be.  He seemed kind, generous, loyal to his friends, responsible and he cared.

Gabriel had changed, it’s true.  He no longer wanted to live his life as he had.  He had strong convictions to marry a woman he loved, have children, and follow his faith.  When Emma came to town she messed with his head as she had years ago.  I loved the turmoil and struggle he endured trying to convince himself to stay away from her.

Claire and Dominic were close friends to both Emma and Gabriel.  Although Emma didn’t want to begin marriage therapy with Claire and Dominic, she knew she’d never get out of town, unless their relationship was back on track.  I had to laugh at the excessive ways Claire used to lure in her husband.

Narrator Kirsten Potter was very interesting to listen to and she made the read such a pleasure.  The story is told in American English, Emma has a British accent, Gabriel MacGregor has a wonderful Scottish accent along with the villagers, some of them elder and quite cranky. She positively brought the story to life.

Ms. Griffin has created a wonderful village of people who can turn on their own when they feel they are unfair.  At the same time, they are very close knit and very supportive of each other when help is needed. I loved the quaintness of the town (possibly taken from one of the author’s visits to Scotland), with its quilting sessions, which seemed to be the hub of the community.  This is a story about love of family, people looking out for each other when times are rough. It’s also a great pleasure listening to the accented speech of the various characters.  Delightfully experience Scotland with this story.

Patience GriffinAbout the Author: (courtesy of Ms. Griffin’s website) Award-winning author Patience Griffin has been sewing her whole life but didn’t discover her love of quilting until her late thirties. She decided the best way to acquire her first quilt was to make one for herself. At nearly the same time, she started commuting three and half hours a day for her dream engineering job. To pass the time on the long drive, she got hooked on audiobooks—especially books with love stories. Within a couple of years, she was writing stories of her own. It was no surprise to her family and friends when she combined her love of quilting, her small town roots, and her obsession with Scottish romances into novels. She has gained some recognition with her September 11th Story Quilt which has toured the country as the property of the Pentagon. She has a master’s degree in nuclear engineering but spends her days writing stories about hearth and home, and dreaming about the fictional small town of Gandiegow, Scotland.

Patience Griffin’s agent
Kevan Lyon
Marsal Lyon Literary Agency LLC
PMB 121
665 San Rodolfo Dr. 124
Solana Beach, CA 92075

kirsten potterAbout the Narrator: Kirsten Potter, a graduate of Boston University’s School for the Arts, has performed on stage, film, and television. An award-winning audiobook narrator, Kirsten has won AudioFile Earphones Awards for The Snowball and her performance as Barbara in Major Barbara. Her other titles include Madapple, a Booklist Editors’ Choice for Best Audiobook 2008. Kirsten has received recognition from the American Academy of Achievement and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and numerous regional awards.

(source: Dreamscape)

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