Book Review: THEY CALL ME MISSING by Cyndi Lord ~ an author and private investigator who shares her world of case solving

Take a moment to look at this really great cover. You’ll appreciate it all the more after reading the book.

They Call Me MissingTitle: They Call Me Missing The Sandra Derringer Chronicles, book 2
Author: Cyndi Lord
Genre: Thriller and Suspense, Supernatural, Mystery
Pages: 336
Published by: White Bird Publications
Published Date: November 3, 2015
ISBN-10: 1633631389
ISBN-13: 978-1633631380

About the Story: In her third trimester of pregnancy with twins, Sandra Derringer, a private investigator, faces a stalker while trying to solve the disappearance of three-year-old, Ashlee Adams. The tot’s spirit’s first appearance has disastrous consequences for Sandra. A bundle of hormones and nerves, her determination to solve a murder others assume is a missing child’s case, Sandra must face resistance from every side. With her sidekick fur-baby, Drew, by her side, his unruly relationship with the persistent child’s spirit offers the only comedy relief Sandra finds. Nothing funny hides in the truth of what happened to little Ashlee.

My Thoughts: I read the first of the series They Call Me Murdered, just over two years ago.  As was in the first book, Sandy is a private investigator.  Along with her clientele are ghosts who need her help.  Since they are so very cryptic in communicating, it takes all of Sandy’s investigative skills to solve the case.

From time to time, police request Sandy’s help solving, in essence, the unsolvable.  They are aware she has a ‘gift’. The gift is one she prefers not to have. She sees those who have crossed over, but need help and come knocking on her door.

Ashlee is a little girl about three years old who is missing.  She’s been missing for almost eight years, yet Sandy picks up some clues being the excellent private investigator she is, back tracks to locate people who had last seen Ashlee. We hear this constant wail from Ashlee ‘they said you could help.’ It is unnerving.

Another irritant for Sandy is she is very pregnant.  Very.  She’s having twins, so her hormones make her, well, a bitch.  Her anger unleashes and her tongue slashes. She’s irritated with Ashlee who keeps on repeating over and over certain things that Sandy discards as rubbish, because they make no sense. She can’t seem to get her beyond certain phrases.  She also has problems with a previous case which had gone to trial, the man is in custody, but his family is scaring her, trying to hurt Drew and very nearly kills her.

Author Cyndi Lord writes a fine story, using her own experience as a private investigator.  She writes in first person, Sandy telling the story.  Ms. Lord’s puts the reader into Sandy’s world . She shows us her paranoia for her twins, her need to protect them, her need to protect her dog, Drew, her anger which is on simmer most the time, her frustration with Ashlee, so well, she arouses the same emotions in me, for I am Sandy!

Sandy was a true spitfire with no fuse whatsoever.  She’d explode with sarcasm to whomever would get in her way. She was kind of scary because I felt she was demented somehow. This was not the Sandy I recognized from book one of the series.  She carried a concealed permitted weapon, but in her condition I was afraid she might use it.  Her husband, Scott, must have been a saint and loved her very much, because he would always talk her down.  What a guy!

What scene was my favorite?   I particularly loved the scene where Sandy is birthing her twins.  Great descriptive writing.  I have never had a baby, yet I was right there having Sandy’s!  I loved little dog Drew, and Sandy’s need to protect him from violence and his protective, loving manner toward the twins.

This story is not one of those happy ever after stories.  It’s a book of anguish for the missing, for those parents who have lost their children and don’t have closure. It’s about birthing your own, wanting to give them the best possible chance at life, yet know not everything is controllable. It’s a mystery with action and suspense.

Little Ashlee is no longer missing.  The case is solved.  She has found her help.

The next in the series is They Call Me Avenged.

About the Author: Cyndi Lord moved to North East Texas in 2005 where she lives on a ranch with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. An award winning author, she recently decided to go into semi-retirement from her career as a private investigator and research paralegal in order to write full time. Her novels incorporate her professional experience into the plots readers love to unravel along with the investigator.

She is active in a ministry to the homeless and enjoys many aspects of philosophy. As an animal lover, she is a vegan, and strong voice against cruelty to animals. Cyndi and her husband have nine adult children, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. For tranquility she loves to work in the garden, and bake. Painting nature scenes is her favorite joy after writing.



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2 Responses to Book Review: THEY CALL ME MISSING by Cyndi Lord ~ an author and private investigator who shares her world of case solving

  1. Dina Bushrod says:

    Never read her before, story sounds fascinating.


  2. Try reading They Call Me Murdered before this one, however, if not, it shouldn’t take too much from the present story. Thanks for popping by, Dina.


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