Just Released!: THE LIE AND THE LADY by Kate Noble — Have you partaken from this unforgettable series?

Have a chance in winning the book one of the series, THE GAME AND THE GOVERNESS, simply by commenting below why you enjoy historical romance and what draws you to certain authors. 

the Lie and the lady“With her usual witty writing and exquisite flair for characterization, Noble offers readers the second, splendid book in her Winner Takes All series. The effortless manner in which she wrote The Lie and the Lady as a separate love story while at the same time gracefully connecting it to The Game and the Governess (2014) and cleverly hinting at what is to come in the series is nothing less than brilliant.” Booklist Starred Review

Title: The Lie and the Lady Winner Takes All Series, book 2
Author: Kate Noble
Published by: Pocket Books
Published Date:
December 29, 2015
ISBN: 9781476749396

John Turner thought only of winning a bet when he swapped identities with his friend the Earl of Ashby. He didn’t wager on winning the fiery Countess of Churzy’s heart with his lies, or on falling for her in return. Publicly humiliated when she learned of the betrayal, the impoverished countess fled, and John thought Leticia was lost to him forever…until fate brings her practically to his doorstep. Can he regain her trust—and her heart—this time as himself?

 Determined to make a new life for herself, Letty knows she must avoid Turner—and his maddening kisses—in order to survive. But some things are too intoxicating to be denied. If she turns her back on her dashing rogue—again—will she lose her chance at love forever?

The Game and the Governess was dubbed a “winning novel, complete with rich characters and a multi-dimensional plotline” by Publishers Weekly (starred review), a “delicious treat” by Bookpage, “Immensely entertaining and eminently satisfying” by Booklist (starred review), and RT Reviews (four star HOT) promised “charming characters will sweep readers away into the story”.  Second in the captivating Winner Takes All series, THE LIE AND THE LADY is “nothing less than brilliant” (Booklist starred review) and will reward readers as the perfect literary escape.

Kate-Noble-author-picKate Noble is the national bestselling author of The Game and the Governess and the critically acclaimed, RITA Award-nominated Blue Raven series. Under the name Kate Rorick, she writes for television, as well as novels based on the Emmy Award-winning web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, for which she is also a writer and producer. She lives in Los Angeles. Visit katenoble.com, @NobleRorick, facebook.com/katenoblewriter.

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11 Responses to Just Released!: THE LIE AND THE LADY by Kate Noble — Have you partaken from this unforgettable series?

  1. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    I love historical romance. The era the gowns. The rouges and rakes. They just pull you in and are intriguing. I love the Authors that can pull you in and you feel like you are there experiencing the feelings and your surroundings.


  2. Karen Simpson says:

    I have enjoyed historical romances for about twenty years. I love them because they combine two things – my love of happily ever after and my love of history. Additionally, I can read about periods that I like, love it just want to know about. My favorite periods are Regency and the Civil War eras. But there are obviously others that I am interested in reading that would connect to these- Georgian, and so forth. I love to read about the social mores, the society, the Royals, and the nobility. It’s so much fun to imagine ourself twirling around a candlelit ballroom on the arms of a handsome Duke or Earl. It’s just a fun period of time. I hope that helps you understand my fascination.

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  3. You and I connect very much in our love of historical romance. Have you tried medieval romance? There are some tremendous authors out there who are completely captivating.

    Thanks for your comment. Your name is in the hat!


  4. Yes! Do you ever wish you could time travel, Charlene?


  5. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    Yes I do. To experience another time and place. I always felt like I should have been born in a different era.


  6. Chris L. says:

    Historical romances fulfill me in a way that other genres do not. Most often, I find myself reading novels set during the regency era, but I’ve read some fine works set as early as medieval and as late as Victorian times, and in the highlands of Scotland. The conflicts and powerfully charged interactions are emotionally cleansing. They give my inner romantic a regular outlet. I am constantly looking up details of the period in which the story is set and love learning about the fashion, household/estate management, politics, and social/class challenges of the times. The language is prettier than how we speak in our modern lives. The most memorable scenes become cinematic in ways that are more satisfying than in movies because you are using your own imagination to cast characters and arrange the set. The best ones make you fall in love, not only with the main heroine and hero but also their lovable, quirky family members and friends. Is that too many reasons? I can’t help it! They sweep me off my feet, and isn’t that precisely the point?


  7. Linda says:

    I love reading historical romance because of the elegance. Everything, from the settings to the language & how the simplest things are romantic; a touch of fingers, a caress of the cheek. I’m drawn mainly by the author’s voice; their style of writing & how I am able to connect to the characters.


  8. Chris, you speak of all the wonder these historical romances do for us. I really feel that women have given up much to be so independent, although we’ve gained so much. So the romantic in us gets satisfaction from all these wonderful tales! Great response. Do you read fantasy romance?


  9. Oh, Linda! I think the soft caress of loving fingers shows the wonder and awe a male feels in his love towards a woman. Sigh! Talented authors do strike a chord with us romantics!


  10. Karen Simpson, you have won the giveaway! Please message me on FB! Eileen Dandashi


  11. You have won! Congrats, lady. Please PM me with your address so THE GAME AND THE GOVERNESS can be sent to you.


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