Audiobook Review: SALT REDUX by Lucinda Brant ~ a Georgian Period Romance

Salt ReduxTitle: Salt Redux, Salt Hendon Series, book 2
Author: Lucinda Brant
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: 1767, Wales; Russia; England
Pages: 357
Published by: Spriglead; 2 edition
Published Date: March 9, 2013 ASIN: B00BRQ5MFE

Narrated by: Marian Hussey
Length: 12 hours
Release Date: August 14, 2014
Published by: Sprigleaf Pty Ltd.

Salt Hendon Series (ecopy copy purchase):
1763, Salt Bride (Magnus and Jane)
1767, Salt Dedux (Antony and Caroline)
1767, A Fairy Christmas (Kitty and Tom); a short story in Silver Bells Collection, a Timeless Romance anthology

About the Story:
Jane and Salt: Four years of Happily Ever After Sir Antony Templestowe: Four years of Exile Lady Caroline: Four years of Heartache Diana St. John: Four years plotting Revenge The time has come…

How does a brother cope with life knowing his sister is a murderess? How can a nobleman have the life he has always wanted when a lurking evil consumes his thoughts and haunts his dreams? What will it take for good to triumph over evil?

Awards for this Book
2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Medalist

Connecting Books
Many readers enjoy Lucinda Brant’s books as part of a wider series since her characters inhabit the same meticulously-researched 18th Century world with people and events cross-referenced throughout. You can explore the details and delve deeper into the history within each book by visiting LucindaBrantAuthor on Pinterest.

My Thoughts:  I could not wait to listen to the rest of this series—it was that compelling!

This story works on two levels.  One where we are still fascinated with the beautiful, intelligent Lady Diana St. John, who with her cunning and black heart is able to manipulate and twist events to coerce people to do her bidding.  The second level involves Sir Antony, Lady Diana’s brother serving as ambassador to Russia, and Lady Caroline. Lady Caroline has suffered much since his departure (secretly loves him), and through her error in judgement and its lessons she has secrets in her past she wants to forget.

Lady Diana St. John was the villainous who escaped her banishment to return to her ‘rightful’ place beside Magnus Sinclair, Lord of Salt Hendon.  Her actions and very character create an underlying tension and dark suspense which lurks in wait as Sir Antony and Lady Caroline’s story is established.  She was such a lose canon in the first book of the series, the reader has no idea what to expect from her in the second. A delicious villainous, well-developed and one I loved to hate.  Narrator Marian Hussey played her role impeccably; deceit simply rolled off her tongue.  Lady Diana’s form of flattery with its sweet oily application could easily turn vindictive where I wasn’t sure she could keep control, so close she was to physical and verbal violence. A wonderful character all around, both in the author’s mind and Ms. Hussey’s interpretive role.

Fortunately, Sir Antony made something of himself while in St. Petersburg, no longer the habitual drunk.  He returned to England forthwith when hearing of Lady Diana’s escape.  He had to somehow contain her, protect her children, and those of Magnus and Jane.  He had to make it right. Yet, he loved his sister. Although seeing her diabolical side, he admired her intelligence and beauty.  Lady Diana had one aim–to assist Lord Salt in his political career, by his side and bask in the light of his greatness.

This story focuses on beautiful Lord Sinclair’s sister, Caroline.  Full of spirit, a Regency animal lover, she had learned some very big lessons in her young life, but no longer the pure, virginal woman who at age 15 had told Antony she was going to marry him.  She and Sir Antony banter quite humorously, providing much-needed levity to the dark intrigues just below the surface created by the machinations of Lady Diana. Lady Caroline is now a widow, with past errors in judgement she fears to hope to feel Sir Antony’s arms enfold her or if she even has the right.

Narrator Marian Hussey, with her distinct storytelling, gave much to this already intriguing book.  This was one of those books you don’t want to stop listening to, grabbing you hook, line and sinker.  I would highly recommend the series in audio.

Lucinda BrantAbout the Author:   LUCINDA BRANT is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning Georgian historical romances and mysteries. Her novels have been described as from ‘the Golden Age of romance with a modern voice’ and ‘heart wrenching drama with a happily ever after’.

Lucinda has degrees in History and Political Science from the Australian National University and a post-graduate diploma in Education from Bond University, where she was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Education. Before becoming a full-time writer, Lucinda taught History and Geography at an exclusive boarding school for young ladies. She drinks too much coffee and is addicted to Pinterest. Come join her there in her 18th Century world:



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  1. carolcork says:

    I finished listening to Lucinda Brant’s Midnight Marriage, book 1 in her Roxtons series, recently which is brilliantly narrated by Alex Wyndham.


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