Audiobook Review: DEMON LAIRD by Kathryn Loch ~ absolutely love the listen

Meet Kathryn Loch and read below about her struggle and success as a published author.

Demon LairdTitle: Demon Laird Legacy of the Mist Clans, book 2
Author: Kathryn Loch
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Pages: 360
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition
Publication Date: November 3, 2013
ISBN-10: 1493656880
ISBN-13: 978-1493656882

Narrated by: Brian J. Gill
Length: 11 hours, 47 minutes
Release Date: June 15, 2015
Published by:  Kathryn Loch, Dragonbourne Publishing



Publisher’s Summary
Captured and tortured by the English during Longshanks’ war against the Scots, Ronan MacGrigor finds the strength to escape only to suffer the fear and rejection of his own clan. Forced to stalk the shadows at night, Ronan becomes a prisoner of illness, fear, and memories. Fearing for his life, his brother summons a healer whose reputation borders on that of a miracle worker, but she comes from the land of the Sassenach, the very people who tried to destroy Ronan.

A foundling, Lia knows little about wars or politics; she knows only how to treat the wounds they create, and her dedication to healing knows no borders. But the Demon Laird cannot abide a Sassenach within his home, and when a mysterious plague strikes the villagers, he looks to the woman of an enemy nation to be its cause. Even in the face of Ronan’s hatred of her and the superstitious fear of the clan, Lia knows she must stand for the truth.

Despite their fear of him, Ronan’s only goal is to protect his clan from the vicious war raging around them, but when the enemy is at his gates, the Demon Laird must answer. Lia wages her own war, that of healing the soul of a tormented laird – where all others have fled in terror, she refuses to run.

The villagers whisper of a curse – the Demon Laird made a deal with the devil – now the devil demands his due.

©2013 Kathryn Loch (P)2015 Kathryn Loch

My Thoughts: The author, Kathryn Loch, drops you into a scene leaving you gasping with feelings of total loss.  She certainly held my attention from that first scene to the end of this lovely listen.

This is a story where friends hold true even when grave mental changes pull the friendship so taut, it could easily snap. Laird MacGrigor, Ronan, goes through terrible internal pain with flashbacks of his time tortured by the Sassenach.  He feels he’s losing his mind and with it his soul.  He rather suffer than try to get help—for fear the physicians will think him possessed.  He has had moments of being lost, but worsened after this time of torture.  When the heroine, Lia, a Sassenach, travels far to come to his aid, he wants her sent back.  How dare his friends bring a Sassenach to his castle?

But beautiful Lia is special, well versed in the healing arts, with a compassionate manner which encourages the clan MacGrigor to trust her. She is a gem inside and out, nor does she become involved in the politics of the area.  She is pure of heart, full of compassionate for the injured and in need.  She learned all she knew from a very wise old woman who couldn’t travel such a distance to care for the Laird.

However much Ronan didn’t want to admire and respect Lia, he came to understand she was sincere in her aid to him and to his villagers, some who were dying from a mysterious condition. With this understanding came respect, admiration and the delightful passionate scenes based on a sincere feeling for the other I enjoy in a read/listen.

I like stories with an intriguing plot complete with love and passion.  Where differences with seemingly insurmountable walls, but gradually dissolve, crumbling inches at a time until they are but ash. Author Ms. Loch has written a highland story with memorable characters and compelling plot where people hold grudges and paint all known enemies with the same stroke of hatred and prejudice.

Narrator Brian J. Gill was a pleasure listening to.  He has narrated many medieval historical romances and brings an energy to the read with his brogue and character portrayals, providing greater understanding and depth of the characters.

Bottom line?  I’m so happy I picked up this listen and I am sure to enjoy to the rest of the series.

Kathryn Loch.About the Author: (taken from
Since high school, Kathryn’s goal has been to become a published author. She pursued that dream relentlessly, studying under Rita Gallagher (co-founder of Romance Writers of America) to learn the industry and her craft. She eventually obtained representation from a highly respected NY agent. Unfortunately, becoming a traditionally published author was not in the stars.

Her writing languished for several years. The rejected manuscripts were no longer eligible for submission to any NY publishing house because once rejected, they cannot be submitted again. They sat on the shelf neglected, covered in dust bunnies and cobwebs while she focused on her professional career of accounting and office management. Accounting wasn’t a subject she enjoyed, but she was good at it.

Then in 2011, life proved to Kathryn that nothing is ever guaranteed when she lost that practical job of accounting (and with over thirty years of experience) and in the same month her husband was also laid off from his job. Both of them suddenly and unexpectedly out of work, they struggled to pay the bills.

A friend of Kathryn’s suggested she take another look at her writing. Having nothing left to lose, she pulled up Amazon’s KDP contract and took a hard look at it. The manuscripts moldering on the shelf would never go anywhere (yet somehow they had survived two hurricanes). She decided that if they could collect dust on the shelf, they could collect dust on Amazon just as well. Perhaps, just perhaps, they could make enough in a month for gas money to drive to job interviews.

Kathryn jumped into independent publishing with both feet at the end of 2012. Because of her past experience, she knew how to market a loss lead, and recognized the value of promotion. In January 2013, to her shock, one novel, Mist Warrior, earned more than she made working the office accounting job in one month.

Then the other books started to make their impact known, and Kathryn not only earned that gas money, but rose to the top ten in author rank in her genre. To say she was absolutely stunned with this turn of events is an understatement. She discussed everything with her husband, crunched the numbers, and developed a plan. Now she pursues the dream that had suddenly presented itself as more viable than the “guaranteed” route full time.

Kathryn writes primarily medieval historical romance but also has a passion for fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary suspense thriller.

She is a Southern California native and was an equestrian, competing in dressage and jumping. After moving to the Southeast Texas area with her husband in 1992, she helped start the equestrian guild in the Society for Creative Anachronism in Texas and has jousted the quintain among learning many other medieval horsemanship skills. She learned to fence with foil, rapier and epee, and was also a combat archer in the S.C.A. If that wasn’t enough, she also holds a blue belt in tae kwon do. She is an artist in digital painting, and 3d modeling, along with painting gaming miniatures.

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