Audiobook Review: THE WEAVER TAKES A WIFE by Sherri Cobb South

A man is not the clothes he wears or his manner of speech.  He is an accumulation of his experiences, his intellect, and above all his concern and respect for his fellow man. Lady Helen Radney, daughter to a duke, does not want to learn anything about her newly acquired husband, Ethan Brundy.  Ethan Brundy’s occupation?  Weaver.  Doesn’t that say it all?

The Weaver Takes a WifeTitle:  The Weaver Takes a Wife
Author: Sheri Cobb South
Genre: Regency Romance
Pages: 268
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition
Published Date: January 2, 2014
ISBN-10: 1492261211
ISBN-13: 978-1492261216



Narrated by: Noah Michael Levine
Length: 5 hours, 29 minutes
Released Date: February 5, 2015
Published by: Sheri Cobb South

Publisher’s Summary: Haughty Lady Helen Radney is one of London’s most beautiful women, and the daughter of a duke, but her sharp tongue has frightened away most of her suitors. When her father gambles away his fortune, the duke’s only chance for recouping his losses lies in marrying off Lady Helen to any man wealthy enough to take a bride with nothing to recommend her but a lovely face and an 800-year-old pedigree.

Enter Mr. Ethan Brundy: once an illegitimate workhouse orphan, now owner of a Lancashire textile mill and one of England’s richest men. When he glimpses Lady Helen at Covent Garden Theatre, he is instantly smitten and vows to marry her. But this commonest of commoners will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to win the heart of his aristocratic bride.

©2014 Sheri Cobb South (P)2015 Sheri Cobb South

My Thoughts: This book was first published in 1999, republished last year with the audio produced at the beginning of this year. It’s satisfying to me to see books being republished and produced in audio. With excellent narrators who know how to tell a good story, it virtually is brought to life.

I enjoyed listening to the introduction to the book by Mary Balogh, giving a good inkling of what was to come while leaving us a few teasers. This story is told with a bit of humor, because frankly, it is a quite humorous situation. Well, not for Lady Helen, nor for Ethan Brundy. It was humorous to this reader to watch the development of a marriage with such peculiar circumstances. How could it possibly be successful?

The hero is neither dashing, debonair, or a rude, intelligent type you find in most Regencies. This hero, Ethan Brundy, is a man honed by his circumstances, hard work, his wits and a stroke of luck when he was taken from the workhouse for orphans to work for a weaver. The hard knocks of life have taught him to go after what he wants. And go after he did, with impossible odds.

When he spied the Lady Helen at a theatre, he knows he must meet her, so has his friend introduce him to the lady. Unfortunately, Ethan never lost his accent which marks him as part of the common, poor folk. His attire, nevertheless clean and of quality, only made people of the ton scoff behind his back. But Ethan has many redeeming qualities, among them are determination, kindness, understanding and patience. Whether or not Lady Helen is sweet or a harpy, he could not take his eyes from her and she was his goal. Ethan Brundy was smitten with cupid’s arrow. But perhaps it would end being more of a dagger!

Lady Helen is a person who knows how to cut people, whose acid tongue and demeanor keep more would-be suitors away, all except those who like the challenge. Her father, a duke, must marry her off, for more reason than to remove the huge amount of money it takes to house her. If her father were completely honest, it really is because of his great loss at cards, a debt now impossible to pay. If something is not done, well they would be simply ruined. His commodity is his daughter.

Ethan approaches Lady Helen’s father asking for her hand. Ludicrous as it seems, once her father checks his credentials and financial capabilities and learns Ethan will pay him a dowry of sorts, versus asking more for taking his daughter, he gives his daughter a choice – to work as a governess or marry, that is, marry Ethan Brundy.

Even after they marry, Lady Helen seeks the balls, the attention of men and one in particular, a Lord Waverly. But Waverly is rather a snake hoping to soil what Ethan won.

Ethan wants her heart, for he was smitten from the first moment he saw her. This simple man won my heart early in the listen. Ethan learns to woo his wife, being such a simple man, it took real resolve and courage to parade in front of the ton. There were so many times she cut him down. So I fell in love with Ethan long before I had any soft feelings for his caustic wife.

The narrator with energy told this delightful Regency with a voice perfect for Ethan Brundy. I saw him clearly in my mind. He encapsulates Ethan’s humble nature, with his lower class accent dropping the h from the word. Lady Helen sounded like a cold fish, although in her inner thoughts she sounded desperate and most of her haughtiness was fear of her husband and the marriage bed and a way to protect herself from the unknown. As her understanding of her husband changes, so, too, we hear the true Lady Helen a woman changed by love.

If you fall in love with Ethan Brandy, be happy! Ms. South has written a trilogy continuing the story of the Brundy’s. The second book is Brighton Honeymoon and lastly Lord Waverly, villain from book one, stars in French Leave.

I intend to continue reading the series and highly recommend this unique story, A Weaver Takes a Wife.

chericobbsouth photoAbout the Author: I am the author of fifteen novels, ranging in genre from regency to mystery to young adult to Christian fiction. I began my career writing teen romance for Bantam’s Sweet Dreams series. When that series was cancelled in 1995, I began writing for adults. I’ve always enjoyed the books of Georgette Heyer, so it was only natural that I should turn to the Regency genre. I love writing (and reading!) books with humor, clever dialogue, and romance. Because my books have no “on-stage” sex scenes, they can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  My works have been translated into Polish, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Norwegian. They have appeared in large-print editions and have been recorded by the U. S. Library of Congress as part of their Books for the Blind program. A native and longtime resident of Alabama, I recently moved to Colorado with my husband of over 30 years. We enjoy the proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the elk that occasionally wander through our neighborhood, but I still speak with a pronounced Southern drawl!


NoahMichaelLevineAbout the Narrator: Actor

Noah Michael Levine (born January 12, 1962 in Nyack, New York), is an actor, screenwriter and film producer. Levine, a Jewish American, has performed on stage and screen in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco…

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