Book Review: Marious’ Story — a fantasy Elven world of adventure, suspense, romance and the paranormal by M.A. Abraham

Marious' StoryTitle: Marious’ Story Elven Chronicles Series, Book 2
Author: M. A. Abraham
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 302
Published by: M. A. Abraham
Publication Date: August 2, 2012
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
ASIN: B008SB2X30



The Elven Chronicles Series (purchase ecopy links):
Marious’ Story
King’s Champion
Life Mate to a King
Return of the Legend
King’s Daughter
Lociel’s Elite Guardian
For the King and Elven Empire

About the Story: Marious is an Elven diplomat and a favorite of the Light Elven King Daroth. It was he who had been chosen to accompany his uncle Gabriel to gather their people to bring back home and now he has once more been chosen to escort his uncle and new life mate Eden to rescue the Sentinels in the Dark Elven King’s lands. Not all has gone well though and he is now being dispatched by the King to travel into the Wild Lands to bring back an Elven maiden that has been seen in visions helping the now very pregnant Eden in her task.  Tamarak has lived in the wild lands almost her entire life, she has been left alone to face the dangers of land and inhabitants and she has done well just to be able to survive. Where she goes her birds follows, her snow owl Elsa and those others that she calls to her aid in times of danger. She is wily and the prettiest little Elf Marious has ever seen outside of his homeland. She is also his soul mate, but she will need time, time to get used to the changes being brought out of her solitary life in the wild lands and in the midst of the Elven Empire. Time to accept that she no longer has to be alone, and he finds she is willing and eager to learn, though not with just anyone.

My Thoughts: This delightful series in a mythical world of Elven is becoming more interesting with each book.  There are two realms where our elven folk live.  The side where the Light Elven live and some Dark Elven seems to be relatively balanced.  Most Elven live in harmony with their brethren.  The Sentinels, huge older trees were in need of saving and the Tratchar, a tree guardian if you will,  Lord General’s new wife, Eden, cannot do it alone.  King Daroth and his wife, both Seers, have seen an Elf, living alone in the wild lands, who may very well help Eden with the challenge.  A special force of elvn have been sent out to locate her. Marious, a young Elf with diplomatic skills was sent to lead the force.  They locate the woman. Her name is Tamarak.

Strong she was, for she have had to be, to survive in the wild lands many years and she had a special gift.  The gift of talking with and communicating with birds.  They had become her friends.  She virtually lost the trappings of a civilized society, quite the wild thing and had found a place amongst the forest and animals.

Not easily captured, she sends the birds and bears to ‘attack’ their campsite and even has the birds attack the men by pooping on their heads – a rather demeaning position to be in.  She’s a mischievous young Elf who enjoys toying with people who come through ‘her world’.  She makes it very hard for them to capture her and once she is, they have other problems on their hands.  They have a common enemy to avoid, so she takes them to her well-hidden cave, although with some trepidation.

Marious, once he sees her, knows her to be his soul mate.  He is ecstatic of course, because not all Elven find their soul mates, although they do marry.  He is quite the romantic and Tamarak is in for a delightful awakening to her new role in life.  I really enjoyed the way he handled his soul mate—with tenderness, humor, charm, and kindness.

Once she is within the living area of the Elven her mother recognizes her. She had been mated by the Dark Elf who captured her while in the wild lands, leaving her daughter behind, and lived in immeasurable wealth with her husband.  Tamarak fights feelings of betrayal and hurt from her mother who never came back to get her.  Life becomes more complicated for her when her Uncle Torrent, known as Uncle Tory to her, comes, and recognizes her.  He has been searching the wild lands all these years.  Thankfully, relieved to find her alive, he has plans for her now which he must complete.

As I meet more and more couples and Elven with special abilities, the richness of the read peaks my curiosity.  Another problem is at hand—the problem of the portal having been opened into the Dark Elven world, letting through monsters and more mischief and chaos arise.  Most definitely, I am well entrenched in this fantasy world and eager to read the next of this series.

If you like your fantasy world, mixed with the paranormal and romance, you should give author M.A. Abraham a read.

M.A. AbrahamAbout the Author: (in her own words)

I have been writing books since before I became a teenager. Most are still hidden in the closet. I used to make up my own stories as a child, everyone used to act them out while we were playing outside. As a teenager someone issued me a challenge. I told her that her stories stunk, she told me to do better.

My job growing up was to play guardian to my little brother, keep him safe. That meant I ended up getting into more fights than enough – makes sense now that I write about warriors.

My family will try to tell you that I’m not innocent, I have a personality that keeps them on their toes. Over my lifetime and theirs I have earn several nicknames – The Godmother, The Evil Christmas Elf (comes from making my nieces wrap their own Christmas presents), Mistress of Ambush. My favorite response to them when they try to get me into trouble is just to look at them with a wide doe eyed expression and say “Moi?????”

I have a seal point Siamese cat named Snoop, named after my favorite cartoon character and hobby. I have a “healthy” but small collection of Snoopy memorabilia. He is a character alright; never met a cat who can talk back like he does. He expects daily dosages of adoration on his schedule when he wants it – not when it’s convenient for me and he HATES snow.

I come from a very large family (mostly brothers) and I could outrun the whole works of them (I’m the shortest!). It was called survival.

This book has been in the making for a long time now. Over a half a year to write it, about the same amount of time to edit it, and probably about the same amount of time to get the art work and website! I have learned you can’t control the timelines of other people – Murphy likes to step in.

So for now I am setting up good luck charms everywhere… didn’t know I had that many stuffed Snoopy’s. *Fingers, legs, toes, eyes and anything else I can crossed*

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5 Responses to Book Review: Marious’ Story — a fantasy Elven world of adventure, suspense, romance and the paranormal by M.A. Abraham

  1. seelkfireice says:

    Great review of my first book boyfriend in the Elven Chronicles. I love Marious and Tamarak’s story

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  2. Yes, he was quite the gentleman. Thank you for introducing me to the author’s work, Eniko.

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  3. emilylucero says:

    Great review. I really enjoyed it .


  4. Thank you for stopping by, Emily. It’s fun to booktalk!


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