Review: LADY BE GOOD by Meredith Duran — released last month

This Regency romance series has caught my attention.  Author Meredith Duran spins a world where the underworld of crime meets the crème de la crème of society with some very surprising results!

Lady Be GoodTitle: Lady Be Good Rules for the Reckless, book 3
Author: Meredith Duran
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Story Setting: London, 1882
Pages: 400
Published by: Pocket Books
Published Date: July 28, 2015
ISBN-10: 1476741379
ISBN-13: 978-1476741376



Rules for the Reckless Series:
That Scandalous Summer 
Your Wicked Heart
Lady Be Good (see purchase buttons below)
Luck Be a Lady

About the Story: The third searing novel in the Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran, the USA TODAY bestselling author of sexy and evocative Regency romances in the tradition of Sarah MacLean.

CATCHING THE LADY RED-HANDED Born to a family of infamous criminals, Lilah Marshall has left behind her past and made herself into the perfect lady. Working as a hostess at Everleigh’s, London’s premier auction house, she leads a life full of art, culture, and virtue. All her dreams are within reach—until a gorgeous and enigmatic viscount catches her in the act of one last, very reluctant theft.

CHASING ONE RED-HOT PASSION Christian “Kit” Stratton, Viscount Palmer, is society’s most dashing war hero. But Kit’s easy smiles hide a dark secret: he is haunted by a madman’s vow to destroy anyone he loves. When his hunt for the enemy leads to Everleigh’s Auction Rooms, he compels Lilah to help him. But one tempting touch may be their undoing—for what Kit needs threatens all Lilah holds dear, and losing her may destroy Kit.

My Thoughts:  In this fast-paced, dangerous and suspenseful story, I experienced the underbelly of how the other side of town lives, along with a hero of very dark thoughts – thoughts of killing whomever is killing his family members one by one!

It’s always a pleasure to read how a poor girl makes good.  Lilah Marshall, aka Lily Monroe, has worked very hard to pull herself out of the thievery and crime environment her uncle thrust her in.  Lilah, however, was no longer a woman unable to take care of herself.  She was brave, courageous and able to think on her feet. She now had mastered the speech and demeanor of a young woman of some worth. She wanted something better in life and worked very hard to achieve it.  I particularly liked she wanted to do this honestly. Her achievement thus far had been to be one of the hand-picked young beauties that grace the halls of Everleigh’s Auction Rooms encouraging the wealthy and titled to purchase rare and lovely collectibles.

Nicholas needed Lilah to secure some documents from Peter Everleigh’s office, not so difficult a task to do.  Lily, although years out of practice, still knew how to pick a lock and many other skills she’d needed to know to stay alive when assisting Nicholas. But to be caught?  And by a viscount?

Lilah is shocked and scared she has lost all the strides she’s made in life. She will be returned to her uncle.  Christian is intrigued to see this beauty.  He could very well relay how he found Lilah, yet something held him back.  She seemed clever and a thief.  What better assistant to aid him? Christian, solely focused to find the man who had killed his brother with promises of further death, needed an ally.  While poor Lilah has lost the documents for her uncle to Christian, he promises to give them back if she’d help him in his scheme.  From both Nicholas and Christian she is blackmailed.  If she doesn’t get the documents before the end of June, Nicholas will blow her cover of respectability. If she doesn’t help Christian the same will happen.  This has me pondering the question, are men very much different even from different walks of life?

Those of the aristocracy lived by a certain set of rules which the seedier part of town scoffed at. Our hero, Viscount Palmer, no longer a believer in these rules was willing to use, manipulate, and blackmail to reach his goal.  Lilah was a pawn, but gradually was much more.  Christian had to protect his family—and soon he had added Lilah to that group.  But Lilah was no simpering flower.  She rose to the task needed to be done.  They were a perfect match indeed.

This was an interesting, twisting story with scenes to make you laugh, others to make you cringe and still others left you doubting if the characters would come out alive. He was no pansy, but a virile specimen of a man, noted as hero by the community for his war efforts.  Yet, this man had a streak of recklessness which called to Lilah.

Uncle Nicholas, was cunning, a leader among his own community, owning much real estate in the poorer part of the city.  He, too, I would consider a hero.  He wasn’t a typical one, but neither was Viscount Palmer.

I enjoyed the camaraderie Catherine Everleigh and Lilah Marshall had, that is once Catherine removed the starch from her tongue!  Yes, they pretty much were thrown together to inventory an estate owned by Christian, which was of great value.  Catherine was exulted about doing it, something most women wouldn’t be able to do.  Lilah was there to assist.  Each women had their strengths and each their weakness.  Catherine was strong-willed and a fighter, yet she lived within the rules of society, wishing she didn’t have to.  Lilah had lived outside the proper rules of society, so each added interest to the plot. And each in their turn were a bit reckless!

I shall be continuing the series with Luck Be A Lady, which releases August 25, 2015.

Meredith DuranAbout the Author: MEREDITH DURAN is the author of eight previous novels, including The Duke of Shadows (winner of the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition); Wicked Becomes You (included on the Woman’s World List of Best Beach Reads for Summer 2010), and the USA TODAY bestseller Fool Me Twice. She blames Anne Boleyn for sparking her lifelong obsession with British history, and for convincing her that princely love is no prize if it doesn’t come with a happily-ever-after. She enjoys collecting old etiquette manuals, guidebooks to nineteenth-century London, and travelogues by intrepid Victorian women. Visit her at, or catch up with her on Twitter: @meredithduran and Facebook: AuthorMeredithDuran.

Visit August 21st for her Summer 2015 blog tour schedule!

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  1. Hi Vikki! I know how much you read. Have you read any of Meredith Duran? If so, what did you think about her writing? Thanks for the reblog.


  2. carolcork says:

    I have read a lot of good things about Meredith Duran’s books but haven’t read any og her books yet. Do you think this would be a good one to start with?


  3. I know how you enjoy reading a series from its beginning. I’ll be reading book 4 since it’s coming out August 25, however, I will be going back to reading book 1 and 2. Wait a little while and I’ll be reviewing book 1 and be able to give you a better answer.

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  4. Reblogged this on silvatrend8553 and commented:
    Looks like a Good Read!! I’ll have to check this one out.


  5. carolcork says:

    Thank you, Dot. 🙂


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