Audiobook Review: HIGHLAND COURAGE by Ceci Giltenan

“Fear and courage are brothers.” Quote from Highland Courage 

The adage, you reap what you sow comes to mind in this wonderful Highland tale.

Highland CourageTitle: Highland Courage Duncurra book 2
Author: Ceci Giltenan
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: The Western Highlands, 1360
Pages: 274
Published by: Duncurra LLC
Publication Date: June 17, 2014

Narrated by: Paul Woodson
Length: 9 hours, 46 minutes
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Published by: Duncurra LLC

Duncurra Novel Series (click on title to hear sample of book narration/purchase):
Highland Solution
Highland Courage
Highland Intrigue

Duncurra Novel Series (click on title to purchase e-copy):
Highland Solution
Highland Courage
Highland Intrigue

Publisher’s Summary:

Her parents want a betrothal, but Mairead MacKenzie can’t get married without revealing her secret, and no man will wed her once he knows.

Plain in comparison to her siblings and extremely reserved, Mairead has been called “MacKenzie’s Mouse” since she was a child. No one knows the reason for her timidity and she would just as soon keep it that way. When her parents arrange a betrothal to Laird Tadhg Matheson, she is horrified. She only sees one way to prevent an old secret from becoming a new scandal.

Tadhg Matheson admires and respects the MacKenzies. While an alliance with them through marriage to Mairead would be in his clan’s best interest, he knows Laird MacKenzie seeks a closer alliance with another clan. When Tadhg learns of her terrible shyness and her youngest brother’s fears about her, Tadhg offers for her anyway.

Secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. With Tadhg’s unconditional love, can Mairead find the strength and courage she needs to handle the consequences when they do?

©2014 Susan Cusack/Ceci Giltenan (P)2014 Susan Cusack/Ceci Giltenan

My Thoughts: I was so excited when I finished this audio, I immediately purchased Highland Intrigue, third in the series.

Mairead came to Tadhg’s keep with rumors and gossip aplenty. Many thought her nickname was given as weakness. Rather it was given for her coloring compared to her family. The memories of a painful experience when but fourteen had turned the vivacious young, tender-hearted girl into one that feared people, therefore her seemingly timid demeanor. If she ventured forth from her home, would she run into the young men, now much older,  who had attacked her and taken what she didn’t willingly give?

I love how this ‘mouse’ of a woman made her way into the hearts of her new clan, whether it be taking part in knowing the elders of the clan or winning over the steward. She had so many skills to benefit this clan, but she tread carefully. They hadn’t had a chatelain since Tadhg’s mother passed away some ten years previous.

Mairead was a pure heroine in my eyes. She sought people out, helping the village people. She’d listen to their problems and tried to solve them. Her heart was only full of forgiveness when she dealt with the animosity of her clansmen.

Ceci Giltenan kept me listening intensely, cheering Mairead on as she approaches her marriage with total truth, open heart and  strong will. However, her past will haunt her once again. This time she has the support and respect of Tadhg as well as his new founded love.

Truly this was an inspirational book. Mairead had learned to take care of herself and speak up for herself. There were many facets of this story and characters which added to the suspense. Flan, Mairead’s brother played a huge part in the new direction of Mairead’s life. Oren, the steward, once won over, could not do other than see only the good in Mairead. Two village women exhibited how important loyalty is to their Laird. Mairead overcomes much with her steadfast character.

Narrator Paul Woodson did a marvelous job telling this story. He was fully engaged with each character’s personality and emotion which engages the reader. Pacing was perfect. His voice for women is certainly believable and his Scottish accent adds to the pleasure of the listening placing the listener within the Highlands.

Ceci GiltenanAbout the Author: Ceci started her career as an oncology nurse at the NIH, and eventually became a medical writer. She is married to an Irish carpenter and they raised their family in central New Jersey. Now she is breaking away from drug development and writing a few “happily ever after’s.”

She is thrilled to be a member of the Guardians of Cridhe who will be releasing their first collection of new Scottish historical novellas, The Scrolls of Cridhe, Volume 1- Highland Winds, on November 17, 2014. Working with stellar authors in the genre, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Suzan Tisdale, Kathrine Lynn Davis, Lily Baldwin, Kate Robbins and Tarah Scott has been nothing short of magical.

The Guardians of Cridhe are donating a portion of the royalties from the sale of all e-books to the Cancer Research Institute, the world’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the science of cancer immunology with the goal of developing new ways to harness the immune system to prevent, treat, and–one day–cure cancer.

SmirkthumbAbout the Narrator, Paul Woodson: Narrator Paul Woodson records, edits, and master audiobooks commissioned by authors and publishers through Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). He’s been an AEA and SAG actor for almost 20 years, with most of his work in Theater. He studied theater at Boston University’s BFA program with work in classical theater, dialect and vocal training. When he was a lad (love that word) his family lived in England where his father did graduate work at Cambridge. I asked Paul how he had such great accents in this reading. His answer was thus:

“Perhaps the immersion at a young age, plus my frequent portrayal of Englishmen and Scotsmen has kept my dialects sharp over the years.”

He has narrations of 40 books presently on Amazon. If you are a medieval romance historical romance reader, check out his narrations of books from Ceci Giltenan and Lily Baldwin and now Jennifer Lee Davis. If any of my author friends need a narrator who speaks French and German among other talents, seek him out.


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  1. vvaught512 says:

    Wow! This must be a fantastic book! I’ll have to check it out.


  2. vvaught512 says:

    Just purchased the first book in the series!


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  4. I’m glad you liked it.


  5. Great! We’ll compare notes.


  6. I appreciate the reblog. Wonderful series and author.


  7. seelkfireice says:

    Loved this audio, the story is very engaging and Paul Woodson’s voice is one of my faves.


  8. I’m now listening to one of Paul’s narration of a classic. It’s called EFFICIENCY EXPERT by Edgar Borrough. A fun listen!

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