Review: MIFFED AGAIN by Audrie Clifford

Ever consider how you’d react when faced with having to live with someone completely your opposite?  Miffed Again will have you nodding, agreeing and entirely amused!

Miffed AgainTitle: Miffed Again
Author: Audrie Clifford
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pages: 256
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: June 19, 2015
ISBN-10: 1514105225
ISBN-13: 978-1514105221

About the Story: Wilma and Bunny are most unlikely roommates. Bunny has enjoyed a quiet life as a wife,mother, and devout Christian; Wilma was rejected by her own family while still a teenager because of her sexual proclivities. Wilma has retired, and is anticipating a peaceful existence without being known as a lesbian.

After the death of her husband, Bunny was taken into her daughter’s family but has come to realize that one of her grandchildren needs the bedroom that “Grandma” uses. Circumstances force each of them to seek housing in a subsidized Senior Housing community, but with only one apartment available at the time, they reluctantly agree to move in together. Adjusting to changes can be difficult at any age, but with both women in their early 70’s, it just could be impossible.

My Thoughts:  As we age, changes just get harder.  At the same time, situations arise where there is little choice in our lives.  If you’ve lived long enough, you certainly can relate.  To manage is to adapt. This is a story about two women trying to do just that.

Author Audrie Clifford set the story in such a situation with two very opinionated and strong women, both as opposing in their opinions of lifestyle and beliefs as you can get. The one common factor is they are both in need of living in this particular apartment complex, in this particular apartment.

Both were intent to have the apartment to themselves although they agreed to live together when they had no choice.  Who wants to room with some unknown person, not of their ilk in the later years of life?  Heck, who any time in life would care to?

I took sides in who was right. After all, I’m close enough to their age I felt I had a right to an opinion.  You might react the same.  It was interesting how I changed my stance as I read.

I certainly could relate to having a dog.  Bunny wanted one, Wilma didn’t.  So Bunny got it, but when you’re sharing an apartment, how is it possible to not share such a creature – dirt, adorable posturing, licks and all?

The story was told in first person, Wilma being the narrator.  She was the feisty, liberal of the two.  Her experience having a roomy was new to her.  She’d always been alone by choice.  I loved to see the growth in her spirit of acceptance of others, and learning to realize she could love.  I enjoyed the times when she absolutely spoke out when people would infringe too far into her space.

Since this was Wilma’s story she didn’t have many good words about Bunny, but gave her credit when she deserved it.  Bunny also learned much from living with Wilma. She could tolerate and eventually accept people who didn’t believe as she did.  I actually ended up being proud of both ladies.


Author Audrie Clifford

This was a delightful story penned by a feisty woman herself, Audrie Clifford.  I never tire of what she writes.  She’s unique in and of herself and entertains with her special gift of getting inside the head of ordinary people dealing with difficult times.  Her writing is effective.  I cried when I was supposed to and laughed when I should.  Where Wilma and Bunny were constantly miffed, I was not.  Thank you, Audrie, for the fun read.

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2 Responses to Review: MIFFED AGAIN by Audrie Clifford

  1. oneaudangel says:

    My goodness, Eileen —What a wonderful review! It leaves me speechless.


  2. It was one of your better. Still Maggie Whitson is my first.


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