Review: A PLAIN ADVENTURE by Cyndi Lord ~ an Amish story

Life for Kristi just couldn’t get any tougher.  Many teenagers find themselves facing some of the very issues she faces. A great book for the young teen and an intriguing read for an adult perhaps trying to understand a very angry one.

25181985Title: A Plain Adventure The Plain Series, book 2
Author: Cyndi Lord
Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age
Pages: 294
Published by: White Bird Publication
Published Date: March 17, 2015
ISBN-10: 1633630870
ISBN-13: 978-1633630871

The Plain Series:
A Plain Wish
A Plain Adventure
A Plain Love
releasing winter, 2015

Publisher’s Summary: Kristi Becker ran away from Batesville, Indiana after her parents divorced. Once she made it to her Amish friend, Betty Miller’s house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she learned about family life grounded in God. Thinking her grandmother lives in Lancaster, Kristi’s dream of finding and regaining the love she once remembered will soon be fulfilled. When she learns her grandmother had moved to Clarksville, Texas, Kristi decided to drive across the country with her friend, Betty, and friend’s brother, Jacob. While they journey in A Plain Adventure, they encounter fears, trials, challenges, and something else happens. Is Jacob, the Amish young man, falling in love with the Englischer, rebellious, Kristi? In Texas, conflicts begin in ways Kristi never anticipated. In the end, love prevails, but what will the future bring?

My Thoughts: I realize this is a series and not reading the first book put me in the middle of an issue where I would have benefitted if I understood why Kristi had such anger issues and why she took such drastic risks by running away from home. Therefore reader, my suggestion is to read book one, A Plain Wish before you read A Plain Adventure.

Kristi reaches out to her pen pal, Betty, an Amish girl from Lancaster. She runs from home and stays with her family. In book two she is driving her new car, registered in her dad’s name, taking her friend Betty and her brother Jacob to visit her grandmother who now lives in Texas.

These two young people have never been outside an Amish community. All the gadgets we take for granted are completely new and sometimes frightening. This story not only is a good read, but we learn about the Amish who most people know very little about. The Amish in general don’t believe in hitting or hugging, they should never be rude, a man shouldn’t do ‘women’s work’, they are hardworking, early risers, soft spoken and speak very directly.

Kristi is looking for love. She has found it in Betty’s family. She remembers how much she enjoyed being with her grandmother and was disappointed she had left Lancaster moving to Texas. Kristi wants to belong to a family who loves each other. Her divorced mom and dad had remarried giving Kristi no sense of belonging. Strong and spirited, not willing to settle for the choice her parents gave her, she seeks her grandmother who she remembers as loving.

I was intrigued what Kristi’s friends thought and reacted about certain events and was charmed by the way they spoke and the way Jacob took care of his younger sister Betty. I understood the author spent some time with the Amish to better understand their people and community.

Kristi Becker was a young girl with lots of anger issues and blamed the course of her life on her dad. Her dad had taken her home from her and wanted to separate her from her friends and grandmother. As a character, I had problems connecting with Kristi. She seemed to have two personalities, one she kept for her Amish friends and her grandmother and the other for her father or anyone who gets in her way for what she wants. However, that being said, with all her flaws, I see the hurt person behind all she does.

We briefly meet Kristi’s father who is a frustrated parent having reached the end of his rope. The author portrays his frustration and anger superbly as well as the overwhelming anger Kristi is going through. Her dialog was right on.

I first learned of Ms. Lord’s talent when I read her mystery, They Call Me Murdered. She is presently working on the second of that series, They Call Me Missing.

I was pleasantly surprised she had ‘tucked in’ Sandra Derringer, a private investigator, into The Plain Series, as neighbor to Betty’s grandmother. Ms. Lord writes quality stories. By the time I finished with book 2, I was very interested in going back to book 1 and experience all this teen-ager had. It’s not easy being a teenager. They sometimes lash out without thought, but not necessarily without cause. Book 3 releases winter 2015 titled A Plain Love.

I very much recommend this book for young adults and older readers who delight in reconnecting with the hardest time in a person’s life – being a teenager.

Cyndi Lord courthouse - CopyAbout the Author: Cyndi Lord moved to North East Texas in 2005 where she lives on a ranch with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. An award winning author, she recently decided to go into semi-retirement from her career as a private investigator and research paralegal in order to write full time. Her novels incorporate her professional experience into the plots readers love to unravel along with the investigator.

She is active in a ministry to the homeless and enjoys many aspects of philosophy. As an animal lover, she is a vegan, and strong voice against cruelty to animals. Cyndi and her husband have nine adult children, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. For tranquility she loves to work in the garden, and bake. Painting nature scenes is her favorite joy after writing.


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40 Responses to Review: A PLAIN ADVENTURE by Cyndi Lord ~ an Amish story

  1. Cyndi Lord is an accomplished writer and story teller. Her literary painting of Kristi’s story is entertaining and educational to the Amish world. I read her first book and can’t wait to read this one.

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  2. I reviewed A Plain Wish and loved it from beginning to end! I had know problem relating to Christy as a rebellious teen except for her running away. I blame that on not being a child of divorce and having never been in that situation. This book was well paced and the action never slowed. Whether it was getting someone to the hospital or learning how to do her Amish chores on the farm. I can’t wait until I get A Plain Adventure and have a chance to read it!

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    • Deb, if you are half as enthusiastic with A Plain Adventure, I’m sure you will love it. I hadn’t had the chance to read book one, but will remedy that before book three comes out.

      I’m not quite sure if you are saying that I couldn’t relate to Kristi because I didn’t come from a divorced family or not. I don’t believe my problem is that. I know the tremendous emotional upheaval divorce has on family units, both adults and children. Kristi is really quite complex and has a lot to learn in her young life. That’s what makes following a character through a series interesting. Kristi was just hard for me to like as a character, as she is in book two. Betty was lovable. Jacob was a little more complex. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book. I think Ms. Lord did a marvelous job showing all facets of each of her characters’ personalities.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Deb.


  3. Larry Thompson says:

    I am a friend of Mrs Lord. she is definitely an accomplished author, You will know when you read her book that she has done her research. You will love her professionalism and attention to details. and yo will definitely love her book.


  4. Alice Poll says:

    Cyndi Lord has done it again…she has made a Plain Adventure, anything but Plain. I love this Amish series, Kristie’s innocence along with troubled teen age years. Coming from a divorced family feeling that she is pushed aside for another love in her father’s/mothers life, so she runs to a friend who she thinks she can replace her own family, looking to fit in, even learning the Amish way. Her innocence always seems to find trouble, very suspenseful as she encounters these adventures, but she get through all the hurdles with her Amish friends. Thank you Cyndi for another great book, please continue writing….we enjoy it 🙂

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  5. E. Prybylski says:

    Ms. Lord is a great writer, and I’m so glad you enjoyed her book! She’s got such attention to detail, and is such a wonderful woman to talk to. She’s full of stories which is one of the reasons I think she’s such an awesome writer!

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  6. emil says:

    Your story sounds very interesting. Being an aspiring writer myself, i wish us both luck in the future 🙂

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  7. marywehr says:

    Great post. Cyndi is an awesome author 🙂


  8. This book looks at the life and views of the Amish which is a little-known subject for most of us. I grew up in Kansas near an Amish community, yet I knew little about them. Good book, good series. Looking forward to reading more.


  9. Frankie Capers says:

    Cyndi is a great writer and an encourager to other authors. “A Plain Wish” will grab all your emotions. You laugh, you cry and you move on, as real life moves on. The story is a good choice for a series. I haven’t had the opportunity to read “A Plain Adventure”, but I’m sure it compliments “A Plain Wish”, as will the third in the series.


  10. Awesome author, I have had the pleasure of reading some of her works, this one definitely goes in my tbr list…

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  11. Ica's World says:

    Oh, what a beautiful review. Now I want to read the story. I had the pleasure of meeting Cyndi in a critique group and her writing is outstanding.

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  12. Cyndi Lord has spoken to the writers group I direct and is a knowledgeable speaker and writer. This is a great review of Cyndi’s work and well deserved.

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  13. nokomissun says:

    I have the pleasure of knowing Cyndi from our online critique groups where we assist other writers and have them review our works. I have not yet read any of her books but plan to look into them. As a fellow author/writer I am happy for her success. Now I’ve been inspired to get going on my own books while critiquing and writing reviews.


    • Thank you for joining us today. I admit all writers need encouragement to pursue their dreams. It’s a lot of work to develop a story which will entrap an audience. I wish you much success on your own journey.


  14. Anie Dortch says:

    I have read Cyndi Lords first Book, A plane wish. I would not advise reading it if you have to go to work the next day! You will not be able to put it down!!!
    I can’t wait to start reading her second book, A plain adventure, to find out how Kristies search for her Grandmother turns out.
    i know I for one will be sad when I finish the last in the series. You feel like you Lost good friends when the end comes.


    • Anie, I can so relate to finishing a series. It’s much like losing friends and a community. That being said, you’ll have the chance to read the series again and meet up with your ‘old’ pals. There are some series I’ve read five to six times. They become very much a part of you!


  15. As a woman versed in editing and writing well, you can expect for it to show in her work. Her success in the industry is proof as well.

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  16. Emma Gitani says:

    Both of these books are now on my TO BE READ list. I’ve read some excerpts of Ms. Lord’s prose and her voice is amazing.

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  17. Michael McCully says:

    Cyndi is a very diverse writer that I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from, I’d strongly suggest taking the time to sit down and read some of her work.


    • Thank you for sharing the love of Cyndi’s work. She is a great teacher. One evening she tore apart a couple of paragraphs I’d written. You can’t imagine, or maybe you can, how much I learned in that short lesson! It’s the details of writing that make it flow.


  18. I have two books now to put in my to be read pile, yay! I read They Call Me Murdered and really enjoyed it. I love young adult books and as a writer, wish I had the talent to write them. Nice going, Cyndi!


  19. Carol Franciotti says:

    I have read only one book written by Cyndi Lord. I no sooner finished reading that book and I wanted more!
    Her style of writing is superb. It is easy and always flows. It is enchanting and enthralling. She makes you feel as if you are right there in the story, part of it and that you personally know some of the characters. I felt as though I was right there beside Sandy Derringer, experiencing all of the adventures with her!
    Cyndi Lord keeps her audience mesmerized and always wanting more and isn’t that what a good writer does?
    I can’t wait to read more of Cyndi’s work, I so look forward to it!

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  20. Cyndi Lord says:

    Thank you everyone! Your comments mean so much to me. Eileen, your review is awesome and I am honored to have a place on your book talk blog. Thank you!

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  21. Sue Abram says:

    Love, love, love this book as much as I did the first one. Cannot wait until the third one comes out. I am going to give these to my niece who is struggling with blended families, different parenting styles and just being 15. I hope she gets something from them. Again, can’t wait for the third installment of this series.

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