Review: LEGEND OF THE FAE by April Holthaus

Do we ever control our own destiny?  Are there not forces in play we know not, which lead us down the path we follow?

Legend of the Fae coverTitle: Legend of the Fae The Dark Fae Saga, book 1
Author: April Holthaus
Genre: Fantasy
Story Setting: Ferryden, Scotland, 1403
Pages: 242
Published by: Grey Eagle Publishing, LLC
Published Date: March 19, 2015


Publisher’s Summary: The Legend begins…
After returning home from battle against a neighboring clan, Laird Galen Graham stumbles upon an injured woman in desperate need of care and protection. Discovering the lass cannot speak, wanting to return her to her family becomes a difficult task. While trying to solve the mystery behind who she is, Galen finds himself falling in love with a lass he knows nothing about.

Ella of Andor, knows nothing but wickedness and blood thirst for power as she follows in the footsteps of her predecessor, Alaris, a dark Fae queen. While heading on a quest to ensure her people’s victory against their enemy, Ella is led to the heart of the Highlands where she soon discovers the truth about her past that would change her life forever.

Follow Ella and Galen’s fantastic journey filled with magic, danger, love, and mystery.

My Thoughts: This fantasy took us to Scotland of old, much like a historical romance would then added a totally different realm gotten to through a special portal.  It was one of those books you don’t put down because so many questions had to be answered.

Two Fae sisters, born from the Fae King of the North, battled for control in the land of the Fae, Queen Talara and her sister Queen Alaris.  Alaris, the dark Fae had captured children from the real world, since she had been cursed not to have any of her own, from a small village in Scotland.  These children became her minions in the Fae world.  Being human they obtained supernatural powers and helped battle Queen Talara. They also had hearts as black as their queen’s.

Galen, at 15, was three years older than Ella at the time she was taken. He had loved Ella something fierce and when he saw her and the other children taken in front of his eyes, he couldn’t believe it and for six years he left the village to look for them. He had finally come to terms with losing her, but at 25, even though a laird of his small clan he wouldn’t take a wife.

Ella, princess of Andor, one of 13 children captured ten years ago, was sent on a mission, but decided to step through the portal, forbidden for all to go. In that split second and with that decision, Ella initiates her destiny to fulfill a prophecy. Ella finds herself in a new world, Scotland in autumn.  It was cold and she wasn’t wearing sufficient clothes to keep her warm, with no weapons and incredibly no voice. She became prey to any evil lurking about.

When Galen found a woman being attacked by three men in one of his outbuildings, he stopped them commanding them off his land.  Very protectively, he carrys this beautiful, fragile, white-haired creature back to his keep. And now, my reader, this is where I say, your path may be your own, but you have no control of its direction.

April Holthaus didn’t disappoint us for we receive our happy ever after ending for our heroine Ella and hero Galen. She combined Fantasy with ancient Scotland, both very much to my liking interlocked as they were.  This was an enchanting beginning to a sure-to-be entertaining series.

April Holthaus 2About the Author: April lives in central Minnesota with her husband and son. She developed her passion of historical romances through her love of history and genealogy. Over the last several years she has compiled her family tree finding over 350 bloodline grandparents dating back to the 900s.

When not working or writing, April enjoys spending time with her family, reading and being outdoors.

Follow her at:

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4 Responses to Review: LEGEND OF THE FAE by April Holthaus

  1. I love April’s books and this is one of the best Fae books I have ever read!


  2. I’m happy to hear that! We have book 2 coming out very soon.


  3. I have wanted to read this one, but didn’t manage to get it while it was much cheaper, so I’ll have to keep it on my wish list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Don’t skip it if you’re interested in following the series. It will add a lot to what will happen in book two.


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