Book Review: A HIGHLAND KNIGHT’S DESIRE by Amy Jarecki

A Highland Knight's DesireTitle: A Highland Knight’s Desire, A Highland Dynasty Book 2
Author: Amy Jarecki
Genre: Historical Scottish Romance
Story Setting: 1478, Highlands, Lowlands, Scotland
Pages: 385
Published by: Kindle Press
Published Date: March 3, 2015

A Highland Dynasty Book Series (in order):
Knight in Highland Armor
A Highland Knight’s Desire
A Highland Knight to Remember
Highland Knight of Rapture

Publisher’s Summary: In 15th century Scotland, Sir Duncan rescues Lady Meg from the clutches of the Earl of Northumberland, and is knocked off guard by the sassy, redheaded lass. And aye, the tall, dark, and rugged Highlander challenges Meg’s piety with his every stare.

Sir Duncan must return Lady Meg to her family and collect his bounty before the lass further sinks her wiles into his heart. But Northumberland is brewing revenge, and this time it’s not only Lady Meg he intends to ruin. If Northumberland’s ruse is not exposed, Meg may very well end up becoming a nun and Duncan a pawn in a deadly game.

My Thoughts:  Not for one moment does Ms. Jarecki’s tale disappoint.  Even though I listened to book three before I read this one, it didn’t detract from the glorious adventure that awaited me.

There are a couple of notable ‘likes’ to this book.  I loved the way she takes me to the end of a chapter, dangling me with only her words over a precipice of sorts. I internally groan, every sense alerted, then she shifts me to a new scene with a different set of characters also struggling and fighting demons in their path. This writing style is quite invigorating, even when frightening, and was something that appeals to me. It certainly ratchets up the fear and suspense factor.

I also enjoyed how Meg struggles with acceptance of her future and convinces herself she wants it – to spend her days in a nunnery, versus whom she really is — the little spit-fire with a heart as strong and brave as any knight.  She is a remarkable character.  Meg had a deformed hand and worried what people would think of her, that’s why she opted for the nunnery.  When men saw her face they were spell bound with her beauty, but when they saw her hand they quickly recoiled.  She always hid it until Sir Duncan Campbell made her feel completely whole.  He felt it of no import.

Religion had a big influence on the people of the time.  Anything having to do with people acting or physically out of the norm could easily lead to an accusation of witchery or practicing magic.  You will see how susceptible people were to this notion as the author uses this to weave her story.

I enjoy how Ms. Jarecki gives her characters humor.  When moments are at their toughest, she slips in a bit of humor making me admire the characters even more. (It also helps me slow my breathing!) I had to laugh at Duncan’s doggedness or perhaps just luck for getting out of very tight situations.  Even when on death’s door, he was able to joke.

Do I enjoy this series?  Absolutely!  Read or in audio it has been immensely entertaining.

The magic between Meg and Duncan was purely sensual and loving, but not without its problems.  Ah, no wonder we gravitate to Ms. Jarecki for she knows how to woo our hearts,  to spellbind us to awesome passion, love, adventure and danger.

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