Audiobook Review: MY BRAVE HIGHLANDER by Vonda Sinclair

My Brave Highlander coverTitle: My Brave Highlander The Highland Adventure Series
Author: Vonda Sinclair
Genre:  Historical Romance
Story Setting: Scotland, 1618
Pages: 334
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published Date: September 11, 2012
ISBN-10: 1478342773
ISBN-13: 978-1478342779

Narrated by: Dave Gillies
Length: 12 hours, 114 minutes
Published by: Vonda Sinclair
Release Date: June 1, 2015

The Highland Adventure Series (in order e-copy):
My Fierce Highlander EPIC Award Winner
My Wild Highlander National Readers’ Choice Award Winner
My Brave Highlander
My Daring Highlander
My Notorious Highlander
My Rebel Highlander

The Highland Adventure Series (in audiobook) :
My Fierce Highlander
My Wild Highlander
My Brave Highlander

Publisher’s Summary: Battle-hardened warrior Dirk MacLerie isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He’s Dirk MacKay, heir apparent to the MacKay chiefdom and Dunnakeil Castle on the far north coast of Scotland. When he returns home after a long absence, will his clan know him, and will the duplicitous enemy that tried to murder him 12 years ago kill him in truth this time?

Lady Isobel MacKenzie is a beautiful, young widow betrothed to yet another highland chief by her brother’s order. But when her future brother-in-law accosts her and threatens to kill her, she is forced to flee into a highland snowstorm. When she runs into a rugged, imposing man she thought dead, she wonders whether he will turn her over to her enemy or take her to safety.

Dirk remembers the enchanting, dark-eyed Isobel from when he was a lad, but now she is bound to another man by legal contract, an important detail she would prefer to forget. She wishes to choose her own husband and has her sights set on Dirk. But he would never steal another man’s bride, would he? The tantalizing lady fires up his passions, testing his willpower and honor at every turn, even as some of his own treacherous clansmen plot his downfall.

©2012 Vonda Sinclair (P)2015 Vonda Sinclair

My Thoughts:  This author has a way with words, whether they be the inner dialog of the characters or actual dialog, she is simply one of the best. From Lady Isobel’s escape into a snow storm with a broken finger and little provisions, to happening upon Dirk MacKay and Rebbie when Lady Isobel and her maid were half-frozen, to meeting Dirk’s clan, brothers and step-mother when all thought him dead, to treachery immediate at hand, what a fantastic adventure! With hand clutching my throat the listen captured my Scottish heart.


MacKay Tartan

Lady Isobel was daring, brave, gusty and still a virgin after her widowhood. Her choice was Dirk MacKay whom she found was all goodness.

But how to escape the treachery of Nolan? Would her betrothed, Laird Toran McCloud, not see she could no longer marry him and live under the same roof as his licentious brother?  Would Cyrus, Isobel’s brother, insist she return to her betrothed?

Dirk wanted to return to his sick father, after 12 long years away having received a missive from the only man who knew him alive, his uncle.  Would his Da still be alive when he returned?  Would his Da understand why he had to fake his death when dead he surely would have been if he stayed?

Dirk’s step mother, had two faces, one for her sons and the other for her stepson.  She had always hated him and was outraged he was not dead. How would she get what she wanted now?

This story is one I easily could listen to again.  Dave Gillies has wonderful storytelling200px-Clan_MacKay_(MacIan) ability with the versatility of his voice, portraying very clearly the emotional mindset of the characters.

Who are characters memorable to me other than Dirk and Isobel?  Rebbie, Dirks best friend who wouldn’t let him take the journey north alone; Haldane, youngest brother to Dirk, twisted by his step-mother’s desires; gifted Aiden, brother to Dirk, who remembered his brother, only wanted to do what is right and honorable; Myra, Dirks step-mother with a blackened heart, who could act so ruthlessly for her sons and what she thought was best for them.

Author Sinclair has woven a wonderfully adventurous story with honorable and upright highlanders who are the perfect heroes.  She never disappoints me as I work through The Highland Adventures.

Vonda SinclairAbout the Author: Vonda Sinclair’s favorite indulgent pastime is exploring Scotland, from Edinburgh to the untamed and windblown north coast. She also enjoys creating hot, Highland heroes and spirited lasses to drive them mad. Her historical romance novels have won an EPIC Award and a National Readers’ Choice Award. She lives with her amazing and supportive husband in the mountains of North Carolina where she is no doubt creating another Scottish story.

035020_ac24474048d54fbd85f88be96914927b.jpg_srz_193_418_75_22_0.50_1.20_0About the Narrator:  David Gillies is a multi-talented individual living in Glasgow, Scotland.

He is also an actor, singer, bassist, pianist, violinist, composer, musical director, sound designer and radio producer. Make sure to listen to a sample of his work in My Brave Highlander.  He has wonderful vibrant, exciting voice only enhancing Ms. Sinclair’s writing and fabulous stories.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful and amazing review!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


  2. Hey, Vonda, I call ’em like I see them. 🙂


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  4. kelihasablog says:

    I absolutely loved the book, so looking forward to hearing Dirk and Isobel exchanges. Love that sexy accent!! 😍


  5. Dave Gillies is remarkable.

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