Review: My Hunted Highlander by Nancy Lee Badger

My Hunted HighlanderTitle: My Hunted Highlander Kilted Athletes Through Time Series, book 3 and final
Author: Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Time Travel, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
Story Setting: 1603, Scotland
Pages: 286
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition
Published Date: June 18, 2015
ISBN-10: 1514316145
ISBN-13: 978-1514316146


Kilted Athletes Through Time Series:
My Lady Highlander
My Dark Highlander
My Hunted Highlander

Official Summary: Plucked naked from the North Sea, bruised and nearly drowned, Niall Sinclair wakes bound to the mast of the pirate ship, The Black Thistle. Hiding his identity, and brutalized by the first mate and other seamen, their captain comes to his aid. Her identity, and gender, are a surprise, and his physical reaction to her makes him nearly forget his need to escape, and return to his clan. When kidnapped from her shipbuilding business in modern day Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the last place Blair MacIan figured to end up, was at the helm of a pirate ship in 1603 Scotland. With her abusive husband dead, and the ship, the crew, and their people under her care, the last thing she needed was to fish a naked man from the sea. His ravaged face and ragged sandy hair could not detract from his magnificence, and she sensed in him, a means for her own escape.

My Thoughts: Niall Sinclair, son of Laird Angus Sinclair of Castle Ruadh, thought to be dead when fallen off a cliff into the North Sea, is miraculously dragged on board a pirate ship, more dead than alive.  That being said, he’s a Scot with a honed body of muscle and is able to withstand an exorbitant amount of punishment. He survives and then some.

His mission was to capture his father. His father had always been a son of a bitch, but seems to have lost control of his normal senses recently. He dabbles in magic and wants his sons, Gavin and Niall, under his control and will achieve it through any means at his disposal. Laird Sinclair’s latest exploits were to create a dragon to do his bidding. Making him more dangerous, he has learned how to travel through time thereby escaping some very harassing situations.

Niall wasn’t dead when hauled on board The Black Thistle, but Raven, first mate to the captain, wished he had been.  The captain appeared interested in the man, more than Raven’s jealousy tolerated.

Blair wasn’t a ship’s captain by choice.  Having been pulled from the 21st century by her now dead husband, gave her little choices.  She decided to use her knowledge and skills to settle what remained of her village after being set upon and the village destroyed.  She did this quite admirably.  But her position as captain of The Black Thistle was precarious.

Blair had mistakenly let Raven Snoddy into her bed once, and never wanted him there again.  He was a man who found it hard to hear the word no.  With Niall on board, the dynamics of the relationships changed.

Niall was not unhappy he was so bruised for his time in the sea (covered his identity), but he was unhappy for the many more bruises to come, for come they did! Even when injured he showed a sense of humor.  He preferred not to be recognized as the son of Laird Angus, however, since Angus’s reputation preceded him.  There was immediate attraction between Niall and Blair.  Niall willed his body to behave, but it would not.  When Blair was near, the air crackled and sparks flew with combustible secret moments of lusty, hot sex.

Further comments?  Blair’s young adopted son, Keegan, stole the show.  Dorcas Swann was back with her witchcraft saving many a bad moment. I liked that old witch! Blair was a gusty, I-can-do woman who was able to measure situations quickly, assess the good and bad then act, but I felt her good attributes suffered a wee bit by her unrestrained reaction to Niall. But then, is every heroine perfect?  I loved the fact that Niall was so protective of Blair and her son, but would have found him more lovable and honorable if he used more restraint in his sexual lust.   Of course, these last comments are surely my own preference and other readers may not feel the same way.

Bard Nancy Lee Badger writes an entertaining descriptive tale with dialog which pulls the story along at a good clip.  She fills my head with dragons, brawny Scots appearing in the 21st century, magic, brownies and the wonder of a fantastic adventure in her three-book series.  I wish I had a Dorcas Swann handy! (It’d make time travel so much easier.) Thank you, Ms. Badger for sharing your world with your readers!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbout the Author: Nancy Lee Badger grew up in Huntington, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. With a love of art and skiing she found her niche at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. Surrounded by ski areas and a fantastic art program, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education.

The bonus of struggling through four years of classes? She also met her one and only true love…her husband, R-G. As a store clerk in the early years, when they owned nothing; to an assistant store manager for a True Value hardware store whose discount plan helped them restore their 1860’s farmhouse; to a 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Dispatcher where she helped people all over the state, she found time to raise a family, own a couple of lovely homes, volunteer as an EMT and firefighter, volunteer with the hospital auxiliary (and become its president), paint milkcans and landscapes, and so much more. Throughout these years, she learned to watch people and to figure out what made them tick. She and her husband decided to move south to be near family. North Carolina has become their new home base.

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10 Responses to Review: My Hunted Highlander by Nancy Lee Badger

  1. vvaught512 says:

    Sure wish I had time to start this series. I’ll put it on my TBR list for now.


  2. audbobby says:

    Just ordered three more copies of My Hunted Highlander for friends. What’s next for you Nancy?


  3. How sweet! I appreciate anyone who shares information about my new release. My Hunted Highlander is one of my favorites!


  4. The ebook version of My Lady Highlander, book #1 in this series, is now available everywhere for only 99 cents! Book #2, My Dark Highlander, is on sale for $2.99.


  5. I will release a book in August called IGNITE: a White Mountains Thriller which follows on the heels of SHIVER, which I released last December.


  6. fantastic read ,loved it


  7. Spread the word! I’ll be reading IGNITE sometime in August. SHIVER was very suspenseful with ME shivering!


  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments, and to Ellen for the wonderful review.

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  9. ‘Tis our pleasure, lass. 🙂


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