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I did a pre-release review of this book and want to share with you today incase you missed it the first time.  Diana Cosby is a special person as well as a talented writer.  Please come  help her celebrate.  Who knows?  You may win one of her books!

Favored quotes

“My lady, ‘tis hard to leave those we love when naught but uncertainty awaits us.”

“Time heals wounds, but love allows us to forgive.”

10308589_10203219671437963_6460170232491162205_nTitle: An Oath Broken, Book 2 of The Oath Trilogy
Author: Diana Cosby
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Story Setting: England/Scotland border, 1292 Pages: 231
Published by: Lyrical Press
Published Date: June 23, 2015 ASIN: B00ONTR78C

The Oath Trilogy Series:
An Oath Taken, book 1
An Oath Broken, book 2
An Oath Sworn, book 3 (to release December 2015)

About the Story: An arranged marriage to a Scot? Unacceptable!
Lady Sarra Bellacote would sooner marry a boar than a countryman of the bloodthirsty brutes who killed her parents. And yet, despite—or perhaps because of—her valuable holdings, she is being dragged to Scotland to be wed against her will. To complicate the desperate situation, the knight hired to do the dragging is dark, wild, irresistible. And he, too, is intolerably Scottish.

Giric Armstrong, Earl of Terrick, takes no pleasure in escorting a feisty English lass to her betrothed. But he needs the coin to rebuild his castle, and his tenants need to eat. Yet the trip will not be the simple matter he imagined. For Lady Sarra isn’t the only one determined to see her engagement fail. Men with darker motives want to stop the wedding—even if they must kill the bride in the process.

Now, in close quarters with this beautiful English heiress, Terrick must fight his mounting desire, and somehow keep Sarra alive long enough to lose her forever to another man…

My Thoughts: Ms. Cosby’s writing only gets better!

From the first sentence we note that Lady Sarra Bellecote is no whimpering weakling. Her guardian, Lord Bretane, her late father’s best friend had ordered her to marry his son. Some would wail their lot, she would not. And to Lady Sarra those were fighting words. She remembered Drostan, his son. As a lad he was cruel to animals and what would have changed him now that he was grown? She felt like a lamb going to slaughter. Although she wouldn’t give in. She would have her guardian see this would not be a good match.

Giric was one determined knight, er earl of Scotland.  He needed the coin desperately to rebuild Wolfhaven Castle. He didn’t want to reive to get what he needed. He had turned from that page in his life. But this chit of a girl, was trying his patience. She delayed the travel for days allowing winter its grip.

When Sarra refused to travel immediately, we learn just how strong she is. His friend, Colyne MacKerran, an earl also posing as a knight remained with his men at Rancourt Castle waiting to depart with Lady Sarra.

I enjoyed how Ms. Cosby wove backstory into an already fast moving story allowing the reader to better understand the political conditions of the time. Even as we learn Lady Sarra had a spine of steel, she also had a heart ready to break. How could she leave all she knew?

Traveling in the middle of winter held much danger for the group, and almost the death of Lady Sarra. This is where we learn just what Sir Knight is made of as he protects Lady Sarra from others and even herself.


The snow had continued throughout the day. Within the last hour, the flurries had grown into big, fat, blinding flakes. From the darkening clouds, it looked as if the storm would continue throughout the night. They needed to find shelter. Now.

He nudged his steed and caught up with Lady Sarra. Giric touched her shoulder, then pointed ahead where rocks jutted out in a misshapen gray jumble. “Ride there.”

Her horse trudged through the growing drifts. In a jerky, almost drunken motion, she turned. Wind whipped away the hood of her cloak.

Crystals of ice clung to her hair and her brows. Frigid tendrils slapped against her face, but she stared at him, her eyes wife and confused. She made no moved to protect herself.

“We need to make camp!” he ordered, praying for a reaction, even anger.

Her eyes remained empty.

Blast it. She hadna answered before because she was freezing and her mind hadna registered his shout. Giric snatched her reins, then lifted her from her mount and set her before him.

She didna resist.

He hadna expected her to.

Guilt swept him as he drew her within the warmth of this cape and pressed her snug against his chest.

Her frigid body remained still, nae even a shiver.

He’d vowed to ensure her safety. Though he’d inquired about her condition several times during the beginning of their journey, her continual cool replied had deterred him from approaching her after midday. The senseless chit. Instead of alerting him that she was freezing, she’d remained silent.

He drew her tighter, prayed his warmth would begin to thaw the coldness numbing her slender frame.

This story holds many tense moments such as this, keeping me reading feverishly.

Giric didn’t want to have the reaction he did when close to Lady Sarra, but he did. The more time he spent with her the more he wished that he wasn’t taking her to marry another. That he could marry her. Giric for all his fierceness, underneath lay tender emotions and a heart which loved with equal fierceness.

I loved yet dreaded the way the story unfolds with danger lurking, with both Lady Sarra and Giric very nearly losing their lives. Ms. Cosby built a tension-filled, fast-paced, amazingly entertaining tale! My heart squeezed with fear for both our hero and heroine as they face their pasts and their deaths.

This is an exciting series, and An Oath Broken I devoured–the kind of story I enjoy getting lost in!

And now gentle readers, one word of caution: Beware of the wolf who wears sheep’s clothing.


Diana Cosby picAbout the Author: A retired Navy Chief, Diana Cosby is an international bestselling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense.  Her award-winning books are available in five languages.  Diana has appeared at Lady Jane’s Salon, in NYC, and in Woman’s Day, on USA Today’s romance blog, “Happily Ever After,”, and in Texoma Living Magazine.

After retiring as a Navy Chief, AGC(AW), Diana dove into her passion – writing romance novels. With 34 moves behind her, she was anxious to create characters who reflected the amazing cultures and people she’s met throughout the world.

Her years of living in Europe inspired Diana to write in the medieval time frame.  After watching the movie Braveheart and with her passion for writing complex plots, the idea for the MacGruder brothers series was born.

Diana has many passions in life, but one that resonates in her life is that of giving. She firmly believe that each of us can make a positive difference in another person’s life.  Some of the charities she supports are listed below:

The National Trust for Scotland, which acts asntfslogoguardian of Scotland’s magnificent heritage of architectural, scenic and historic treasures.

Habitat For Humanity, which gives a deserving family more than a home, but a foundation upon which to build their dreams..

Semper Fi Fund , is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help with immediate financial support for injured and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

Homes For Our Troops, assists severely injured Servicemen and Servicewomen and their immediate families through various venues to aid them in building a home that allows them live a more independent life.

The Navy SEAL Foundation, provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

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16 Responses to Released today! Party today on Facebook AN OATH BROKEN RELEASE PARTY 6 P.M. – 9 P.M. EDT

  1. Diana Cosby says:

    Thank you so much for sharing news of tonight’s release party, and another thanks for your kind words about An Oath Broken, book #2 in The Oath Trilogy! I loved writing Giric and Sarra’s story. This is truly a book of my heart, and I sincerely hope your readers enjoy An Oath Broken as well!

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.


  2. Reblogged this on silvatrend8553 and commented:
    I will be reviewing this one soon. Sorry I’m not able to attend the Facebook Event, because I will be working the entire time!


  3. Diana Cosby says:

    Thank you so much Silvatrend8553 for stopping by. I’ll miss seeing you at the An Oath Broken release party on Facebook, and I appreciate your reblogging the event. I hope you enjoy Giric and Sarra’s story. 🙂 Take care and have a super day!

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.


  4. The ‘after’ party ain’t too bad, either. So drop by when you can.


  5. I’m gearing up for the next in the trilogy, AN OATH SWORN. But today is celebration today, so let’s go enjoy! Just a few more hours….


  6. kim ferguson says:

    There is not a link for purchase/preorder that I can see, nor did I see one the last time I came to this site. I would think it would make sense to include a link straight from this page…….. I am much more likely to order fresh in my mind versus hunting through search boxes at an other site.. thanks!! Nice commentary btw.


  7. ohhhhhh i can’t wait for this one


  8. Diana Cosby says:

    *Hugs* Eileen!


  9. Diana Cosby says:

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments. If you decide try An Oath Broken, I sincerely hope you enjoy. Have a terrific weekend!

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.


  10. Diana Cosby says:

    Thank you so much for posting this to buy link for An Oath Broken. Here are links to other formats:

    Have a fabulous day!


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  11. Diana Cosby says:

    I appreciate your stopping by, and also a HUGE THANKS for the wonderful review!!! An Oath Taken was a book of my heart, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Giric and Sarra’s story as well. 🙂 Take care and have a super day!

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.


  12. Diana Cosby says:

    My sincere thanks for having me back and your wonderful comments about An Oath Broken. I loved writing this story, and Giric and Sarra will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks again, and I wish you the best!

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN, Ret.


  13. I’m always happy to see you join me!


  14. Diana Cosby says:

    *Hugs* Eileen, have a fabulous day!

    Liked by 1 person

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